Best Passport For Expats To Own In 2021

What is the absolute best passport for expats to have in 2021? That would be the United States. It might not be the answer you expected, but our Global Passport Index uncovered this surprise after a year-long quest to find the world’s best passport for expats. The United States passport scores highly for its travel freedoms, investment opportunities, and quality of life.

Read on to discover how the United States came in first place position, with a detailed breakdown of what makes the United States passport so appealing for expats.

About The Global Passport Index

Over the years, popular global passport rankings like the Nomad Passport Index have been developed, allowing people to understand how a passport can facilitate travel abroad with few to no visa restrictions. But, besides visa-free travel, there are also other, just as key benefits to obtaining a second passport, which our Global Passport Index addresses.

Our index uses a nuanced scoring system to determine a passport’s allure for business, quality of life, and investment opportunities. Our quantitative tool offers individuals a detailed overview of mobility and country attractiveness across three standalone indexes: Enhanced Mobility Index, Investment Index, and Quality of Living Index. Each index enables users to filter results for individual country rankings.

We use quantitative data like composite indicators to evaluate specific criteria that make certain passports so attractive. The ranking is based on data from various international institutions and multilateral organizations such as The World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and the Sustainable Development Report and is bolstered by senior analysts.

Learn more by taking a look at our Global Passport Index here.

Best Passport For Expats

As an expat, a powerful passport goes a long way. Not only can it help you to easily hop from country to country around the world with next-to-no visa restrictions, but it can also enable you to do business, invest, relocate or buy real estate in the country you have nationality in. Not to mention, you have unfettered access to excellent quality of life.

Keeping these considerations in mind, why then is the United States the best passport for expats?

The United States as the Best Passport For Expats

The United States ranks at the top as having the most desirable passport in the world when taking into account our three separate indicators.

The US scores:

10th in the Enhanced Mobility Index

4th in the Investment Index

23rd in the Quality of Life Index

Since the USA performed well in each indicator, it came out on top as being the best passport to have in 2022. While the Quality of Life Index score is lower than usual, this is made up for by the country’s investment opportunities and travel freedoms.

To understand the methodology behind the result, check out our Global Passport Index Methodology here.

Why the United States?

The United States offers the perfect balance between work, play, and relaxation. From world-class education institutions and high quality of life to a thriving economic market with dynamic investment opportunities, a United States passport gives expats the best of both worlds. A US passport provides visa-free access to 198 countries around the world, making it particularly easy for remote workers to travel abroad.

In addition, the USA ranks highly in markets and innovation, with a GNI of $66.080 and personal taxation of 37%, making the US a favorable choice for investors.

The opportunities to invest in the country are ripe and backed by government-led visa programs like the EB5 Visa program and the E2 Visa program. With a transparent legal system, robust infrastructure, and investment incentivising schemes, it’s easy to understand the US’s passport appeal.

Life in the US isn’t bad either. A high standard of schooling, thriving career opportunities, and a society built on welcoming foreigners mean that making a home here is a dream come true for many expats.

Other Best Passports for Expats

Some other best passports for expats to own include:

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Best Passport For Expats for quality of life

Sweden tops the charts for being the best passport to have (thanks to its high quality of life).

While life in Sweden is expensive, the country enjoys a relatively low-income inequality and high living standards. Not to mention, Sweden boasts a global reputation for its socially progressive society and governance, with a nod to its gender equality, low crime rates, and human rights principles enshrined in society.

Best Passport For Expats for Travel Freedoms

A Singaporean passport gets you far (literally). Expect visa free travel access to 174 destinations worldwide, with only 24 countries requiring a visa. Considering Singapore is Asia’s economic powerhouse, and if you need to travel for work around Asia, a Singapore passport should do the trick.

Best Passport for Investment Opportunities

Singapore has done it again, snagging the top spot in the world for its passport power concerning investment opportunities. The city-state’s enabling investment environment, robust infrastructure, and strategic location in the heart of Asia make Singapore a launchpad to access key markets in Malaysia, Indonesia, and so forth.

Benefits of a second passport

Benefits are ripe for individuals seeking a powerful second passport—from enhanced travel mobility and unfettered access to business and educational opportunities to asset diversification and improved safety and security.

Other benefits include:

  • Personal freedom guarantee
  • Dual citizenship means twice the opportunities to live, work, study, and do business in two countries (without the need to renounce your previous citizenship).
  • Certain passports grant access to the European Union
  • Passport can be handed down future generations, securing your family’s safety
  • Ultimate backup plan in case of crisis like the coronavirus pandemic

How to get a second passport as an expat

Long gone are the days where you can only obtain citizenship by marriage, birth, descendency, and naturalization. Nowadays, you can obtain a second passport through programs like citizenship by investment and residency by investment. By making a minimum investment in a nation’s infrastructure or economy, qualified and vetted individuals are granted second passports or second residency, and can, in turn, enjoy personal freedoms and financial prosperity while simultaneously protecting their assets.

Minimum investment

To get a powerful second passport, simply apply for one via citizenship by investment scheme. If in doubt, visit our site to get a comprehensive overview of what countries offer citizenship by investment and residency by investment. As a boutique investment migration consultancy, we’re focused on finding the right residency or citizenship by investment scheme for individuals wishing to secure their future and become global citizens.

Here are just some of the countries we offer passport by investment or second residency programs in:

Curious to know more? Why not get in touch and see how one of our investment migration consultations can help. Contact us by clicking here.