You will find everything you need to make your decision in this Antigua vs Grenada citizenship comparison article. If you are interested in obtaining a Caribbean passport, keep reading to find out how you can be granted citizenship in exchange for an investment in the country of your choice.

Both citizenship by investment (CBI) programs offer investors a legitimate and straightforward way to obtain a valuable Caribbean passport and second citizenship. The basic requirements to apply for economic citizenship are to be over 18 years old, have no criminal record, be in excellent health, and be able to make a qualifying investment. There is no language test or residency requirement. So, let’s take a closer look at Antigua’s and Grenada’s programs, comparing the requirements, pros, and cons of each.

⚠️ Antigua and Barbuda Extends Deadline for CBI Price Increase

Following the MoU Agreement, Antigua and Barbuda announced a one-month extension to the deadline for implementing the new minimum investment threshold for its citizenship by investment program.

Antigua and Barbuda will implement the new threshold by July 30, 2024. This extension benefits potential applicants by providing additional time to submit their Caribbean Citizenship applications under the current investment threshold of $100,000.

With the new deadline, we strongly encourage applicants to submit their applications promptly to lock in the current rates and avoid the forthcoming price increase.

Benefits of Antigua and Grenada Citizenship by Investment Programs

Quick application process Quick application process
Eligibility for the whole family Eligibility for the whole family
Little to no residency requirements Little to no residency requirements
Multiple investment options Multiple investment options
Visa free travel to over 150 countries Visa free travel to over 150 countries

Antigua vs Grenada: At a Glance

Program Characteristics

Antigua Citizenship by Investment

Grenada Citizenship by Investment

Application Time

Four to five months

Nine months

Passport Global Ranking

59th. Visa free access to EU Schengen countries, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Russia, amongst others

74th. Visa free access to EU Schengen countries, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, and Russia, amongst others

Qualifying Investment

  • National Development Fund minimum donation: $100,000 (single applicant) / $100,000 (family of four)

  • Real estate investment: $200,000 minimum 

  • Business establishment: $400,000 minimum

  • University of the West Indies Fund donation: $150,000

  • National Transformation Fund minimum donation:
    $235,000 (single applicant) / $235,000 (family of four)

  • Real Estate investment:
    $270,000 minimum


No income tax on worldwide income, wealth tax, gift tax, inheritance tax or capital gains tax

No income tax on worldwide income, wealth tax, gift tax, inheritance tax or capital gains tax

Residence Rule

Five days in the first five years

No stay requirements

Family Eligibility

Inclusion of spouse or future spouse, dependent children under 30, unmarried siblings, parents and grandparents aged 55 or over

Inclusion of spouse, dependent children under 30, parents and grandparents, unmarried siblings with no children

Application Requirements

No in-person interview or language requirements

No language or residency requirements

Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda is located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Tourism represents most of Antigua’s GDP, which is not surprising for such a stunning place with 365 beaches – one for each day of the year.

Created in 2012, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program offers global investors the chance to obtain citizenship in exchange for an investment in the country. Concerning the investment opportunities for Grenada and Antigua citizenship, Antigua offers the most options, with investors being able to choose one of the following four investment routes:

  • Donation of at least $100,000 to the Antigua National Development Fund
  • Purchase of pre-approved real estate or shares of real estate worth a minimum of $200,000, to be held for five years
  • Business investment of $400,000 in an enterprise worth $5 million in total, or $1.5 million as a single investor
  • Donation of $150,000 or more to the University of the West Indies Fund – this option is available for families of six members or more and entitles one person to a one-year scholarship

Citizenship of the Caribbean community from Antigua and Barbuda enjoy relaxed Antigua and Barbuda taxes. There is no capital gains tax, inheritance tax, income tax, or worldwide income taxes. Antigua passport holders can also enjoy access to over 150 countries without the need for a visa, including the European Union, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Russia.

It is important to note that in addition to holding the initial investment for five years, the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program requires successful CBI applicants to spend at least five days in the country during the first five years of citizenship.

Check out our Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Guide


Grenada Citizenship

Grenada — also called ‘The Spice of the Caribbean’ — is praised for its beautiful nature, tranquility, and relaxed lifestyle. Since 2013, the government has had its very own Grenada citizenship by investment program. This successful immigration scheme allows foreign investors and their families to secure citizenship and a Grenada passport in exchange for a minimum investment of $235,000 in the country’s economy.

With Grenada citizenship, investors can travel without a visa to over 140 Grenada passport visa free countries, such as China, the EU Schengen states, the UK, and Russia. In addition, it is the only Caribbean passport that offers the opportunity to apply for the E-2 Visa in the US – which allows you to live and work in the US when investing a substantial amount of capital in a US business.

You can become a Grenada citizen by choosing one of the following options:

  • Make a donation of at least $235,000 to the Grenada National Transformation Fund
  • Purchase pre-approved real estate or shares of real estate worth a minimum of $270,000, to be held for five years

Important note: On 4 September 2023, the Grenada government introduced a mandatory interview requirement as part of the due diligence process of the CBI program. As per these regulations, the main applicant, spouse, sponsor, and dependents aged 17 and older must participate in a mandatory online interview. You can read more about the program’s requirements by visiting our Ultimate Guide.

Calculate the cost of citizenship for you and your family, including all associated fees.

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Which program to pick?

When making an Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment comparison with Grenada, it’s important to note their visa free and visa on arrival access for travel. Regarding the Grenada vs Antigua passport benefits and differences, Antigua and Barbuda’s passport offers Antigua passport holders visa free entry to 150 countries without the need for a visa, or with an electronic visa, eTA, or visa on arrival.

On the other hand, Grenada’s passport allows its citizens to travel to 147 countries visa free, with an electronic visa, eTA, or visa on arrival. Notable destinations on this list include the United Kingdom, the European countries, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

For an Antigua vs Grenada citizenship processing time comparison, both Caribbean countries offering citizenship by investment programs process applications relatively quickly; however, Antigua’s program is faster at four to five months compared to nine months in Grenada. The family benefits of citizenship in Antigua and Grenada swing to Antigua, with a cheaper overall minimum investment amount to obtain second citizenship.

Both Caribbean countries offer citizenship and recognize dual citizenship while offering favorable tax regimes to their citizens, a stunning environment full of natural beauty and outdoor activities, rich histories and cultures, friendly and welcoming locals, and the opportunity to establish a new life in a laidback slice of paradise.

So, which of these investment programs should you choose in order to obtain Caribbean citizenship? The best economic citizenship for you and your family will depend on your specific circumstances and priorities. Understanding the key differences of each program can help you make an informed decision regarding your citizenship choice.

Strong points of the Grenada program

  • Grenada citizens can apply for the USA E-2 investor visa. If all the requirements are fulfilled, the visa makes it possible to live and invest in the USA.
  • Investment options start from $235,000.
  • Own government-approved property that isn’t at risk of hurricane damage.
  • More government-approved real estate projects to choose from

Strong points of the Antigua and Barbuda program

  • More affordable investment, including processing fees: Donation to NDF starts at $100,000 and Antigua real estate investment at $200,000
  • More investment options than in Grenada, with the possibility of investing in an enterprise, establishing a business, or making a donation to the UWI Fund.
  • Additional family members can be included at a later date.
  • Family member eligible for a year of free tuition with UWI Fund donation

Why work with Global Citizen Solutions?

If you prefer to contact our experts at Global Citizen Solutions, we have extensive experience in Caribbean citizenship programs, and local representatives in each of the five countries. So, after discussing the preferences and lifestyle of your family, we can help you find the best Caribbean citizenship to suit your needs.

  • Global approach by local experts. We are corporate members of the Investment Migration Council, with local expertise in all five Caribbean CBI programs.
  • 100 percent approval rate. We have never had a case rejected and will offer you an initial, free-of-charge, due diligence assessment before signing any contract.
  • Independent service and full transparency. We will present to you all the investment options available, and all expenses will be discussed in advance, with no hidden fees.
  • An all-encompassing solution. A multidisciplinary team of immigration lawyers, investment specialists, and tax experts will take into consideration all your and your family’s mobility, tax, and lifestyle needs.
  • Confidential service and secure data management. All private data is stored within a GDPR-compliant database on a secure SSL-encrypted server.

To see the full list of reasons to work with Global Citizen Solutions for your Caribbean citizenship application, click here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Antigua vs Grenada

Can I acquire Antigua citizenship?

If you are interested in obtaining citizenship from Antigua, the country’s citizenship program is the best way to receive a Caribbean passport in exchange for an investment. There are four routes to choose from: Buying shares of Caribbean real estate projects, making a non-refundable contribution of at least $100,000 to a government fund, investing in a University Fund, or making a business investment. This Caribbean citizenship program offers real estate investors and donators the option to submit applications as a single applicant or include family members, so they all can receive a second passport. All applications are processed by the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Unit.

Can I acquire Grenada citizenship?

Caribbean citizenship programs make it possible for you and your family members to receive a second passport in exchange for an investment. Obtaining citizenship of Grenada and a Grenada passport is possible by applying to the country’s citizenship by investment program and making an  investment. You can either make a non-refundable donation to a government fund or making a pre-approved Caribbean real estate investment. The minimum investment is $235,000. Government fees, interview fees, processing fees, and due diligence fees apply. All applications are processed by the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Unit.

Antigua or Grenada citizenship: Which one to pick?

Antigua and Grenada offer two of five Caribbean citizenship programs and both investment programs offer excellent benefits. Obtaining a Caribbean passport through Caribbean citizenship by investment programs means you can travel visa free to over 150 countries, including the EU Schengen states, a favorable tax regime with no personal income tax or taxation of foreign income, the inclusion of family members, and many more advantages. No matter what Caribbean country you choose, you will have a valuable second passport.

When considering which is better, Antigua or Grenada? For a cost comparison for citizenship in Antigua versus Grenada, Antigua may offer the right Caribbean citizenship for investors seeking affordability as the Antigua and Barbuda investment program is cheaper and offers more investment routes, but Grenada grants visa free access to numerous countries and the possibility of applying for a US E2 visa.

Which countries offer Caribbean citizenship by investment?

Five Caribbean nations offer investors the opportunity to acquire Caribbean citizenship by investment and Caribbean passports in exchange for contributing to their economic growth: Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts, and Saint Lucia. All five countries recognize dual citizenship.

To apply to one of these investment programs, you must be over 18 years, have no criminal records, and make an investment in the Caribbean country of your interest, usually a non-refundable contribution to a national fund or a pre-approved real estate purchase.

Other attractive investment opportunities are government bonds or university donations. You and your family members can receive Caribbean citizenship in a few months, with tax advantages and enhanced global mobility traveling to over 150 visa free countries worldwide.

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