The Silver Coast of Portugal – or Costa da Prata – is perhaps the best place in the country for expats seeking a high-quality and affordable lifestyle in Europe. It is a region on the west coast where you have access to some of the best beaches, cute villages and towns, and very good weather. Besides, there is always something to keep you busy, whether it is surfing, hiking, or just relaxing on one of the beautiful beaches. The different locations on the Silver Coast have various property types to match your budget. In this Silver Coast real estate buying guide, we are going to provide you with everything that you will need to know about buying property in this fabulous part of Portugal. 

In this Silver Coast real estate buying guide, we’ll provide you with information on the following:

    • Why buy real estate on the Silver Coast
    • Where to buy property in the Silver Coast
    • Property types in the Silver Coast
    • General information about the Silver Coast
    • Expat life on the Silver Coast
    • How we can help
    • Plus much more!


Why buy real estate on the Silver Coast

So, where exactly is the Silver Coast? Well, the exact definition is open to debate. However, most agree that it begins north of Lisbon and extends around 150 kilometers northwards up the coast beyond Nazaré.

The Silver Coast is perfect if you are seeking a home in Portugal where you can embrace living in an authentic part of the country that has become increasingly popular with expats. The region has attracted digital nomads, retirees, and families, because of the beautiful landscapes, lovely villages, and attractive real estate prices. In this part of our Silver Coast real estate buying guide, we will provide you with an overview of some things to consider when buying real estate on the Silver Coast. 

Favorable property prices

Yes, compared to Lisbon and the Algarve, you will find that your money will go further if you buy property on the Silver Coast. Silver Coast property for sale is relatively affordable compared to the better-known parts of Portugal but provides a wide array of choices in terms of property types. Whether you are looking for a more modern build or an older historical townhouse, you should be able to find the property of your dreams. Many of the buildings along the coast have beautiful, simple architecture, and each town has its own unique characteristics. For example, in Ericeira, the white-washed houses with blue lining are particularly captivating. Plus, if you are looking for a luxury property, you should also be well catered for. The Silver Coast has something to offer every budget. However, note that some parts of the Silver Coast will be more expensive than others, where the demand is higher. On the whole, though, you should find that the prices are very affordable. 

 High-quality life

The most important reason why expats are heading to the Silver Coast is that the region is incredibly beautiful, with sweeping views, lovely little villages, and pristine beaches. Plus, you do not have the flocks of tourists that head to the Algarve in the south of the country. If you want a peaceful, relaxed life with a high quality of life, you could not ask for a better place. 

Alongside this, the locals are very friendly – particularly if you’ve picked up a little bit of the Portuguese language –  and you will find all the amenities you need close at hand, including schools and healthcare facilities. 

Spectacular coastline

Wherever you go on the Silver Coast, you will come across spectacular landscapes, beaches, and towns. Whichever part of the coastline you choose, you will find that the towns each have their own unique characteristics and customs. Also, up and down the coast, there are great activities both on the water and on dry land, with many different watersport activities, such as surfing and jet-skiing, and hiking along the coast. And then there’s always a beach close by just to sit back and relax. 

Delightful food

It is no surprise that the focus of the cuisine on the Silver Coast is on fresh fish and seafood. The food in this region of Portugal is some of the very best in Europe and forms an important part of the culture here. The area has a rich fishing history, and the regional agriculture focuses on local foods, with numerous small farms, vineyards, and fruit farms across the region. Many local farmers grow soft fruits, such as grapes, melons, and pumpkins, which burst with flavor after being grown in the Portuguese sun.

Path to citizenship

The Portugal Golden Visa is one of the most popular residency-by-investment programs in the world. If you are looking to buy commercial property on the Silver Coast, then you may be eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa. With this, you can secure residency in the country, and after five years, you may be eligible for citizenship. 

For residential properties to qualify for the Portugal Golden, there are certain criteria that need to be met, following the changes that came into force on 1 January 2022. These changes made it only possible to invest in residential real estate in interior regions of the country. With an investment starting from €280K, if you opt to invest in a real estate rehabilitation project in a “low density” area, you can be on your way to Portuguese residency, with the possibility of citizenship after five years. 

See more about the Portugal Golden Visa here in our step-by-step guide here.

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See more about your Golden Visa options to invest in residential real estate here and to understand the differences between interior and low-density areas. 

Connectivity to central locations

One of the reasons to choose the Silver Coast in Portugal is its proximity to Portugal’s major cities. With Lisbon to the south and Porto in the north, you can very quickly get to either city very easily for a weekend getaway or even for a day trip, should you so wish.

The Silver Coast has a very good road network, with railroads and highways also around to get to your destination quickly and efficiently. Portugal is a very small country, so you should be able to get to any location in the country fairly easily.

Events all year round

There are events that take place along the Silver Coast all year round and many activities to get involved in. Each town will have its own special customs, so make sure that you get involved in the town’s life to soak up the authentic Portuguese lifestyle. 


Where to buy property in the Silver Coast

There are far too many gems on the Silver Coast to provide you with a full overview of places to consider. However, in this part of our Silver Coast real estate buying guide, we’ve tried to provide you with some information on some of the best places to live on the Silver Coast in Portugal.


Óbidos is a fascinating medieval walled town that is also one of Portugal’s most popular tourist destinations. If you are looking for fun festivals, head to the medieval festival in Óbidos, where you have the chance to dress up in medieval attire and walk around the castle, feasting on typical dishes from times gone by. Also, Ginjinha, a typical cherry-flavored liqueur often served in a chocolate cup, is a favorite here. 

While Óbidos itself may not be the best place for homebuyers and better for an investment, the surrounding countryside would be the perfect home, where you can enjoy the Portuguese countryside and also be very close to Lisbon and the spectacular Sintra mountains.


Nazaré, the most famous town on the Silver Coast, has much to offer. For those that like thrills, it doesn’t come much better than watching big-wave surfers head out to sea to try and catch the massive waves. You can watch from the coast or the iconic lighthouse, which provides the best views of the surfers as they go up against the greatest force of nature. 

Nazaré is also one of the most traditional towns in Portugal, where the inhabitants have stuck strongly to their traditions. Here, fishermen’s wives wear seven colored layers of skirts and the traditional black headscarves. The fishermen themselves can be seen close to the water, drying their catch of fish in the sun on wooden racks along the seafront. This local charm of Nazaré is what makes the town so special, where the little things and cultural traditions remain unchanged.


Peniche is a quiet fishing town, perfect for those who are looking for some peace and quiet. If you are looking for Silver Coast property, you should be able to find many different types of property in Peniche. If you look outside the town, you can find more spacious properties. 

This town has a relaxed vibe, where time seems to slip by at a slow pace, perfect if you are looking for some well-earned rest. You can also take the ferry to Berlengas, an archipelago of islands where the impressive ancient Fortress ofSão João Baptista, from the 17th-Century, can be seen.

Torres Vedras

Torres Vedras is a quiet town with a Moorish castle overlooking the city. Tourists don’t seem to venture to Torres Vedras, so the local life is very much still embraced here. Close by you have Praia de Santa Cruz, which has beautiful landscapes and beaches. In this area, you will be able to find spacious properties at affordable rates, and you are very close to the glittering city of Lisbon. 


Coimbra is a fantastic city that is known for having one of the oldest universities in Europe. With accommodation options that are both affordable and with good interest rates, the city is a good place to live. Coimbra manages to combine the very best of modernity without compromising on showing off its ancient roots and traditions. 


Property types on the Silver Coast

The Silver Coast has many property types, whether you are looking for a beach house, a villa, or a historic townhouse in the city center. However, in this part of our Silver Coast real estate buying guide, we’ll provide you with some information on terms to look out for when buying property in this region.

  • Casa geminada – a semi-detached house where two houses share a common wall.
  • Casa / moradia – this is a detached house that usually has outdoor areas, such as a backyard, patio, etc. 
  • Condominios (or condos for short) – an apartment with a common area.
  • Quinta – rustic homes or farms that you can find in inland areas of Portugal.
  • Terreno – meaning “land” in Portuguese, where you can build your own house on land that is registered for inhabitation. Some conditions allow for agricultural land, but this will need to be verified with the city or the Câmara Municipal.


Property prices on the Silver Coast

Compared to other parts of Portugal, and particularly compared to western Europe in general, the Silver Coast is an affordable part of the country to purchase a property.

The average asking prices for villas in 2020 were the following:

For a villa in Torres Vedras: €1,059/m2

For a villa in Nazaré: €1,277/m2

For a villa in Peniche: €1,087/m2

For a villa in Óbidos: €1,419/m2

Note that Silver Coast property prices will vary depending on where you are buying. For example, areas in higher demand will cost more. Also, note that luxury properties will evidently be more expensive. 

Before you buy a property in Portugal, it is important to understand the tax obligations in the country. You can take a look at our article on property taxes in Portugal here.


General information about the Silver Coast

The Silver Coast is the perfect spot for expats to live in Portugal. The beautiful beaches, high quality of life, friendly locals, and great weather are just a few of the reasons to choose this region, with it also easy to get to the two biggest cities in the country. For example, from Nazaré, if you are driving, you are an hour and a half north of Lisbon and two hours south of Porto. 

The long coastline hugging the coast stretches 150 kilometers and has many charming towns and villages, each with its own customs, festivals, and traditions. Larger cities such as Coimbra are also very good places to consider if you would like to live in a larger place where there is lots going on. 

The Silver Coast also has a rich history, with the original inhabitants the Indo-Europeans and Romans in ancient times. Many of the towns in the region still have traces of their varied history. July and August are the hottest months, where temperatures can reach 30°C, but it is possible to head outside pretty much any time of the year, given the favorable climate. There is also a nice breeze from the Atlantic, so it does not get unbearably hot. In winter, make sure that the property has good insulation as it can get very cold. 


Expat life on the Silver Coast

If you are moving to the Silver Coast, unless you are in a very small village or in the depths of the countryside, you should find there are many expats living in the region. From yoga, watersports, cooking classes, golf, and more, there are many activities to get involved in where you can meet fellow expats. Portugal coast real estate provides you the opportunity to live out your dream by living close the ocean, with beautiful beaches, excellent gastronomy, and a high quality of life. 


How we can help

Global Citizen Solutions is a boutique consultancy firm helping individuals and families find their ideal residence & citizenship by investment program. We work solely on behalf of our clients throughout the process for an easy and hassle-free journey to your desired route. 

With offices worldwide and an experienced, hands-on team, get in touch today to see how we can understand your objectives and help you move towards becoming a global citizen.

Our Silver Coast real estate buying guide is just an introduction to this region. If you are looking for a house in Portugal, you can get in touch with one of our team at Goldcrest, our real estate division, who will be able to discuss your options for buying property.

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Frequently asked questions about the Silver Coast real estate:

Where do expats live on the Silver Coast Portugal?

There are many places on the Silver Coast that have become favorites with expats, such as Nazaré, Peniche, Óbidos, and Coimbra. 

What is the Silver Coast of Portugal like?

The Silver Coast is a haven for expats, who can enjoy the good weather, spectacular landscapes, affordable properties, and where the locals are very welcoming. Portugal coast real estate is also varied, and if you are looking for a villa, beach house, or town house, you should be able to find what you are looking for. 

Why is it called Silver Coast Portugal?

The name, the Silver Coast, derives from the Ocean color. On certain days, the sun’s rays paint the ocean a beautiful silver color.