Jordan is a vibrant and diverse country with a booming economy and a central hub of business in the Middle East. The Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program was introduced in 2018 and has since gained in popularity. 

Like other Citizenship by Investment Programs (CBIs), its aim is to attract foreign investment while offering investors all the perks of nationality and citizenship in the country. Jordan is an attractive option for CBI for a number of reasons: 

Firstly, it is strategically located in the heart of the Middle East, with access to major regional markets and a strong economy. Secondly, Jordan’s CBI program is efficient and straightforward and can be completed in as little as six months. Thirdly, the program offers a variety of investment options to ensure suitability for a variety of applicants.

This guide will offer an overview of the Jordan CBI, its pros and cons, and give you detailed information about everything you need before applying. You will also learn about Jordan as a country, so you can decide if this CBI program is right for you.

Benefits of the Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program

The Jordan CBI program has received the necessary governmental endorsement and complies with global benchmarks.


The Jordanian administration is dedicated to enhancing the program’s efficiency and accessibility while striving to improve the business environment in the country.

There are a number of benefits of the Jordan CBI, which will be discussed in more detail below:

A bigger and better global footprint

A plus point of obtaining citizenship through the Jordan CBI program is the expanded global reach it offers. What’s more, if you’re an investor, you’ll be able to conduct business more seamlessly in other nations and discover fresh opportunities and new markets.

Business opportunities

Apart from the Jordan CBI program, the Jordanian government is implementing several economic reforms and initiatives to attract foreign investment. These include tax incentives, infrastructure enhancements, and simplified business registration procedures.

Great real estate opportunities

Investors who take advantage of the Jordan CBI program can purchase property in the country. Jordan’s real estate market is thriving, with a wide range of properties available for sale, from city apartments to countryside villas. 

By investing in real estate, individuals not only inject capital but also acquire valuable assets in Jordan. The property can be used as a vacation home or rental property, generating additional income for the investor.

Access to good healthcare and education

If education and healthcare facilities for yourself and your family are high on your list of priorities, then Jordan is a great country. It has access to excellent healthcare and education to ensure that the well-being and development of your loved ones are catered for.

In addition to this, Jordan offers the following:

  • Access to 81 destinations without the need for a visa or with the option for visa-on-arrival
  • The ability to obtain citizenship for the entire family, including the main applicant’s spouse, unmarried children, widowed or divorced children under 18, and dependent parents
  • Citizenship in a stable and peaceful country located in the Middle East
  • Citizenship in a nation that actively participates in the UN and is a member of the World Trade Organization

Requirements of Jordanian Citizenship by Investment Program

To qualify for the program, an individual must invest a minimum of $750,000 (USD) in real estate, the tourism sector, or renewable energy.

Additionally, investors must meet other specific criteria, such as passing background checks and demonstrating sufficient financial resources.

Other options include bank deposits and treasury bonds, company shares, or investing in small and medium enterprises that will create new jobs. The details of those options are as follows:

  • Bank deposit: A zero-interest deposit of at least $1 million at the Central Bank of Jordan for a minimum of three years
  • Purchase of treasury bonds at the value of $1 million with a minimum holding period of six years
  • Purchase of company shares at the value of $1.5 million, held for at least three years
  • Establishment of an investment project with a capital of at least $1 million (or $750,000 for a project that is registered outside of the capital city Amman) that creates at least 20 employment opportunities (or ten outside Amman) in Jordan’s capital city Amman or in ten other governorates.

For all the above options, proof of investment must be submitted as part of the application process.

Once the investment and other requirements are fulfilled, the investor and their immediate family (spouse and children) may apply for Jordanian citizenship. The application process can take up to six months (90 days in the quickest instance), following which the investor will receive their Jordanian passport.

Procedures and Time Frame of the Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program


To apply for Jordanian citizenship through the CBI program, applicants must submit completed forms, pay the appropriate fees, and provide supporting documents. The eligibility criteria are limited to a maximum of 500 cases per year (hence the higher investment amounts) and are subject to security clearance and confirmation of financial adequacy.

After the initial due diligence checks, the applicant can choose their preferred investment route: Bank deposit and treasury bonds, company shares and/or units, or an enterprise that leads to employment creation. Once the application is submitted to the relevant government committee and further due diligence checks are completed, it may be approved if eligibility is proven. 

Upon fulfilling the chosen investment, the applicant (and their family members) will receive Jordanian citizenship and a passport. Citizenship applies to the main investor, spouse, children (unmarried, widowed, or divorced daughters and sons under 18), and dependent parents.


Jordan - A Country Profile

Jordan is a Middle Eastern country renowned for its cultural and historical significance. It is home to Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, and the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth. Jordan also has a growing economy and offers many different opportunities for foreign investment.

Jordan’s history

Jordan has a rich and diverse history dating back to prehistoric times. It was once part of the ancient Mesopotamian civilization and the Nabataean Kingdom, famous for the city of Petra, a trading hub for spices, silk, and incense. Later, the region came under Roman rule and then Islamic rule, becoming an important center of Islamic culture and learning. 

The Crusaders also left their mark on Jordan, with many castles and forts still standing today. During the 20th century, Jordan played a crucial role in the Arab-Israeli conflict and became a hub for refugees fleeing conflicts in neighboring countries. To this day, Jordan’s history and culture continue to attract visitors from all over the world.

Jordan’s economy

Jordan has a developing economy with a focus on industry, services, and agriculture. Its key industries include phosphate mining, manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. The service sector is also significant, particularly in tourism, finance, and information technology. Agriculture plays a vital role in the economy, with olives, citrus fruits, and vegetables being the primary crops. 

Jordan has implemented economic reforms to attract foreign investment, including establishing free zones and offering tax incentives. The country has also signed several free trade agreements with other countries, such as the United States, Canada, and the European Union. 

Despite facing challenges such as high unemployment rates and a water scarcity issue, Jordan’s economy has shown resilience and potential for growth.

Living in Jordan - Pros and Cons

Every country has benefits and drawbacks compared to others. It’s important to be realistic about these points and if they align with the needs and choices of the individual.

Pros of living in Jordan

There are several advantages and plus points to living in Jordan:

  • A rich cultural heritage
  • Friendly and welcoming locals
  • A stable political climate
  • A relatively low cost of living
  • Excellent healthcare and education 
  • A central geographical location, making it ideal for business
  • Beautiful landscapes and natural beauty, including the Dead Sea and Wadi Rum Desert (a protected desert wilderness)

Cons of living in Jordan

Despite its many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to living in Jordan. 

  • Significant challenges with water scarcity
  • Very hot summers, yet winters can be cold, and snow is not unheard of
  • Chaotic and congested traffic in some of the major cities
  • Jordan’s infrastructure needs improvement
  • Some language barriers and cultural differences with expats

Is Jordan’s Citizenship by Investment Program worth it?

In summary, whether Jordan’s CBI is worth it depends on your circumstances and what you wish to gain from it. There are lots of benefits to this program, and Jordan is certainly an exciting country with lots of potential.


Although the minimum investment is quite high, it is still more affordable than some other CBI programs, and as an additional benefit, applicants can secure their new citizenship in around 90 days.

For further information, contact our advisors at Global Citizen Solutions to help find the best CBI program for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Jordan Citizenship by Investment Program 

Can you buy citizenship in Jordan?

Yes, you can buy citizenship in Jordan through its CBI program, with a minimum investment option of $750,000 and further options available.

How do I get residency in Jordan?

A residence permit by investment in Jordan will be given to investors after the application process has concluded and everything has been approved. A substantial financial investment must be made through one of its available options. 

How long does it take to become a citizen of Jordan?

Jordan citizenship can be obtained very quickly, usually within 90 days from the start of the application. Sometimes it can take up to six months.

How long can a US citizen stay in Jordan?

Typically, US citizens are granted visas upon arrival that allow them to stay for 30 days. If requested, it is possible to obtain a multi-entry visa valid for five years at Queen Alia International Airport. As a citizen through the CBI program, you can stay for the minimum period of your investment and will get a Jordanian passport after the completion of the investment period.