St Lucia real estate citizenship is one investment route under the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program that enables foreigners to obtain citizenship in this stunning Caribbean country in just three to four months. Under this option, applicants can choose to invest a minimum of $200,000 in real estate shares or properties such as luxury resorts or boutique hotels. 

The investment property must meet the requirements of the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment, meaning the government must have approved it. After maintaining the investment for five years, you can sell the property and recover your investment. 

Keep reading as we navigate the ins and outs of obtaining St Lucia citizenship through real estate investment. 

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

As we mentioned above, real estate is one route by which foreigners can obtain a Saint Lucia passport in exchange for making an economic investment in the country. The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is regulated by the Citizenship by Investment Act No. 14 of 2015. Besides the real estate investment, the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program offers three other investment options, namely a contribution to the National Economic Fund, an enterprise investment, or purchasing government bonds.

Below, we’ll explore all the investment options that qualify for the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment program.

1. Real estate

Foreign investors and their families can obtain St Lucia citizenship under the real estate investment scheme. This requires the applicant to invest a minimum of $200,000 in government-approved real estate (full or limited share in an approved hotel or resort) in St Lucia. The investment must be held for five years before it can be resold.

2. National Economic Fund donation

The National Economic Fund (NEF) is a government fund established to help provide financial support to projects sponsored by the St Lucia government. Applicants can make a non-refundable minimum contribution of at least $100,000 and receive citizenship. This investment route includes government processing fees, and the contribution amount will vary depending on the number of applicants.

3. Approved enterprise projects

Foreign investors can choose to invest a minimum of $3,500,000 as a solo investor or a minimum of $1,000,000 as part of a joint venture worth at least $6,000,000. The approved enterprise project can be in certain areas, such as specialty restaurants, pharmaceutical products, and research institutions and facilities.

4. Government bonds

Applicants can invest a minimum of $300,000 in National Action Government Bonds (NAB). The greatest advantage of this investment route is that the contribution amount can be recovered after five years. Despite the fact that these are non-interest-bearing government bonds, the return on investment (ROI) brings the cost of the investment down to around $60,000 for a single applicant.

For more information, visit our article: St Lucia Citizenship by Investment – The Ultimate Guide by Experts.

Real Estate Citizenship Costs and Fees

As mentioned, the minimum investment required for the real estate route is $200,000. This contribution amount is the same whether you are a single applicant or want to include family members such as dependent parents in your application.

In addition to the qualifying investment amount, you will be required to pay the following additional fees: Government application fee, due diligence fee, and passport fee. The table below demonstrates how these fees may vary depending on the number of applicants.

Real Estate Investment


+ Spouse


(over 18 years old)


(under 18 years old)

Minimum Investment


Government Application Fee



+$10,000 each

+$5,000 each

Due Diligence Fee


$5,000 for each family member aged 16 or over

Passport Fee

$500 per passport

Saint Lucia Real Estate Investment Benefits

st-lucia-homes-apartment-buildings-property-management There are several fantastic benefits to obtaining St Lucia real estate citizenship:

  • The required minimum investment amount of $200,000 stays the same no matter the number of family members included in your application.
  • During the five years you must maintain the investment, you can earn rental income.
  • St Lucia’s tourist market is well-developed and makes up about 65 percent of the country’s GDP, which is beneficial if you intend to rent out the property.
  • Qualifying properties for St Lucia citizenship can be resold after five years, meaning you may see a good return on your investment.
  • Property prices in St Lucia tend to be lower than in neighboring Caribbean countries.
  • This route allows you to be granted citizenship in Saint Lucia by investing in a tangible asset and developing a diverse portfolio. Once you have been granted citizenship and a St Lucia Passport, this is for life.
  • You can include family members in your application, provided they meet the program’s eligibility requirements.
  • The minimum investment required for the real estate citizenship route – $200,000 – is more affordable than contributing to government bonds ($300,000) or making an enterprise investment ($3,500,000 or $1,000,000) and takes the same amount of time to obtain your Saint Lucia passport.
  • You can still benefit from the attractive tax advantages in St Lucia, such as favorable personal income tax rates, no capital gains tax, wealth tax, or inheritance taxes on worldwide income. For tax residency purposes, you can obtain a local address to use.
  • St Lucia passport holders can enjoy several benefits, such as visa-free travel to over 140 countries, the option to obtain a long-term US visa, and holding dual citizenship.

Government-Approved Projects

As mentioned above, properties purchased as part of St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program must be pre-approved by the island’s government. These are mostly shares in real estate projects, and these properties are carefully selected by the Citizenship by Investment Unit to promote the best attributes of the island, support St Lucia’s sustainable development objectives, and enhance the country’s economic, technological, environmental, and social transformation.

These approved real estate projects include high-end resorts or hotels, high-end boutique properties, and other projects deemed necessary by the Minister, the CIU, and the Cabinet. Approved projects under the economic citizenship program are the Canelles Resort project and the Alpina project.

Canelles Resort

St Lucia’s Canelles Resort is a government-approved project under the country’s CBI Program. Located in the southeast coastal area of the island and facing the Atlantic Ocean, the resort includes a serviced residence – Canelles Oceanfront Apartment, and two world-class luxury resort hotels that are currently in the works – Zoetry Resort and Dreams Resort. The entire project totals an area of 91.46 acres.

Canelles Oceanfront Apartment

This high-end serviced residence offers fully equipped rooms and suites aimed at providing an exceptional vacation experience. The facility includes a clubhouse, outdoor area, restaurants, a SPA, and more.

Zoetry Wellness and Spa Resorts

Upcoming project: This facility offers luxurious beachfront boutiques and well-being facilities. You can enjoy an outdoor activity area, SPA center, seaside dining area, and more.

Dreams Resorts and Spas

Upcoming project: This facility offers unlimited luxury with rooms and suites that provide a romantic vacation environment for couples or family-friendly fun for couples with children. You’ll find a seaside dining area, swimming pool and waterpark area, beach activity area, and more.

As you can see from the facilities described above, approved projects under St Lucia’s CBI Program are truly intended to showcase the best of the island to visitors and promote further tourism and economic growth.

Alpina Project

The Alpina Saint Lucia Hotel and Alpina Square are earmarked for the southern part of the island, a mere five minutes from the Hewanorra International Airport.

The Alpina Saint Lucia Hotel is a 231-room hotel with an additional 17 serviced apartments that will cater to tourists and business travelers. The hotel promises premier amenities, including but not limited to a business center, several restaurants, a health center and spa, a swimming pool, retail outlets, and a gymnasium.

Alpina Square, situated next to the Alpina Saint Lucia Hotel, will be home to premium office suites and commercial and retail spaces. The amenities will include an event space, gymnasium and fitness center, spa, restaurants and bars, boutiques, and shops.

Average real estate prices in Saint Lucia

The St Lucia real estate market is thriving, thanks largely to the great number of expats relocating to the island. Real estate prices tend to vary based on a number of factors, such as the location of the property, its size, and what type of property it is.

real-estate-st-lucia-homes-marigot-bay-rodney-bayProperties such as apartments, condos, historical homes, and villas are available to rent and purchase. You’ll be able to find properties such as modern condos and bungalows for around $300,000 and beachfront villas for anywhere around $1,000,000. If you are interested in luxury properties, you’ll find that the cost tends to be higher. It is important to note that if you are a foreigner intending to purchase St Lucia real estate but are not doing so through the country’s Citizenship by Investment Program, you must apply for an Alien Landholding License. Using St Lucia real estate agents to help you navigate the processes and requirements of purchasing St Lucia homes can be beneficial. 

Another option is to obtain citizenship in St Lucia through one of the other investment routes mentioned above and then purchase St Lucia real estate. The advantage of this option is that you are free to purchase real estate anywhere in St Lucia rather than being limited to approved projects. When searching through real estate listings, you’ll find options such as beachfront houses, waterfront villas, apartments with stunning views, residential and commercial properties, and even land for sale. In addition to this, you will be purchasing real estate as a citizen of St Lucia, meaning you can still benefit from any favorable tax advantages offered to St Lucia citizens. 

Can I rent out my investment property?

An attractive aspect for real estate investors is renting out a property and receiving rental income. You could even use a property management company to handle the entire process for you. This is not different for properties purchased under St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program. Real estate rentals in St Lucia can bring in an average of two to five percent in rental income per year.

A further advantage of pursuing real estate citizenship through the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment program is your ability to resell the investment property after five years, guaranteeing a decent return on your investment.

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Who is eligible for the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program?

Main applicant

As per the requirements of St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program, the main applicant must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Be of excellent character, as proven through bank statements and employer references
  • Be able to make a qualifying investment

Family members

As the main applicant for the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment, you can include the following family members in your citizenship application:

  • Spouse
  • Children of the main applicant or spouse under 21; aged between 21 and 30 if supported by the main applicant or spouse; aged 21 or over and mentally/physically challenged
  • Parents and grandparents of the main applicant or spouse aged 55 or above
  • Siblings of the main applicant or spouse who are unmarried, with no children, aged 18 or younger, and have received consent for their parent or guardian to apply for citizenship by investment

St Lucia Property Taxes

A benefit of being a St Lucia citizen is that you may declare yourself a tax resident on the island and benefit from exemption from capital gains tax, tax on dividends, and sometimes Value Added Tax (VAT) on your foreign earned income. When purchasing real estate, however, you will be required to pay taxes. This section will highlight the taxes charged for real estate purchases in St Lucia, as well as the rates they are charged at.

  1. Property transfer tax: Buyers must pay a two percent transfer tax when purchasing real estate. The buyer can be an individual or a company.
  2. Stamp duty: Both buyers and sellers must pay stamp duty, however, the rates for each will differ. Buyers must pay two percent stamp duty, while the rate a seller pays will depend on their residency status. Non-residents pay a ten percent rate, while residents will pay a rate determined by the property’s value.
  3. Annual property tax: Annual property tax for residential real estate is charged at 0.25 percent, while commercial real estate is taxed at 0.4 percent. These rates are the same for individuals, companies, residents, and non-residents.

Tax rates for St Lucia residents selling real estate

Real estate value (EC$) 



2.5 percent


3.5 percent

$150,001 and above

5 percent

Application Process: St Lucia Citizenship by Investment

If you are eager to obtain St Lucian citizenship by investing in real estate, you can expect to follow the application process outlined below:

Due diligence with GCS

Choose a property

Submit documents to CIU

Application approval

Real estate purchase

Receive your passport

1. Preliminary due diligence check with GCS

Contact Global Citizen Solutions regarding your application for citizenship through real estate investment. We will conduct an initial due diligence and work with you to find the right pre-approved real estate project for you.

2. Choose a property

Once you have chosen your investment property, you will need to complete your application forms and provide all the necessary documentation, as guided by our team.

3. Submit documents to CIU

Our dedicated team of Migration Specialists will submit your application to St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) on your behalf.

4. Application approval

Within two to three months of submitting your application, successful applicants will receive a letter from the Citizenship by Investment Unit stating that your application has been approved in principle.

5. Real estate purchase

Following the approval of your application, you will need to purchase the investment property and send proof to the CIU.

6. Receive your Saint Lucia passport

You and your family members will be granted St Lucia citizenship, and your passports will be sent to you to an address of your choice.

It is important to note that applications submitted by individuals directly to the CIU will not be accepted. As an applicant to the CBI program, you must use an Authorized Agent like Global Citizen Solutions to submit the application on your behalf.

Why use Global Citizen Solutions?

Global Citizen Solutions is a multidisciplinary firm offering bespoke residence and citizenship solutions in Europe and the Caribbean. In a world where the economy and politics are unpredictable, having a second citizenship opens up opportunities and creates flexibility for you and your family.

So, why work with Global Citizen Solutions to obtain St Lucia citizenship?

  • Authorized International Marketing Agent. Global Citizen Solutions have official certification by the Government of St Lucia to promote and market their Citizenship by Investment program. You can find a copy of our certificate by clicking the image on the right
  • Global approach by local experts. We are corporate members of the Investment Migration Council, with local expertise in all five Caribbean CBI programs.
  • 100 percent approval rate. We have never had a case rejected and will offer you an initial, free-of-charge, due diligence assessment before signing any contract.
  • Independent service and full transparency. We will present to you all the investment options available, and all expenses will be discussed in advance, with no hidden fees.
  • An all-encompassing solution. A multidisciplinary team of immigration lawyers, investment specialists, and tax experts will take into consideration all your and your family's mobility, tax, and lifestyle needs.
  • Confidential service and secure data management. All private data is stored within a GDPR-compliant database on a secure SSL-encrypted server.

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Frequently Asked Questions about St Lucia Real Estate Citizenship

Can foreigners buy property in St Lucia?

Yes, foreigners can buy real estate in St Lucia. This includes residential and commercial properties. As a foreigner, you will need to apply for an Alien Landholding License to buy St Lucia property. Alternatively, you can apply to the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program and obtain second citizenship and a St Lucia passport in exchange for investing in a pre-approved property. 

What is the St Lucia citizenship program?

The St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program enables investors to make a qualifying economic contribution to the country and obtain citizenship. Benefits of Saint Lucia citizenship include visa-free travel to over 140 countries, dual citizenship, tax benefits, and more.

Investing in pre-approved real estate is one route under the program where applicants can make a minimum investment of $200,000 and acquire citizenship. The other investment routes are as follows: A non-refundable contribution to the National Economic Fund, making a government bond investment, or investing in an approved enterprise project.

What is the cost of investing in real estate to obtain citizenship in St Lucia?

Under the St Lucia CBI program, the minimum required investment is $200,000 to obtain St Lucia citizenship. The Government application fees, due diligence fees, and passport fees will vary depending on the number of family members (such as dependent children) included in your application.

Can I resell the property I bought through the St Lucia citizenship program?

Yes, you can resell your citizenship by investment property after five years.  

How long does the application process take?

Your application to the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program will take between three and four months to process. The good news is that it can be done completely remotely, and your passport will be sent to you.

Can I purchase a free-standing house in St Lucia under the citizenship program?

If you want to apply to the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program by investing in real estate, you will need to purchase a property that has been previously approved by the government. Alternatively, you can obtain Saint Lucia citizenship through one of the other investment options and purchase real estate once you are a citizen. This option leaves you free to purchase any type of property. 

What type of property can I purchase in St Lucia?

If you purchase property under the St Lucia CBI program, you must purchase government-approved real estate, such as shares in high-end tourist accommodation. If you are not a CBI applicant, you can purchase any St Lucia real estate for sale. This includes both residential and commercial properties, such as apartment buildings overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, spacious homes near the golden sands of beaches, town homes within walking distance of the Caribbean Sea, and more.  

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