If you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably well acquainted with the concept of economic citizenship and acquiring citizenship by investment. As you set your sights on global citizenship, the crucial decision lies ahead–determining the best citizenship by investment program that perfectly aligns with your aspirations, financial objectives, and personal preferences. 

Having taken the initial step towards acquiring citizenship by investment, it’s time to explore the diverse options for multiple citizenship, each offering a unique set of benefits and investment options. This article will provide the insights and information necessary to make an educated choice, empowering you to secure a second citizenship that complements your lifestyle and future ambitions for yourself and your family. 

Keep reading as we uncover the greatest citizenship-by-investment programs around the world. We’re gonna dive deep into these citizenship and residence programs and break down the benefits, requirements, and criteria for each one. Have a look below to learn more.

What is citizenship by investment?

what is economic citizenship north korea background checks st lucia central america green card central bank symbiotic relationship all the countries state funds international banks good health investment portfolio schengen zone buy real estate free consultation business venture spanish passport business investment visa free travel saint lucia health care due diligence get a passport st kitts new rules state fund state funds saint kitts investment portfolio housing crisis non refundable another country bank deposit home country 2 months e 2 visa tax burdenCitizenship by investment (CBI), also known as economic citizenship, refers to a legal framework employed by numerous countries. It allows foreign nationals to obtain citizenship in exchange for their significant contributions and contributions to the nation’s development. 

Citizenship by Investment (CBI) initiatives act as strategic tools for attracting foreign investment and talent on a global scale, setting the stage for sustained economic growth. By successfully participating in a citizenship program, investors and their families acquire a new citizenship, along with access to the advantages, privileges, and rights of being citizens in a second country. 

Dual citizenship pertains to the legal status individuals receive when they gain the rights and privileges of being citizens of two countries. The benefits encompass acquiring a second passport, which, in most cases, translates to enhanced global mobility and additional visa-free access to countries worldwide. 

Acquiring second citizenship brings a host of additional advantages, including widened business opportunities and ease of doing business, improved quality of life, asset protection, and access to essential social services like healthcare and education. 

Ten Best Citizenship by Investment Programs

1. Austria 

investment options citizenship offer citizenship visa free travel citizenship programs significant investment for citzenship visa free travel significant investment permanent residency tax benefits obtain citizenship bank deposit future generations most countries business investment best citizenship passport holders entire process avoid compulsory military service offer citizenship visa free access citizenship programs visa free travel grant citizenship countries offer citizenship obtain citizenship obtaining citizenship visa waiver agreement european countries offer citizenship tax benefits malta passport investment options citizenship cheapest passportAustria offers a distinctive economic citizenship program with rigorous and demanding eligibility criteria; however, it substantially benefits foreign nationals who successfully gain Austrian citizenship and EU passports. 

To participate in Austria’s citizenship by investment program, a minimum investment of €2 to 10 million in an Austrian business is required. Eligible companies must meet specific criteria, including job creation for Austrian citizens, growth potential, and a solid international reputation. 

Key benefits of the Austria citizenship by investment program: 

  • European passport in an EU country 
  • The Austrian passport ranks the highest of all countries with citizenship by investment schemes. 
  • Visa-free travel and visa-on-arrival access to 174 countries worldwide 
  • One of the world’s safest countries, ranking fifth overall in the Global Peace Index 

2. Antigua and Barbuda 

2 months family of 4 bank deposit second home countries that offer residence requirements popular citizenship offer citizenship obtain citizenship caribbean citizenship by investment best citizenship visa free travel real estate purchase antigua and barbuda west indies fund investment passport holders state fund processing time schengen zone clean background entire process avoid compulsory military service another country non refundable golden visas investor visa permanent residency high net worth individuals one country residence programs premium propertiesFor numerous reasons, Caribbean nations have been increasingly popular choices for acquiring citizenship by investment. Proximity to the United States and affordable investment options make Caribbean citizenship an obvious choice for American applicants of second citizenship initiatives. 

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the island nations that has led the way by offering the best Caribbean citizenship by investment. Antigua and Barbuda is among those with the most affordable citizenship of CBI countries. Investors can Antigua acquire a second passport through the donation investment route by contributing $100,000 donation to the Antigua and Barbuda National Development Fund (NDF). 

Key benefits of the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment program: 

  • A low starting investment amount of $100,000 
  • The second highest ranking passport of CBI programs offering Caribbean passports 
  • Visa-free travel privileges to 150 countries worldwide 
  • Multiple investment options, including a donation to the University of the West Indies Fund 
  • The most affordable citizenship program for a family of four, with a total investment of about $152,000, including passport fees 

3. Dominica 

dominica national fund investment another country non refundable golden visas investor visa permanent residency high net worth individuals one country residence programs premium propertiesDominica, a Caribbean nation, often flies under the radar in discussions about the broader influence of Caribbean nations worldwide. However, it’s largely considered to offer one of the best Caribbean programs granting citizenship through foreign direct investment. Similar to Antigua and Barbuda, the investment threshold starts at $100,000 through a contribution to the country’s Economic Diversification Fund (EDF). 

There is also the option of purchasing government-approved real estate for $200,000, which generally includes high-end tourist accommodation. 

Key benefits of the Dominica citizenship by investment program: 

  • A $100,000 donation to the country’s Economic Diversification Fund means it offers the cheapest total investment, including government fees, for single CBI applicants. 
  • The lowest qualifying investment in government-approved property of CBI countries, with a minimum investment amount of $200,000 
  • The lowest cost per square meter for real estate of all five Caribbean CBI countries 
  • There are no additional investment requirements to include up to six family members when investing in real estate. 
  • No residency requirements or the need to visit the country or attend interviews to obtain a second passport 

If you’re keen on securing a Dominican passport, read our ultimate guide to Dominica citizenship by investment. 

4. Grenada 

Grenada contribution to government fundGrenada has emerged as a strong option for obtaining second passport in the Caribbean for numerous reasons. A progressive government has facilitated the ease of doing business in the country, and its political ties with the United States make it the ideal economic citizenship for both Americans and foreign nationals from other countries. Investors can contribute to economic development by donating $150,000 to the country’s National Transformation Fund (NTF).  

Purchasing real estate in government-approved projects for $220,000 for shared ownership or $350,000 for sole ownership is another route to obtaining a Grenada passport. 

Key benefits of the Grenada citizenship by investment program: 

  • The only Caribbean country offering foreign investors the chance to settle in the USA through the US E2 Visa program 
  • Include immediate family, a dependent parent or sibling from a single qualifying property investment 
  • Situated outside the hurricane belt, the country has recorded just four hurricanes in its entire history, solidifying it as the least vulnerable to hurricanes of all Caribbean countries offering citizenship by investment programs. 
  • Visa-free access to 147 countries, including China and Russia 

5. Jordan 

jordan citizenship qualifying investmentsBy being the sole Middle Eastern nation to offer a citizenship by investment program, Jordan presents itself as a unique option for economic citizenship. This characteristic makes the country a magnet for international investors seeking a valuable second passport and the opportunity to tap into its strategic location while immersing themselves in a vibrant Islamic culture. The minimum investment is a real estate purchase of $750,000. 

Key benefits of the Jordan citizenship by investment program: 

  • The only country in the Middle East offering citizenship by investment 
  • Prime for lucrative investments through the country’s Economic Modernization Vision 
  • A country with one of the lowest levels of domestic, international, and organized conflict 
  • The cheapest real estate by square meter of all countries offering citizenship programs 

6. Malta 

malta citizenship in eu memeber stateGaining citizenship by investment in EU countries has become increasingly appealing to foreign investors. While Austria does offer one of the best EU citizenship by investment schemes, the stringent eligibility criteria often place it beyond the reach of many foreign citizens. 

In contrast, other EU countries grant citizenship solely through naturalization or descent. The Malta Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment program (CES) provides a path to citizenship in the EU in as little as 12 months from a non-refundable investment of €750,000, a real estate investment of €700,000 or a five-year lease agreement totaling €16,000 annually, and a charitable donation of €10,000. 

Key benefits of the Maltese citizenship by naturalization program: 

  • The cheapest and fastest option to obtain European citizenship by naturalization 
  • Ranked in the top 30 countries on the Global Passport Index, providing visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to 172 countries worldwide 
  • The number one country promoting LGBTQ rights in 2023, according to ILGA-Europe 
  • Freedom of movement throughout the European Union 

Follow the link for more info on Malta citizenship by naturalization. 

7. St Kitts and Nevis 

saint kitts on the citizenship by investment countries list tax rates south pacific long term around the world dual citizenship visa free access plan b fast track international law local businesses big familiesSince its introduction in 1984, the St Kitts and Nevis government’s economic citizenship program has been a model of continuous development and improvement. The process for acquiring economic citizenship and a second passport is well-refined, leading to its consistent and growing popularity among foreigners. 

Several investment options are available, which start from contributing $250,000 to the country’s Sustainable Island State Contribution (SISC) – formally the Sustainable Growth Fund. Investors can choose between joint investment for real estate or purchasing a single-family home. 

Key benefits of the St Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program: 

  • The fastest processing time for citizenship by investment at four months 
  • Ranked as the number one Caribbean country to acquire citizenship by investment in the 2023 CBI Index Report 
  • There is a varied range of real estate to choose from, including commercial and residential real estate 
  • The best Caribbean CBI country for investment, with the highest Investment Index ranking in the Global Passport Index 
  • The strongest Caribbean passport obtainable through citizenship by investment, providing visa-free travel and visa-on-arrival access to 153 countries worldwide 

8. St Lucia 

st lucia application processing due diligence latin america real estate investments real estate investors global citizens real estate market bank account international travel criminal record passport holdersSt Lucia’s citizenship by investment program is highly regarded in the citizenship world. With a small yet stable political environment and economy, the country provides a seamless application process for acquiring citizenship. The country offers numerous investment options, including real estate investment. T 

The country’s low minimum investment amount starts from donating $100,000 to the St Lucia National Economic Fund. 

Key benefits of the St Lucia citizenship by investment program: 

  • A much lower average cost per square meter for property investment than other countries offering CBI schemes in the Caribbean, including St Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, and Grenada 
  • Although there is no fast-track option, applicants can still benefit from one of the industry’s quickest processing times, with most applications completed within two to three months. 
  • Diverse investment options, including cheap real estate investment and refundable government bonds 
  • No additional investments or admin fees to include immediate family members and other dependents when investing in government bonds 

9. Turkey 

turkish citizens saint lucia due diligence get a passport net worth international travel schengen area apply for citizenship pay taxes best country For those searching for the most cost-effective investment destinations, overlooking Turkey would be a missed opportunity. Not only is the country an excellent choice for investing in real estate, but its CBI program provides access to a highly skilled workforce at reasonable rates, making it an attractive destination for entrepreneurs looking to establish businesses. 

Moreover, starting a business is a viable route to Turkish citizenship, as well as real estate investment through a purchase worth at least $400,000. 

Key benefits of the Turkey citizenship by investment program: 

  • No requirement to invest in government-approved real estate projects for the real estate investment option 
  • One of two CBI countries providing a route to settle in the USA through the US E2 Visa Program 
  • The lowest cost of living of all countries offering an investment citizenship program 
  • Access to highly skilled and affordable labor, and strategically located between Europe and Asia 
  • The only CBI country in the top 20 economies in the world by GDP 

10. Vanuatu 

vanuatu passport program saint lucia due diligence get a passport net worth international travel schengen area apply for citizenship pay taxes best countryDespite its geographical isolation, Vanuatu’s citizenship by investment scheme has garnered significant interest from foreign nationals seeking second citizenship. The country’s minimal eligibility criteria and fast application process have led to increased capital investment from overseas and a growing number of applications for the Vanuatu CBI program. Investors have the sole option of donating $130,000 to the Vanuatu Development Support Program. 

Key benefits of the Vanuatu citizenship by investment program: 

  • The fastest CBI program in the world, the country has a swift application process, with citizenship granted within 60 days 
  • Zero personal income tax on local and worldwide earnings 
  • Option to pay an annual fee between $300 and $1000, granting tax exemption from corporate taxes for 20 years 

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Europe's Best Citizenship by Investment Programs

1. Malta 

buy property in Valetta MaltaMalta offers the best economic citizenship program in Europe that grants EU citizenship by naturalization. Through the Malta Citizenship by Naturalization for Exceptional Services by Direct Investment program (CES), investors gain Malta citizenship in 12 to 36 months from an economic contribution, property investment, and charitable donation. 

Compared to Austria’s rigorous procedures for expedited naturalization, Malta’s process is notably more forgiving, offering the same invaluable benefits of an EU passport and access to the European Union. 

2. Austria 

Austria Residence Permit- An OverviewDespite the demanding eligibility criteria, Austrian citizenship by investment remains a coveted opportunity for investors with the financial means and background to qualify.

Often considered the greatest citizenship by investment program in Europe, the country’s citizenship program delivers the highest-ranking passport across all three Global Passport Indexes, including the eighth position in the Quality of Life Index. 

3. North Macedonia 

North Macedonia Golden Passport scheme saint lucia due diligence 7 years state fund insurance policy new country saint kitts new jobs government funds The North Macedonia citizenship program may not be the first to come to mind when considering investing in citizenship, but it’s the best European passport program concerning affordability.

The country provides the cheapest route to European citizenship. North Macedonia’s economic citizenship schemes start with a minimum investment of €200,000 in a private investment fund established in the country. While its CBI program grants citizenship in Europe, it doesn’t come with freedom of movement in the European Union as a non-EU member. 

North America's Best Citizenship by Investment Programs

If you’re looking for a foreign country outside Europe, there are several options to acquire Golden Visas around the world, such as the Canada Start-Up Visa, and the Dubai or Abu Dhabi Investor Visas offering ten-year residency by investment in the UAE. Here are some other countries that offer residency or citizenship by investment:

1. United States

The United States offers two investor visa programs for anyone seeking residence – the US-EB5 and E2 Visa. These two visa programs enable investors to receive legal residence status in the United States, provided they substantially contribute to the US economy. Both programs allow the main applicant’s immediate family to qualify for the same benefits they would reap, meaning they can all legally relocate to the United States.

EB5 and E2 benefits


There are many benefits to consider when it comes to investing in US EB5 and E2 Visa programs. Two of these are the possibility of acquiring a Green Card permit with full work privileges in the USA, in addition to accruing stable returns on the initial investment.

With the programs enabling qualifying individuals to include their entire family in their applications, investors can rest assured that their children can access the United States’ world-class Ivy League universities.

Also referred to as the Golden Visa USA, the EB5 Visa US Permanent Resident scheme provides a path to US citizenship for foreign investors seeking permanent migration. The main condition to be eligible for US citizenship is for the visa holder to reside in the nation for at least five years. On the other hand, the E2 Visa US is exclusively aimed at investors looking to expand or bring their businesses into the nation.

EB5 and E2 investment options

Applicants to these programs have a few investment options to choose from. They can either make a capital investment in a commercial enterprise, start a business and create at least ten full-time jobs, or place a significant investment in a bona fide enterprise.

For the E2 Visa, the minimum qualifying investment generally starts at as little as $100,000, whereas the EB5 Visa begins with a higher minimum investment of at least $1.05 million [or $800,000 if investing in a Targeted Employment Area (TEA)].

2. Canada

Canada is renowned for its high standard of living, excellent healthcare system, strong economy, and diverse cultural landscape. Meanwhile, the Canadian government has earned a reputation for welcoming immigrants, enabling many to attain permanent resident status and obtain Canadian citizenship. Because of these factors, the nation’s citizenship by investment opportunities are popular among foreign entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals worldwide.

For clarification, the country doesn’t offer a straight route via a Citizenship by Investment program as, for example, the Caribbean countries do. However, it’s possible to achieve the same result by opting for a Residency by Investment program (otherwise known as the Canada Golden Visa program) and then, after fulfilling the permanent residence requirements and gaining a permanent residence permit, applying for Canadian citizenship.

Quebec Immigrant Investor Program

The Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (sometimes known as the Quebec Citizenship Program) is not currently active. The program was discontinued in 2019 and will go through changes before applications reopen.

Alberta Advantage Immigration Program (AAIP)

This program is aimed at attracting entrepreneurs who have the potential to contribute to Alberta’s economic growth and development.

British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

The BC PNP aims to attract individuals like you who have a strong entrepreneurial background and can contribute to the growth of British Columbia’s economy.

Middle East's Only Citizenship by Investment Program

United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates offers the only Golden Visa in the Middle East, providing a unique opportunity for foreign investors and skilled professionals to obtain long-term residency. This exclusive program allows eligible individuals to secure residence for five to ten years by making qualifying investments in the UAE.

Regarding qualifying investments, the UAE government provides a unique set of eligibility criteria beyond direct investments for foreigners to qualify for their program. These include:

  • Investing AED 2 million ($545,000) in real estate investment in designated zones
  • Depositing AED 2 million into a bank account held with a UAE financial institution
  • Operating an established business as a partner with a turnover of at least AED 100,000 (about $27,000)
  • Receiving support from a UAE business incubator for an innovative business valued at least AED 500,000 (about $136,000)
  • Being an outstanding specialized talent in specific fields including sports, culture, healthcare, art, science, and engineering

Real Estate Investment Programs

Antigua and Barbuda 

antigua and barbuda citizenship by investmentAlthough the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship program doesn’t offer the most affordable and plentiful real estate options of Caribbean countries with citizenship initiatives, investing in real estate in the country is highly lucrative, benefitting from consistent international demand. 

Foreign nationals who choose real estate as an investment option for the citizenship program can expect guaranteed bookings and high rental returns. Furthermore, investors are free to relinquish their real estate investment after five years while maintaining their second passport. 


Move-to-GrenadaSimilar to Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada offers attractive real estate investment prospects. Potential CBI applicants can choose joint investment in a commercial property or single ownership of a family home. 

The country has over 20 pre-approved real estate developments to choose from, providing a variety of choices to suit diverse preferences and investment objectives. This makes it an appealing destination for those with profitable property investment and second citizenship goals. 


Dominica takes the lead as the best citizenship program for real estate investment, especially for those placing cost as their primary consideration.

Regarding property investment among the two most affordable Caribbean CBI countries, Dominica and St Lucia, the average price per square meter in St Lucia stands at $165.

In contrast, Dominica offers a significantly lower average cost of $80. 

Best Economic Citizenship Programs



Mobility Index



Quality of

Life Index

Overall GPI














Best Residency by Investment Programs

1. Portugal 

Portugal’s Golden Visa program is a two-year residency by investment initiative that provides foreign nationals and their family members with a renewable residence permit in exchange for a minimum qualifying investment in its economy. 

While the Portugal Golden Visa doesn’t offer direct economic citizenship, it’s one of the most sought-after investor residence schemes in Europe, starting from a relatively low starting investment of €250,000. Investors can renew their Golden Visa temporary permit and, after five years of legal residence in Portugal, they can apply to obtain permanent residency and citizenship by naturalization.

2. Greece 

The Greece Golden Visa, similar to the Portugal Golden Visa program, does not offer citizenship to its investors. However, a significant advantage of the Greece Golden Visa is obtaining permanent residence status in the EU. 

The minimum investment amount is €250,000 in real estate, and investors keep renewable permanent residency status, provided they maintain their investment. After seven years of holding permanent residence, foreign nationals become eligible to apply for Greek citizenship by naturalization. 

3. Spain

plaza madrid best cities in spain saint lucia new country state fund insurance policy saint kitts new jobs good health Spain’s Golden Visa is another coveted option for those seeking citizenship in the European Union. Like Greece and Portugal, there is no direct route to citizenship by contributing to the country’s economic development, but ten years of residence provides eligibility for citizenship by naturalization. 

The minimum investment required is €500,000, with the option of investing in real estate, among others, such as purchasing government bonds. After five years, investors can apply for permanent residence permits, provided they maintain their investment and renew their visas. 

Investment Options for Citizenship by Investment

The allure of immigrant investor programs that lead to citizenship is undeniable. A straightforward, investment in avenues like real estate and job creation sets the stage for reaping its benefits. 

Through a dual citizenship by investment scheme, you can avoid traditional immigration processes, like citizenship by naturalization, and receive a second passport in as little as 60 days in exchange for investing a minimum sum of money in a country’s economy. The eligible investments differ from country to country, but standard investment options include:  

  • Bank deposits in a national bank  
  • Purchasing commercial or residential property 
  • Establishing a new enterprise project or investing in existing businesses 
  • Creating jobs for residents and citizens 
  • Purchase of government bonds  
  • A government donation or contributing to national development funds 

How does citizenship by investment address common challenges?

Applying for a citizenship by investment (CBI) program is a solution to a host of challenges a range of individuals face. First and foremost, these investment schemes provide a straightforward and expedited route to obtaining a new citizenship. But what challenges are addressed after obtaining citizenship by investment? 

Lack of mobility 

One of the most appealing aspects of CBI programs is the right to obtain a second passport, allowing holders to gain visa-free access to countries that may not be available for visa-free travel with their current passport. 

Additionally, international collaborations and agreements, such as the European Union in Europe and MERCOSUR in South America, contribute to enhanced mobility for citizenships of countries within these regions. These cross-border pacts grant citizens privileged access and extended stays in member countries, furthering the allure of an economic citizenship program to obtain dual citizenship status. 

Limited investment options 

A diverse and varied investment route allows applicants to choose investments that suit their economic capabilities and goals. These options may include real estate, providing investors with a place of residence while qualifying for a second passport in citizenship by investment countries. Other options, like a capital contribution to a national development fund or government bonds, offer a cheap and straightforward route to economic citizenship. 

Slow second citizenship through naturalization 

A streamlined and efficient application process is highly desirable as it allows applicants to acquire citizenship and passports in a reasonable timeframe. Investors can second citizenship within two to six months after investing in a country’s economy, as opposed to naturalization, which takes several years to complete. Quick processing times are particularly valuable for those seeking immediate benefits. 

Political instability 

In recent years, the issue of political instability has become a significant concern for numerous individuals, and rising globalization has often led to a corresponding increase in political tension in various regions. A stable political environment and a reputable legal system are crucial factors when contemplating second citizenship through a CBI program. 

Potential investors want to ensure that their social environment is secure and their newly obtained legal status remains resilient against sudden changes in government policies or instability. 

Low investment returns 

Preserving financial wealth is a top priority for every investor, and alongside dual citizenship, investment returns are equally crucial for applicants of CBI programs. Economic citizenship programs that offer reasonable returns on investments provide added financial incentives besides those gained after receiving a second citizenship. 

Furthermore, exploring investment opportunities beyond the qualifying ones is an important consideration, and acquiring citizenship increases the ease of doing business abroad. 

Tax burdens 

Citizenship by investment countries with attractive tax benefits, such as no or low income tax, capital gains tax, or inheritance tax, are highly attractive to investors seeking to optimize their financial gains after securing investment citizenship. 

Eligibility for family members 

Family members of new citizens may need to fulfill some of the requirements of naturalization, which can include a minimum period of residency. Including family members in an economic citizenship application next to the main applicant is a deciding factor for many foreign nationals. 

CBI programs that present the option to include families in the application, such as spouses, children, and sometimes parents or siblings, are more desirable for those seeking to secure a better future for their loved ones. 

Another consideration for family inclusion is the additional fees required to apply for family members, which often significantly raises the minimum investment amount in specific CBI programs. 

Subpar quality of life 

Many individuals face a diminished quality of life in their home country due to a high cost of living, political instability, and underdeveloped infrastructure, among other factors. 

Beyond financial gains, the desirability of new citizenship hinges significantly on its enhanced quality of life. Assessing the quality of life factors based on the Global Passport Index will determine where economic citizenship countries rank in terms of education, healthcare, and overall standard of living. 

The most popular citizenship by investment program in 2024 balances these elements, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of potential CBI applicants seeking to provide a better quality of life for themselves and their families. 

How can Global Citizen Solutions Help You?

Global Citizen Solutions is a boutique migration consultancy firm with years of experience delivering bespoke residence and citizenship by investment solutions for international families. With offices worldwide and an experienced, hands-on team, we have helped hundreds of clients worldwide acquire citizenship, residence visas, or homes while diversifying their portfolios with robust investments.  

We guide you from start to finish, taking you beyond your citizenship or residency by investment application.  

Frequently Asked Questions about Citizenship by Investment Programs

Which citizenship is the fastest?

The fastest citizenship to get is Vanuatu citizenship. Investors of the Vanuatu citizenship program obtain second citizenship and Vanuatu passports with increased visa-free access within 60 days of submitting a citizenship application. St Kitts and Nevis grants citizenship within four months.

What is the cheapest citizenship by investment?

The cheapest citizenship program for a family of four is the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship by investment scheme. Investors can secure citizenship for themselves, their spouse, and two financially dependent children by contributing to the Antigua and Barbuda government fund, which totals $145,000 to $153,000, including all application fees. 

Which EU citizenship is easiest to buy?

While buying citizenship is not possible in any EU country, Malta offers a citizenship by naturalization program, allowing foreign nationals who contribute to its economy to receive citizenship by naturalization within 12 to 36 months, depending on their investment. 

Where is the hardest to get citizenship?

Determining the hardest citizenship to obtain depends on various factors, including the specific citizenship laws, eligibility criteria, and the individual’s personal circumstances. Some countries have stricter requirements and more challenging pathways to citizenship. For example, countries like Oman and Saudi Arabia are known for having stringent naturalization processes and rigorous criteria for granting citizenship. 

These countries have long residency requirements, demand language proficiency and cultural integration, conduct extensive background checks, and have complex bureaucratic procedures. 

Where is the best place to buy citizenship?

Determining the best place to buy citizenship, or more precisely, obtain economic citizenship (CBI), is a subjective decision that depends on individual intentions and objectives for acquiring second citizenship. 

St Kitts and Nevis offer great citizenship by investment program for individuals seeking the strongest Caribbean passport with extensive visa-free travel benefits. At the same time, those prioritizing affordability for their family may opt for the Antigua and Barbuda economic citizenship program, which has the lowest total investment for a family of four. 

If you’re seeking investment opportunities and access to large markets, other countries offering CBI programs, such as Austria, provide access to the European Union. 

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