Seeking to relocate from the US to live under the sun in one of the most beautiful Caribbean islands? St Lucia could just be your place. With its first-class white sandy beaches, lush rainforests, and mesmerizing Piton mountains, St Lucia is an incredible island where you can enjoy a fantastic quality of life.

This article presents you with detailed information about how to relocate to St Lucia from the US.

About St Lucia

St Lucia is a small Caribbean island of 173,996 inhabitants covering an area of 616 kilometers. Famous for its beauty and dramatic landscapes, it is home to the mesmerizing Piton mountains. The main language is English, and the currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar. With international flights to the US, Canada, and Europe, St Lucia is very well-connected to the rest of the world.

For things to do in St Lucia, you will find incredible beaches, pristine waters, refreshing waterfalls, and lush rainforests which allow for exciting sports activities. For those who prefer a cosmopolitan life, you will find plenty of restaurants, shopping places, and cultural events – such as Jazz festivals and carnival – to go to.

Since 2015, St Lucia has launched its own Citizenship by Investment Program, allowing individuals who made a significant contribution to the country’s economy, to obtain St Lucia citizenship. The program has been very successful and allowed for the relocation of many American families to St Lucia.

Why relocate from America to St Lucia?

Benefits of living in St Lucia as a US expat

Beautiful Caribbean island Beautiful Caribbean island
Proximity and connection to the USA Proximity and connection to the USA
Tax exemptions Tax exemptions
Low cost of living Low cost of living
Invest and get the St Lucia passport in 3 months Invest and get the St Lucia passport in 3 months
Top quality of life Top quality of life

Living costs for Americans in St Lucia

St Lucia’s cost of living is affordable and globally cheaper than in the US. Rents and utilities are for example cheaper than in the United States. You can rent a one-bedroom apartment in the capital city center Castries for $480 per month and a three-bedroom apartment for $1,000 per month. Basic utilities – electricity, heating, cooling, garbage, water – for an 85m2 apartment amounts to $70 per month.

Rice, loaves of fresh white bread, and local fresh fruits and vegetables are also cheap, while imported products such as milk, meat, and gasoline are more expensive than in the US.

One of St Lucia’s perks for Americans relocating is its favorable tax regime. There are no capital gains, inheritance tax, wealth tax on worldwide income, or assets.

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Retire in St Lucia as an American

St Lucia has all it takes for Americans to spend a quality retirement. There are plenty of activities to do in St Lucia. If you enjoy sports, go for unforgettable hikes in St Lucia’s rainforest, play in well-maintained golf clubs, or go sailing in the Caribbean sea. Shops, malls, and restaurants are available for those who prefer city life. If you seek relaxation, sunbathe on St Lucia’s first-class beaches.

In St Lucia, there are three public hospitals and one private hospital offering quality healthcare. However, in very serious cases, evacuation might be needed, which is why it is highly recommended to get private healthcare insurance when retiring on the island. Private healthcare schemes are available for Americans relocating to St Lucia.

Relocate to St Lucia from the US

Obtain St Lucia residency

Several residency options are available to Americans relocating to St Lucia:

  • Single Entry Visa: The Single Entry Visa allows foreigners to stay up to 3 months in St Lucia.
  • Multiple Entry Visa: The Multiple Entry Visa allows American expats to live up to a year in St Lucia. Expats seeking work in St Lucia will, however, need to apply for a work permit.
  • Permanent residency: After 2 years of renewing your Multiple Entry Visa or Single Entry Visa, it is possible to apply for St Lucia permanent residency.
  • Citizenship: After 7 years of permanent residency on the island, you can apply for St Lucia citizenship.
  • Citizenship by investment: The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program allows qualifying investors to get the St Lucia passport for a minimum investment of $100,000. Multiple routes of investment are available to foreigners. 

Get a St Lucia passport

Launched in 2015, the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is a successful scheme allowing investors and their families to get St Lucia citizenship providing that an investment of at least $100,000 is made in either the National Economic Fund, pre-approved real estate, enterprise investment, or government bonds.

Being one of the cheapest ways to get a second passport, the St Lucia passport allows for worldwide mobility in over 140 countries – such as the European Union countries, the UK, Singapore, and Hong-Kong.

To learn more about the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program and its investment routes, take a look at our St Lucia citizenship ultimate guide by local experts.

Talk to our advisor

Are you thinking of relocating from the US to St Lucia? Talk to one of our professional advisors at Global Citizen Solutions.

We offer a service tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Our team of experts will work diligently from start to finish, ensuring a successful application. Professionalism and integrity are at the core of all we do.

St Lucia real estate

St Lucia real estate is flourishing and offers quality housing for American expats relocating to St Lucia. Depending on your needs and budgets, you can find different types of properties to buy or rent in St Lucia. Starting from $200,000 you can buy a beautiful local home. Modern condos and bungalows’ prices revolve around $300,000, while beachfront villas cost about $1,000,000.

Some of the best places to buy property in St Lucia are located in the northwest part of the island – such as Rodney Bay, Marigot Bay, and Castries.


American expats living in St Lucia

Due to the high quality of life it offers, St Lucia has seen an increase of expats and retirees – especially coming from the US and Canada. Expats in St Lucia are known for being very friendly, and you will find plenty of like-minded individuals to connect with. You can also take a look at companies specialized in bringing expat communities together such as InterNations and MeetUp

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Can I travel to St Lucia from the US?

It is very easy to travel to St Lucia from the US. There are various flights to St Lucia from Atlanta, New York, Miami, and Chicago.

How can I get the St Lucia passport as a US citizen?

As a US citizen you can get the St Lucia passport through the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program, or if you have resided over 7 years in the country.

Can I buy St Lucia property as an American?

Yes, you can buy St Lucia property as an American. In order to buy St Lucia real estate, you will need to apply for an Alien Landholding License. You can also buy pre-approved property through the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program.

Can I retire in St Lucia as an American expat?

Yes, you can retire in St Lucia as an American expat. There are various visa options you can choose to retire in St Lucia as an American: multi entry visa, permanent residency, citizenship, or citizenship by investment.

What is St Lucia’s currency?

St Lucia’s currency is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar.