Citizenship By Investment Countries List 2022

Investment migration isn’t a new concept, but it’s certainly gained traction in the last few years. More and more people find the idea of alternative citizenship alluring, especially in times of crisis. At the center of these interests is citizenship by investment (CBI), a concept that countries from across the world have adopted into government schemes.

Called citizenship by investment programs, many countries run their own versions of these programs, granting investors instant nationality in exchange for significant contributions to society, culture, or the economy. Let’s take a look at the list of countries offering citizenship by investment.

Which countries give citizenship by investment?

Many countries around the world give CBI, including but not limited to, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Greece, Vanuatu, Grenada, St.Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, and so forth. Generally, you can apply for direct CBI schemes, which grant citizenship within a couple of months, or you can apply for residency by investment, upon which a passport is provided after a set number of years.

What kind of people apply for alternative citizenship?

It’s a common myth to think that only wealthy individuals can apply for CBI. In fact, just about anyone can apply, provided that the program criteria are met.  So whether you’re a business owner, an investor, a digital entrepreneur, or just a regular person with a global mindset, then consider applying.

Why do people invest in CBI schemes?

It’s easy to understand the appeal of CBI programs. In exchange for investing a lump sum of money, you can get a passport in as little as three months, as well as access to a myriad of benefits including visa-free travel, friendly tax schemes, and the chance to own a second home in an exotic country.

How do countries benefit from CBI schemes?

Countries interested in increasing capital and bringing wealth across borders to pay for social programs and keep their economies from sinking will hugely benefit from citizenship by investment programs.

Citizenship by investment countries

In this citizenship by investment countries list, you’ll get a full picture of the countries offering CBI. Note that we work with only a curated selection of these citizenship by investment programs. Check out the list of countries Global Citizen Solutions works with here.

CountriesProgram highlights
AnguillaFrom $150K donation

  • Permanent residency
  • Full family application
AustriaFrom €2 million

Antigua and BarbudaFrom $100K

BulgariaFrom €511,292

BelgiumFrom €200,000

Cayman IslandsFrom $2.4 million

  • Permanent residency
  • British overseas territory
CuracaoFrom $280,000

CyprusFrom €2.2 million investment

  • European citizenship
  • Passport from 6 months
DominicaFrom $100K donation

GermanyFrom €360K

GreeceFrom €250K

GrenadaFrom $150K donation

IrelandFrom 1 million

ItalyFrom €250,000

LuxembourgFrom €500,000

MaltaFrom €690K

MoldovaFrom €135K

  • European citizenship
  • Full family residency
MontenegroFrom €350K

  • Citizenship
  • Full family application
PortugalFrom €280K+

SpainFrom €500K

St Kitts & NevisFrom $150K donation

St LuciaFrom $100K

TurkeyFrom €250K

UKFrom £2million

USAFrom $900K

VanuatuFrom $130K

5 reasons to consider alternative citizenship

Ultimate back up plan

Ultimate back up plan

Enhanced global mobility

Enhanced global mobility

Investment diversification

Investment diversification

Wealth protection

Wealth protection

Security in the form of a second passport

Security in the form of a second passport

Discover the power of a second citizenship

Global Citizen Solutions is a leading investment migration consultancy firm, working with ten countries offering citizenship by investment programs. At the heart of our firm is our belief that everybody deserves the opportunity to enjoy global mobility and unparalleled freedoms associated with owning a second passport. For more guidance on which program to pick, take a look at our Citizenship by Investment Comparison Guide here.

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Frequently asked questions about citizenship by investment

What are the five best countries offering CBI schemes?

Many countries offer CBI schemes, but few offer the perfect combination of a low investment threshold, a high-ranking passport, as well a quick pathway to citizenship. According to Forbes, the five best countries offering CBI are St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Malta, Portugal, and New Zealand.

What CBI schemes offer European citizenship?

Some of the following countries that offer European CBI: Malta, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Germany,Ireland, Greece, and Latvia.

Is it a good idea to get help for my CBI application?

It absolutely is a good idea to seek assistance when lodging your CBI application. Many companies like Global Citizen Solutions offer a one-stop-shop for investment migration and relocation services, offering bespoke residence and citizenship solutions.

What is the easiest country to get citizenship?

By far, the easiest country to get citizenship is St Kitts and Nevis. It has a fast-track application option, enabling investors to get a passport in 45-60 days,

Which country is the hardest to get citizenship?

Vatican city remains the hardest state to get citizenship. Thanks to its tough immigration policy, it protects its small population fiercely.