Famous for its exclusive lifestyle and stunning beauty, Antigua and Barbuda is attractive for many. If you are looking to invest in the country, relocate or retire, you might be wondering what the cost of living in Antigua and Barbuda is? This guide gives you detailed information and allows you to compare cost of living in this Caribbean country. 

Overview of the Antigua Cost of Living

Antigua and Barbuda is a highly sought after Caribbean island. Indeed, tourists, international families and expats’ demand to come to its shores and live an island life are high. This is understandable considering its beauty, luxury services and high quality of life. 

Because of the country’s high standing, the cost of living is considered more expensive than in the majority of the Caribbean islands. Having said that, the cost of living in Antigua is about 20 percent cheaper than in the US and the UK. 

According to the living cost database Numbeo, the estimated monthly costs for a single person are around $1,100, excluding the rent price. And a family of four estimated monthly costs would be $3,900, also without accommodation.

Some facts about Antigua and Barbuda:

  • The Antigua currency is the East Caribbean Dollar (XCD) where 2.70 XCD is fixed to at a rate of 1 United States Dollar
  • English is the official language
  • Antigua and Barbuda is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary government
  • Antigua and Barbuda has 365 beaches

Cost of Eating Out in Antigua and Barbuda

antigua barbuda food costsIf you enjoy eating out, you’ll find a variety of restaurants to go to in Antigua and Barbuda.

The food here is rich and delicious, with plenty of fresh fish, seafood, and locally grown vegetables.

A basic meal in an inexpensive restaurant costs around $9, while a three-course meal for two people in a mid-range restaurant amounts to $92.

For those who enjoy cafes and bars, a cappuccino costs around $5, while domestic costs $3 and imported beers amount to $3.70.

Antigua and Barbuda Transport Costs

With the range of things to do in Antigua, including sights to see like Dickenson Bay and adventures to experience, like kayaking through Codrington Lagoon, you’ll want to ensure you can easily navigate the area. Fortunately, there are diverse means of transportation in Antigua and Barbuda. The most common being private taxis.

If you’d rather have a car, it is possible to import your own — a gallon of gas costs around $5. Like most imported goods, importing vehicles to Antigua and Barbuda is subject to high Antigua import taxes. Imported vehicles are subject to a 15 percent value-added tax (VAT) and a customs duty of around 60 percent, depending on the vehicle’s cost, insurance, and freight (CIF). Vehicle importers must also pay an Environmental Level of $1,000 for vehicles up to one year old or $4,000 for vehicles older than one year.

For local transport, you’ll also find public buses offering one-way rides for $1.40. A monthly pass for public transport costs $33. If you’re more of a sporty person, biking is very popular in Antigua and Barbuda. Indeed, with a great network of roads, you can quickly cycle anywhere.

If you’d like to travel to Europe, Canada, or the US, just hop on an international flight from VC Bird International Airport in St John’s capital. According to Google Flights, you can purchase a direct flight to Miami International Airport for around $400 with American Airlines. You’ll find daily flights to the rest of the world in Antigua and Barbuda.

Healthcare Costs in Antigua and Barbuda

There are 25 health centers and two main hospitals in Antigua and Barbuda —  Mount St John’s Medical Hospital and the Adelin private clinic. The Antigua and Barbuda healthcare system is primarily free thanks to the Medical Benefits Scheme. However, it is always advisable to have private health insurance for enhanced medical services when moving or traveling to Antigua and Barbuda.

It is also important to note that while Mount St John’s Medical Hospital and the Adelin Clinic offer a wide range of high-quality medical services, evacuation to another country will be necessary for some conditions and treatments. Therefore, it’s recommended to have your private health insurance to cover emergency evacuation costs.

According to Expatistan, the average price for a short doctor’s visit in St Johns is around $70. Based on quotes from Sagicor Life and MSH International, two of Antigua’s key health insurance providers, the monthly healthcare costs for a private health insurance policy is around $240 to $375 for a middle-aged expat, including medical evacuation cover.

If you want to keep healthy by exercising in a fitness club, expect a monthly fee of around $63.

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Antigua Grocery Costs

As in many Caribbean destinations, expats living in Antigua and Barbuda will find that imported goods in Antigua and Barbuda are more expensive than average; however, the overall cost of groceries in Antigua is relatively cheap. Nevertheless, prices in Antigua may be higher if you have dietary habits. Here is a table with the average prices of everyday groceries in Antigua and Barbuda versus the United States.


Antigua and Barbuda

United States

Fresh white bread (500g)



Rice (1kg)



Local cheese (1kg)



Chicken fillets



Oranges (1kg)



Tomatoes (1kg)



Potatoes (1kg)



Bottle of wine (mid-range)



Cost of Living in Antigua vs the US

Generally, Antiguan living costs tend to be lower than in many major cities in the United States. Housing costs, including rent and the price of property, are typically more affordable in Antigua. The average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $740 in a central area in Antigua and Barbuda compared to $1,770 in the US. A three-bedroom apartment costs $1,450 compared to $2,960 in the US.

Regarding food expenses, the Antigua cost of living compared to the USA is relatively even, with certain items like milk being more affordable in the US, while beef and chicken tend to be cheaper in Antigua. A meal at an inexpensive restaurant is cheaper in Antigua, at $9.25 vs $20 in the US; however, upscale restaurants are more affordable in the US, with an average meal for two costing $75 vs $92.51 in Antigua.

Antigua provides more budget-friendly accommodation options per night than famous vacation destinations in the US, such as Miami, whether you’re looking at a double room in a budget hotel or considering one of the island’s luxury resorts.

Antigua Real Estate Costs

Renting property

If you are looking to stay in Antigua and Barbuda and rent a property, you’ll find plenty of great choices at affordable average prices. average prices for real estate in antigua

For a one-bedroom apartment, you’ll pay around $740 per month if located in the city center and around $370 if located outside the city center.

Renting a three-bedroom apartment in the city center will cost approximately $1,450 and around $1,110 if located outside the city center.

Note: Utilities cost, including electricity, is about the same price as in Europe or the US.

Real estate investment

If you are a foreigner looking to invest in Antigua and Barbuda — without necessarily residing in the country — purchasing Antigua and Barbuda real estate is a fantastic option. On average, property prices range between $255,000 and $12 million for properties such as historic colonial houses to luxury beachfront villas.

Additionally, not only is the market dynamic and diverse, but investing in real estate can also lead to acquiring Antigua citizenship. By applying to the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, investors and their families can get an Antigua and Barbuda passport in three to six months in exchange for a qualifying investment.

Antigua and Barbuda real estate investment requirements:

  • You must buy a property or shares of a property costing at least $200,000. For properties worth more than $400,000, two applicants can make a joint investment.
  • The property must come from a ‘pre-approved’ area and be listed under the government’s approved development projects
  • The investment must be held for a minimum of five years

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Frequently Asked Questions about Living Expenses in Antigua

Is the cost of living in Antigua and Barbuda expensive?

Living expenses in Antigua and Barbuda come at a high cost compared to many other Caribbean countries. However, the cost of living in Antigua compared to the UK and USA is around 20 percent cheaper.

Why is the cost of living in Antigua and Barbuda more expensive than the average cost of living in the Caribbean?

Antigua’s cost of living is higher than that of other Caribbean islands due to its popularity as a Caribbean tourist destination and limited resources. Because of its beauty and exclusive services, it is a highly sought-after destination by tourists and expats alike.

Is it expensive to rent property in Antigua and Barbuda?

Renting property in the country is relatively affordable. For example, you’ll pay around $740 for a one-bedroom condo in the city center and around $370 if it is located outside the city center. A three-bedroom apartment will cost $1,450 monthly in the city center and $1,110 if located outside the city center.

Can I invest in Antigua and Barbuda’s real estate as a foreigner?

You can invest in Antigua and Barbuda real estate as a foreigner. In fact, investing in a property through the Antigua Citizenship by Investment Program provides eligibility for Antigua citizenship. You can also invest in the National Development Fund to obtain citizenship.

Is education expensive in Antigua?

According to Numbeo, you can expect to pay a monthly tuition fee in Antigua for a Kindergarten to be about $175 and yearly fees for an international primary school to be around $5,550.

What are the utility expenses like in Antigua and Barbuda?

Utility prices in Antigua and Barbuda are relatively affordable compared to the average cost in the Caribbean. For basic utilities, including garbage collection, expats living in Antigua and Barbuda can expect to pay around $300 monthly but can save money living in airy apartments or properties by the sea that don’t need air conditioning. A monthly plan for high-speed broadband in Antigua and Barbuda is similar to the US at about $70.

What is the cost of entertainment and leisure activities in Antigua and Barbuda?

The cost of many leisure activities in Antigua is cheap. A cinema ticket costs around $7.40 compared to $14,00 in the United States. Unique activities like a visit to Stingray City cost $50 per person.

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