With beautiful lagoons, unspoiled nature, and some incredible beaches, Melides could be the perfect place for you if you looking to be close to nature. The popularity of Comporta, close by, has increased interest in the surrounding towns, including Melides. The popularity of tourism here has opened the door to numerous activities, and several villas have appeared along the lagoon. However, the authentic Portuguese lifestyle remains firmly in place, so you can still see the traditional way of life passing by. In this Melides real estate guide, we’ll delve into everything you will need to know about this beautiful part of Portugal. 

Buying a House in Melides 

Melides could prove to be the perfect property investment for you if you would like to escape from busy city life. Yes, Melides is located on the Alentejo coast and is where some of the best beaches in the country can be found. Just 130km from Lisbon, you can even head to the capital easily enough for a long weekend in the city.

Melides real estate has developed significantly in recent years, becoming increasingly popular with tourists. If you are looking to buy property to rent out for some part of the year, then this is also an exciting opportunity to get some high returns on your investment.

Why Buy a House in Melides

Why wouldn’t you want to buy a house in Melides? The seaside village provides dozens of reasons to invest here. In this part of our Melides real estate guide, we’ll provide you with a few of them.

Awesome views and neighborhood

First and foremost, Melides is a quaint village with amazing views of nature all around. If you are looking to escape from the city bubble and get back to nature, then Melides provides you with everything you could want. What’s more, is that the properties here are modern and spacious and have fascinating displays of cutting-edge architecture. The thing that makes Melides is that it is still a very authentic place where the local life is at the heart of the community.

Best returns

Even though Melides has “authenticity” at its heart, it has, in recent years, seen the development of various seaside villas and expertly designed houses, attracting various investors. You may even find a Melides art villa for sale here. There are properties in Melides that have had a 100 percent boost in their value, therefore showing this part of Portugal to be a great place in the world to secure your money.

There is also the option to rent out your property, as both short-term and Melides Portugal long-term rentals could be an option.

What to consider when buying a house in Melides?

Buying a house anywhere can be daunting, particularly in a different country where you may not know the language, customs, or practices. In this part of our Melides real state guide, we’ll provide you with some things to watch out for when buying a house in Melides.


One thing that is sometimes overlooked when purchasing property is the paperwork. Ensure that the property that you are buying is not missing any of its paperwork. It is essential when acquiring the ownership of a new property. One missing document can lead to issues, including time delays, so it is best to have everything sorted from the onset.

Check for any red flags or indications that it may not be all it seems. This can include things such as legal disputes. To make sure everything is in order and perhaps to avoid potential difficulties further down the line, it is a good idea to seek professional help in this regard.

Property Analysis

When you are purchasing a property, conduct a thorough and complete analysis of the property. Review everything, including the interior and exterior of the property, the paperwork, and any maintenance issues that you may need to mend in the future. This will also help you budget future expenses.


Choosing the right neighborhood is essential. Depending on your needs, you will need things close at hand. If you have children, you’ll want to know about schools in the area, for example. Think about the proximity to healthcare facilities, shops, restaurants, bars, and cafés.

Also, it is important to think about the noise level, what the neighborhood is like at night, and the general feel of the neighborhood. If you decide to sell the property in the future, then the neighborhood can affect your home’s resale value.

Things To Do in Melides

There are many things to do in Melides to keep you occupied throughout the year. In this part of our Melides real estate guide, we’ll run over some of our favorite things to do in the area. 

  • Visit the Melides lagoon: this is the unique feature of Melides, which cuts across the land and flows down to the beach amongst pine forests, rice paddies, and green fields. It is rich in flora and fauna and includes a bird observatory to watch the world of nature pass by.
  • Head to Vigia Beach: A long, sandy beach, perfect to spend a well-earned day of relaxation.
  • Enjoy the seafood: Melodies has many excellent seafood restaurants where you can get your fill of the very best from the Atlantic Ocean.  
  • Surfing and horse riding: Both are very popular in Melides, so brace yourself to learn some new hobbies if you opt to live in Melides full-time. 


The process for foreigners to buy property in Portugal is relatively straightforward, although it may take you some time to find the perfect property. When you do, you could be admiring the beautiful landscapes of Melides, enjoying some fine Portuguese wine at one of the bars, or simply relaxing in your new home. Indeed, Melides is an excellent place to live, whether it is as a holiday home or if you are looking to live in the village all year round.

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