Santos is, in a way, the new kid on the block in Lisbon, attracting a young crowd from all over the world who have arrived for the typical Portuguese culture and business opportunities. Santos is located in the east of the city and, like its neighbor, Estrela, was the home to the aristocrats in the 18th century, which you can see in the mansions and architecture. Today, however, the neighborhood is buzzing with creative types, design shops, and excellent restaurants. This Santos real estate guide will prove useful to those who want to know more about the area and are considering buying property in this trendy part of town.


Buying a House in Santos

Not as well known as some other neighborhoods in the city, Santos is definitely one of the most picturesque corners of Lisbon. You can find many well-maintained palaces, mansions, and old churches from past centuries, making it feel as though you are stepping back in time. In contrast, the hip crowds, innovative bars, and restaurants serving up delicious food direct you back to the present. Yes, Santos is a vibrant mix of old and new, with cobblestone roads creating a comforting appeal. This neighborhood is an excellent spot in Lisbon for real estate. Prices have been steady, and the area has many excellent properties up for grabs that are relatively affordable compared to other parts of town. 


Why Buy Property in Santos 

With beautiful homes, Santos is an excellent part of the city to buy property. Below we’ve outlined a few of the reasons why Santos is such a wonderful place for your real estate purchase in Portugal.

Fantastic neighborhood 

Santos is a fabulous neighborhood if you are into art and design, as you’ll find many shops and galleries for artists. As there is an ongoing demand for remodeling projects in the area, now is a very good time to buy property in the area. 

Excellent amenities

In Santos, you’ll find an array of parks to enjoy on the weekend, restaurants, brunch places, and bars to discover, and where you can find your new favorite local coffee shop. What’s more, you are very close to the River Tejo so you will be able to enjoy spectacular views whenever you wish!


What to Consider When Buying a House in Santos

Buying a property can be both exciting and rewarding. However, on the other side, it can also be a hassle if you fail to consider some important factors when buying. In this part of our Santos real estate guide, we’ll run over some things to bear in mind. 


When investing in a new house, make sure that you do research and find out exactly what the neighborhood is like. Are there parks where you can relax or play with your children? Walking trails to enjoy after work or on the weekend? Also, ask questions about infrastructure projects that may be launching soon, as these could affect your home prices in the future. 

Property analysis

Make sure to schedule a viewing and check everything, double-check everything, and make sure that all the aspects of the house are good to go. Note down what you’ll need to fix, such as heating systems and water fittings. After you’ve taken a look around you’ll be able to make an informed decision about what improvements need to be done and ballpoint figures of the cost of these repairs.


Make sure that you go through the contract before you sign it. It is good to have an AMI-licensed professional on hand to assist you with any questions or doubts that you may have when dealing with Portugal’s real estate market.

Also, ensure that the house that you are buying has all the paperwork. It is essential when acquiring the ownership of a new property. One missing document can lead to significant issues, so make sure that everything is in order. 

Check for any red flags or indications that it may not be all it seems, such as legal disputes. To make sure everything is in order and perhaps to avoid potential difficulties further down the line, it is a good idea to seek professional help in this regard. 


Things to Do in Santos

There’s a lot to do in this part of town. In this section of our Santos real estate guide, we’ll delve into some of our favorite things to do in the neighborhood. 

Make sure that you visit these attractions when you’re looking for property in Santos:

  • Marvel in the beauty of the Basilica da Estrela. This is a wonderful church with a Latin plan in the form of a cross. The front has two bell towers and clocks with statues that inform about the Sacred Heart of Jesus. 
  • Check out Docas do Amaro, a popular place for locals and expats to spend time on the weekends or stop by for a delicious dinner.
  • Dine at Restaurant Kais, a fabulous restaurant serving modern takes on Portuguese cuisine, rich in seafood. They have delicacies such as octopus, lobster, and the like. What was once an electricity warehouse has become the talk of the town.
  • Make sure you give the Ancient Art Museum a visit, which houses treasures from the 12th to the 19th century from Portugal and other European countries, and the lands that were colonized by the Portuguese or where there were trading activities.  With sculptures and decorative arts on display in a 17th-century palace that overlooks the port and a delightful garden, we would not recommend missing this museum.

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For the entrepreneurial spirit, Portugal offers the Entrepreneurship/startup Visa (D2) - Start-up Visa (open company) tailored for those looking to establish their businesses in the country. Those with specialized skills can explore the Work visa for highly qualified employees (D3). Additionally, if you have Portuguese ancestry, you might be eligible for Citizenship by descent

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