In a rapidly globalizing world, the desire to explore new lands, cultures, and opportunities has led many individuals to consider immigration as a life-changing endeavor. Whether motivated by career prospects, quality of life, or simply a sense of adventure, the quest for a new home often begins with finding a welcoming and accommodating country.

This article will embark on a journey to uncover the easiest countries to immigrate to, where the immigration process is streamlined, accessible, and designed to welcome newcomers with open arms. We’ll explore the factors that make these countries appealing to prospective immigrants, including flexible immigration policies, simplified procedures, and a variety of enticing benefits.

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From countries renowned for their scenic beauty to bustling economic powerhouses, we’ll delve into a selection of 11 nations that have established themselves as attractive destinations for those seeking a fresh start.

Whether you’re a skilled professional seeking international job vacancies, an entrepreneur looking for foreign business investment opportunities, or a retiree looking to take advantage of an overseas retirement scheme, we aim to provide insights into the countries that offer the smoothest path to obtain permanent residency or even dual citizenship.

Permanent Residency versus Citizenship

Permanent residency and citizenship are two distinct legal statuses that individuals can acquire in a country. While they are related, they carry different rights, obligations, and implications.

Permanent residency

Permanent residence refers to the permission granted by a country for an individual to live within its borders indefinitely. It grants the right to reside, work or study in the country. A permanent resident visa or permit is usually issued after a specified period completed with a temporary residence permit, such as a work permit, student visa, or any other residence visa which allows foreign nationals to live legally in the country for an extended period.

After transitioning from temporary to permanent residents, individuals can enjoy certain benefits, and access to services within the country, such as healthcare, education, and social welfare, on a permanent basis with no further requirements to renew their residency visa. However, a permanent residence permit does not grant full political rights or entitlement to a country’s passport or consular services.


Citizenship is the legal status that signifies an individual’s full membership in a nation. It grants the highest level of rights, privileges, and protections offered by the country that are exclusively reserved for citizens. Citizenship provides individuals with the right to vote, participate in political processes, and hold a passport of the country.

In some countries, such as Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia, only citizens enjoy full property ownership rights. It also offers broader access to social services, employment opportunities, and legal protections and assistance both in the country’s territory and overseas.

Citizenship is usually obtained through birth within a country or by descending from parents who are nationals of the country (birthright citizenship).

residency vs citizenship

A typical means of acquiring citizenship is through a process known as naturalization, which involves meeting specific requirements and going through an application process to be granted citizenship. While residency provides individuals with the right to live in a country, citizenship goes beyond that, offering deeper integration, participation, and identification with the country’s values, rights, and responsibilities. Citizenship implies a long-term commitment to a nation and signifies a sense of belonging and allegiance to that country.

It is important to note that the requirements for obtaining a permanent residence permit and citizenship vary from country to country, and the rights and benefits associated with each status can also differ significantly. It is advisable to consult the specific immigration laws and regulations of the country in question to understand the distinctions and implications of permanent residency and citizenship.

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The Five Easiest Countries to Immigrate to in the EU


malta immigration program

Malta has emerged as one of the easiest countries to immigrate not just in Europe but worldwide, attracting individuals seeking new opportunities and a higher quality of life.

There are several reasons behind Malta’s popularity as one of the top destinations for many immigrants; The country offers a streamlined and efficient residency program known as the Malta Permanent Residence Program (MPRP).

This investment program provides a fast-track route to permanent residency for individuals who make a combination of an investment in real estate, a government contribution, and a philanthropic donation to the tune of at least €110,000 (about $118,000). Malta boasts a favorable tax system, including various tax incentives and exemptions, making it an attractive choice for entrepreneurs and investors.

Additionally, the country’s strategic location in the heart of the Mediterranean and its membership in the Schengen Area, excellent infrastructure, advanced medical services, political stability, and high standard of living contribute to its appeal. Furthermore, foreign nationals can also become naturalized citizens of Malta in as little as 12 months through an investment immigration program known as the Malta Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment program (CES).


Cyprus has gained recognition as one of the easiest countries to immigrate to from the US through its favorable immigration policies and welcoming environment. One of the key factors contributing to Cyprus’s appeal is its permanent residency by investment program. This is an accessible investment immigration scheme that provides an affordable pathway to immigrate to Cyprus after making a qualifying investment in the country.

The program, referred to as the Cyprus Permanent Residence Program, offers three investment options to foreign nationals; A purchase of real estate, company shares, or mutual funds. Its efficient process enables applicants to gain permanent residency relatively quickly and enjoy the benefits of Cyprus’s relaxed lifestyle.

Additionally, the country’s advantageous tax system imposes no gift, inheritance, or capital gains tax on foreign assets, and corporate tax is levied at just 12.5 percent, making it an attractive choice for entrepreneurs and investors looking to preserve their wealth.

The island nation’s pleasant climate, stunning natural landscapes, and high standard of living further contribute to its allure for many foreign nationals and their family members.

easiest countries to immigrate to

Moreover, Cyprus boasts a well-developed infrastructure, quality healthcare facilities, and excellent educational institutions, making it an easy country to live in for families seeking a superior quality of life.


Portugal has long been a popular destination for a diverse array of immigrant demographics, from retirees and expat families to skilled professionals and remote workers. One of the key factors contributing to Portugal’s appeal as one of the top immigrant-friendly countries is its low requirements for residency, particularly correlating to the Portugal D7 Visa.

This program offers a straightforward pathway to permanent residency for individuals who can prove they earn a monthly income of at least €760 (about $820). This value makes Portugal the cheapest country in Western Europe to obtain a residence permit through a foreign-earned income. The application process is relatively efficient compared to other EU countries, with approval being granted in as little as three months, provided you meet the visa program’s eligibility requirements.

A Portugal D7 Visa is valid for two years and renewable for an additional three years. After five years of residency, D7 Visa holders can apply for a permanent residence permit. The country’s low living costs compared to many countries in Western Europe, accessible healthcare system, and strong economy make it one of the easiest countries to get permanent residency in Europe without investment.

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Italy’s long history, rich cultural heritage, incredible cuisine, and stunning natural beauty aren’t the only factors identifying the nation as one of the most desirable countries to immigrate to in the European Union. Italy has introduced several immigration programs allowing foreigners to establish a long-term life there.

The two primary pathways for obtaining residency are the Italy Golden Visa and the Elective Residency Visa program. The Golden Visa can come in the form of an investor or business visa. Applicants can make a minimum investment of €250,000 ($271,000) in a startup company in Italy or donate €1 million ($1.08 million) to a philanthropic initiative.

Additional investment options include purchasing government bonds or investing in an established local company.

easiest country to immigrate to in europe

The Elective Residency Visa allows individuals, such as remote workers and retirees, who can financially support themselves without working in Italy to live in the country. The program requires a minimum annual income of €31,000 ($33,600), among other requirements, such as proof of lodging and health insurance. After renewing your visa and maintaining five years of residency, you’ll be eligible to become a permanent resident in Italy.


When it comes to permanent residency and citizenship, Spain is undoubtedly one of the most welcoming countries in the world. Similar to Italy’s Elective Residency Visa and Portugal’s D7 Visa, the Spain Non-lucrative Visa allows foreign nationals with a minimum foreign monthly income of €2,400 (about $2,619.12) to reside in the country. 

spain permanent residents

The temporary residence permit is renewable, and visa holders are eligible for permanent residency after five years. In addition to the low-cost residence permit and being one of the easiest countries to get permanent residency, Spain is also the easiest country to gain citizenship for certain nationalities.

While the general requirement for naturalization in Spain is ten years of residency, nationals of former Spanish territories and colonies can qualify for Spanish citizenship and an EU passport after just two years of residency, thanks to specific provisions outlined in Spanish immigration law.

The Three Easiest Countries to Immigrate to in the Americas


At first glance, Canada may seem like a challenging country to immigrate to; however, if you possess the skills and qualities that can contribute to Canadian society, it quickly emerges as one of the most immigrant-friendly countries in the world. Canada boasts a number of immigration programs targeted explicitly toward skilled workers and entrepreneurs.

Immigration programs, like the Provincial Nominee Program and the Startup Visa, have been introduced to attract international talent to Canada in exchange for permanent residence in the country.

Provincial Nominee Programs are Canadian immigration programs run are the provincial level and offered to foreign investors, entrepreneurs, and skilled workers who meet their specific economic needs.

canada foreign residents

The Startup Visa program is an investor visa and work permit granting Canadian residency to foreign entrepreneurs with proposals to build innovative businesses that will create jobs in Canada and compete globally. The unique aspect of the Startup Visa is that applicants don’t require a minimum capital investment, as a designated organization funds the venture. All applicants who meet Canada’s eligibility requirements for their chosen immigration program have the right to family reunification.

Canada’s melting pot of different cultures, thriving social and economic activity, and ample employment opportunities make it one of the easiest countries to immigrate to with a family.


brazil residency up to four years

As the largest economy in South America, with lucrative investment opportunities in several of its major cities, and unique geological features cementing its status as a popular destination for tourism, the draw of relocating to Brazil has remained strong despite recent social and political challenges.

Brazil has upheld a favorable system attracting foreigners to the country. Foreign nationals can obtain permanent residency in Brazil from an investment starting from as little as BRL 500,000 (about $100,000) in a new or existing Brazilian company.

Permanent residency can also be obtained by purchasing real estate worth at least BRL 1 million (about $200,000) [BRL 700,000 (about $140,000) in the north/northeast regions]. Brazil also has one of the shortest naturalization periods, with eligibility for Brazilian citizenship acquired after just four years of permanent residency.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia’s reputation as one of the easiest countries to immigrate to is not coincidental. The country’s citizenship by investment program has been a popular route for foreign nationals to obtain citizenship in the small Caribbean paradise. This program allows individuals to make a qualifying investment, such as purchasing real estate, contributing to a national development fund, or investing in a government-approved business in exchange for citizenship.

Investments start from $100,000, and the application process is efficient and well-established, enabling applicants to navigate the requirements smoothly in order to gain citizenship in as little as three months, provided they meet the program’s investment and due diligence requirements.

Successful applicants also benefit from no tax on worldwide income and no gift, inheritance, or capital gains tax.

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The nation’s stable political climate, low crime rates, and breathtaking natural beauty further enhance its appeal. With its warm and welcoming population, colorful Caribbean culture, and abundant opportunities, the St. Lucia citizenship by investment program provides a hassle-free pathway for those seeking to call it their new home.

The Three Easiest Countries to Immigrate to in Asia


For expats looking for a new country to move to in Southeast Asia, Thailand affirmed a reputation as being the easiest country to move to. This is because the Thailand Elite Residence program provides various visa options that cater to different purposes and clientele. The many privileges of a Thai Elite Visa go beyond what most residence by investment visas provide. Some of the privileges include:

  • Special privileges: Elite members receive complimentary airport services and can access expedited immigration processes.
  • VIP treatment: Elite members have discounted access to hotels, spas, and private healthcare facilities nationwide.
  • Concierge Assistance: Elite members enjoy personalized concierge services to assist with travel arrangements, accommodation bookings, and other administrative needs.
thai elite easy access

The Thai Elite Residence program offers visa options with a validity period of up to 20 years. Thailand’s broad range of residence visas includes a retirement scheme providing residency of up to five years, with options like the Non-Immigrant OX Visa. Permanent residency is also possible after three years of holding a non-immigrant visa.


Jordan, a captivating country nestled in the heart of the Middle East, is a land of rich history, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. This vibrant nation is steeped in ancient wonders, boasting iconic archaeological sites like the rose-red city of Petra and the Roman ruins of Jerash, and the Jordanian government is more than willing to permanently share its wonders with foreigners who choose to invest in the economy.

easiest countries to immigrate to in asia

The Jordan citizenship by investment program allows foreigners and their family members to acquire Jordanian nationality from a minimum investment of $750,000 in real estate, the tourism sector, or renewable energy.

Investment options include a deposit in a bank account with the Central Bank of Jordan, a purchase of treasury bonds, or a purchase of company shares.

Applicants who pass all the program’s investment and due diligence checks can obtain a Jordan passport within three to six months.


At times regarded as a European nation and at other times as an Asian country, Turkey boasts a geographical location that spans across two continents, making it truly unique. The nation has emerged as an increasingly popular destination for foreign nationals to settle in permanently for numerous reasons. The country boasts a rich and diverse cultural heritage, blending influences from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This cultural tapestry offers a unique and vibrant lifestyle that appeals to many, and the low cost of living facilitates a high quality of life.

A growing economy and substantial investments in infrastructure also lend confidence that the country has a prosperous future despite recent economic turmoil.

Beyond its quality of life factors, the array of options to obtain citizenship in Turkey makes it one of the best countries for Indian applicants and nationals of other countries who may have difficulty securing an EU passport.

turkey capital city

Turkey citizenship by investment starts from an investment of $400,000, and investment options include purchasing real estate, a bank deposit, or starting a business that creates jobs for Turkish citizens.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Easiest Countries to Immigrate to

Which country is easiest to immigrate to?

Several countries could be considered the easiest country to immigrate to. A primary candidate is St. Lucia, with its low starting investment requirement of $100,000 and favorable tax regime regarding worldwide income and assets.

What is the easiest, safest, and nicest country to immigrate to?

The easiest, safest, and nicest country to immigrate to is Portugal. Several compelling reasons include a welcoming and efficient immigration process, with various visa programs catering to different categories such as employment, entrepreneurship, study, and family reunification. Portugal’s natural beauty, pleasant climate, and diverse landscapes add to its allure, and with a ranking of sixth place on the latest Global Peace Index, it’s also one of the safest countries in the world.

What is the easiest country to immigrate to the US from?

The ease of immigrating to the United States from another country can vary depending on individual circumstances and immigration policies. However, specific visa categories and programs may provide relatively easier pathways for immigration to the United States. One such example is the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, also known as the Green Card Lottery, which grants a limited number of immigrant visas each year to individuals from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States.

Eligible countries include Austria, Ireland, Jordan, Malta, New Zealand, Paraguay, Portugal, Singapore, St. Kitts and Nevis, Thailand, Turkey, and Vanuatu.