The elegant neighborhood of Principe Real is one of the most sought-after spots in Lisbon. This residential area has the best of both worlds. The quiet calm of parks and miradouros (viewpoints) with spectacular views, contrasted with a buzzing nightlife scene. Some of the best restaurants, bars, and boutique shops are located in this part of town. In our Principe Real real estate guide we’ll delve into this exciting neighborhood to provide you with everything that you’ll need to know about buying property here. 


Buying a House in Principe Real

The property market in Principe Real is booming, with many international buyers having settled in the area. Situated on one of Lisbon’s seven hills, you are in the heart of the city. The shopping and theatre hub of Chiado, the quiet, peaceful garden and architecture in Estrela, and the incredible rooftop bars in Avenida da Liberdade all surround you. This area has become popular with Portuguese locals, expats, and international investors, making it a very vibrant and varied area. 


Why Buy a House in Principe Real

Principe Real is a residential area in Lisbon that is a favorite with both locals and visitors. The district has less traffic than in other parts of the city, making it a very peaceful area to stroll along the neighborhood and relax in the parks or public squares, perhaps dropping by your favorite café or browsing in one of the many boutique shops.

In this section of our Principe Real real estate guide, we’ll provide you with some of the best reasons why this neighborhood should be on your radar. 

Peaceful neighborhood

The neighborhood of Principe Real is captivating, with impressive 19th-century buildings lining the streets. The cozy bars, buzzing nightlife, and fashionable cafés make living here an absolute pleasure. The neighborhood is perhaps the best in the city to simply wander around, people watch and relax in one of the parks or squares. 

Quality of life

Principe Real is one of the more fashionable neighborhoods in the city. It has cool restaurants, art galleries, and nice shops. Indeed, this multicultural area has a very special vibe in the city that’s difficult to explain. Walking through the streets or sitting in the park, you’ll be able to see the true appeal of this neighborhood. 


What to Pay Attention to When Buying Property in Principe Real 

Wherever you are buying property, there are certain things that you will need to pay attention to. Principe Real Lisbon real estate is no different, and, therefore, in this section of our Principe Real real estate guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on some things to look out for to make sure that you find the perfect home to fit your lifestyle needs.

Plan ahead

When you plan your move to Portugal, consider why you are moving. Are you looking for a property in a certain area? Will you have everything that you need within a short walking distance? A nice café, a  cozy restaurant, and shops close at hand to get your daily essentials are all things that you should consider. Plus, make sure that you can picture yourself living in the area. Are there parks to take a Sunday afternoon stroll? Are there schools if you are moving with your family? Make sure you get to grips with the area before moving. It is a huge leap and planning ahead is essential to avoid difficulties further down the line. 


Having the right expertise and resources is crucial to making the property-buying process run as smoothly as possible. A lawyer is essential, and we recommend having a buyer’s agent on call who can ensure that you are maximizing your budget while keeping stress levels to a minimum. 


Research every aspect of your situation before making any clear-cut decisions. Legal, tax, and inheritance issues can each be complicated on their own. Speaking with a specialist will help ensure that you are making the best decision for yourself and for your family based on your current circumstances. 


Things to Do in Principe Real 

Principe Real is strategically located in Lisbon. If you want to head out for nightlife, you have Bairo Alto on your doorstep. If you need a shopping fix, then Baixa is close at hand. For a quieter experience, head to Estrela or Rato, where you can find beautiful parks. There are lots to do if you are out and about in the neighborhood. In this part of our Principe real estate guide, we’ll delve into some of our favorite activities to spend your day here. 

  • Sit back, relax, have a coffee, and watch the world pass by in the Principe Real garden. Here, you can people watch, with people from all walks of life passing you by. Yes, this is the perfect spot in Lisbon for rest and relaxation. 
  • Window shop in the boutique shops in Principe Real – whether your weakness is clothes, wine, or something else, you’ll probably find it here, alongside cute little unexpected finds down some small street or other. 
  • Dine out in style. With incredible restaurants, this is a neighborhood for foodies. From excellent pizzas to Indian dining and ice creams, there is much to chew on. 
  • You are not far from the River Tejo, so meander down the picturesque streets and glimpse the fabulous Ponte 25 de Abril bridge and the Cristo Rei (impressive Jesus Christ sculpture) on the other side of the river. 

Indeed, Principe Real Lisbon real estate has much to offer, and it is not difficult to see why the neighborhood has quickly become one of the most sought-after parts of town. 



This is just a small glimpse into the wonderful world of Principe Real real estate. Investing in real estate can be a costly investment, and you should make sure that your heart is set on the place that you finally choose. Make sure you spend time researching the neighborhood and carefully plan your purchase. Go there in person, wander around, and speak with some locals. As this is a popular place in town, you should not have any difficulties in finding someone that speaks English. Also, ensure that you speak with expert advisors, where needed, who are knowledgeable about the Portuguese property market. 

Property specialists

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