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Why Canada?

Why Canada?

Canada is renowned for its high standard of living, excellent healthcare system, strong economy, areas of outstanding natural beauty, and diverse cultural landscape.

Meanwhile, the Canadian government has earned a reputation for welcoming immigrants. With a qualifying business, you could become eligible for Canadian citizenship and have a chance to own one of the world’s most powerful passports.

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The benefits of Canada's Start-Up Visa

This visa provides a direct path to permanent residence. Successful applicants and their family members will become permanent residents, gaining access to social benefits, such as public healthcare and a high standard of living.

This visa doesn’t link your permanent residence status to the performance of your business. Once you receive permanent residency, you’re free to pursue any entrepreneurial or professional opportunities within Canada.

As a permanent resident, you may qualify for Canadian citizenship after residing in Canada for three years. Canadian citizenship offers benefits, including the right to vote and unrestricted access to work and study.

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Path to permanent residence

Family eligibility

Access to social benefits

High standard of living

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Are you eligible?

To become eligible, you’ll need to have a qualifying business, get a letter of support from a designated organization, meet the language requirements (in French or English), and bring enough money to settle in Canada.

To determine whether you’re eligible, click the Learn More button below and read our ultimate guide to the program.

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