Sagres is an exceptionally lovely village perched on the south-western corner of Portugal. Home to Portugal’s rich nautical past, this small village is surrounded by cliffs sculptured by the restless ocean and where surfers constantly seek out with the hope of finding the perfect wave. The town’s port is well known for its fishing trade, particularly lobsters, and boat building. With a cooler summer, thanks to the breeze from the Atlantic, the village attracts local Portuguese, tourists, and expats who are looking for some peace and quiet. In this Sagres real estate guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on the town and why it is an excellent investment opportunity at the moment.

In this Sagres real estate guide, we’ll delve into the following: 

  • Buying a house in Sagres
  • Why buy a house in Sagres
  • What to consider when buying a house in Sagres
  • Things to do in Sagres
  • Plus much more!


Buying a house in Sagres 

If you are considering buying a house in this part of the country, there are a few things that you should be aware of when it comes to Sagres Portgual real estate. Firstly, the town is located on the southwesternmost tip of Portugal, on a spectacular stretch of coastline in the Algarve. Thanks to its southerly location, Sagres enjoys beautiful weather all year round. Secondly, Sagres is a pretty small town, with only around 2,000 inhabitants calling the town home. However, Sagres is one of the most historically rich and significant locations in all of Portugal, as it was an important launchpad for the Portuguese navy when they ventured out to discover the world. 


Why buy a house in Sagres

Sagres Portugal real estate is in high demand because it is relatively affordable and offers one of the most beautiful parts of the country. In this part of our Sagres real estate guide, we’ll unveil some of the key reasons to buy a house in Sagres. 

Laidback lifestyle

There are a whole host of reasons why you may want to drop sticks and head to Sagres. One of the most obvious, however, is the simplicity of the area. The town has an effortlessly laidback lifestyle. Combined with the incredible landscapes and scenery, with the ocean close at hand, and an abundance of outdoor activities and watersports to enjoy, Sagres is a very good place to move to, whether you are looking for a holiday home or a more permanent home. 

Portuguese Golden Visa Program

Sagres is one of the few locations in the Algarve where residential properties still qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa, following the changes that came into force on 1 January 2022 that made it only possible to invest in residential real estate in interior parts of the country. With an investment starting from €280K, if you opt to invest in a real estate rehabilitation project in a “low density” area, you can be well on your way to Portuguese residency, with the possibility of citizenship after five years. 

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See more about your Golden Visa options to invest in residential real estate here and to understand the differences between interior and low-density areas. 

Real Estate options

From a townhouse to a beach-facing villa, and with many luxury properties also available, there are many different types of real estate available in the area, depending on what you are looking for. You will also be able to find land for sale in Sagres Portugal. Most properties will have modern amenities and many of the more luxury properties will be well-equipped with parking, heating, a modern kitchen, and, in some cases, a private swimming pool. What’s more, you’ll be nicely placed very close to the beach. 

Proximity to major cities

Sagres is an outstanding location to get away from the crowds while still being within striking distance of major cities. Lisbon is three hours away by car, and the major cities in the Algarve are easy to reach within two hours. As a result, planning a long weekend to see the rest of the country is pretty straightforward. 


What to consider when buying a house in Sagres

Buying a property in any country can be tricky, even more so when making the purchase in a different country where you are unfamiliar with the language, customs, and procedures. In this part of our Sagres real estate guide, we’ll provide you with some key things to take note of when buying property in Portugal. 


There are many things that can influence your quality of life. One aspect that is very important, but often overlooked, is the neighborhood where you live. It’s essential to think about whether the neighborhood has everything that you need. For example, the proximity to parks places to go for a stroll on the weekend, and so on. Rest assured that in Sagres you should always be very close to getting your nature fix. 

Also, it is important to think about the noise level, what the neighborhood is like at night and the general feel of the neighborhood. Where is the closest school or hospital? If you decide to sell the property in the future then the neighborhood can affect your home’s resale value. 


Ensure that the property that you are buying is not missing any paperwork. It is essential when acquiring the ownership of a new property. One missing document can lead to significant issues, and many time delays, so make sure that everything is in order. 

Check for any red flags or indications that it may not be all it seems, such as legal disputes. To make sure everything is in order, and perhaps to avoid potential difficulties further down the line, it is a good idea to seek professional help in this regard. 

Property analysis

When you a purchasing a property, it is important to conduct a thorough and complete analysis of the property. Review all the documents, and inspect every aspect of the property. Take a note of maintenance issues as this will help you sum up a ballpoint figure of the cost of repairs in the near future or ongoing maintenance that will be needed. 


Things to do in Sagres

There are many different things to do in Sagres. In this section of our Sagres real estate guide, we’ll provide you with some of our favorite things to do in this unique town. 

  • Surfing: Whether you have been riding the waves for some time or are just starting out, Sagres is a perfect spot. There are several surf schools and, as you will be able to find some sheltered beaches, it is a perfect starting point for your surfing journey. You’ll be able to rent a board and wetsuit, so there’s also no need to bring anything with you. 
  • Cuisine: Sagres has an excellent cuisine and it’s not a surprise at all that the focus is on fresh fish and seafood specialties. Make sure to enjoy the fresh fish, perhaps paired with a vinho verde (crisp green wine). The fresh fruit grown under the sun in the Algarve is also delicious. 
  • Visit Fortaleza de Sagres (Sagres Fortress): You can plan a day to visit Sagres Fortress, where you can learn about the Portuguese naval endeavors and Prince Henry the Navigator.
  • Praia da Mareta: Although Sagres has too many beautiful beaches to keep track of, a lazy beach day at Praia da Merta is a day very well spent. With Golden sand, spread across 800 meters, this is also a good location to enjoy some good food at one of the three restaurants situated close to the beach. 



If you invest in Sagres Portugal real estate, you’ll be able to live your European dream in the sun, whether it is a beach house or villa. Put simply, it is one of the best places for seaside real estate in the country. What’s more, as this region is popular for visiting holidaymakers, it is also possible to rent out your property. Days spent on the beach or exploring nature, evenings spent feasting on some of the best food and sipping on Portuguese wine, what could be better?

How we can help

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