Blessed by infinite nature, Saint Lucia is a Caribbean island nation teeming with beaches, coral reefs, and forests. For expats wanting to know about St Lucia immigration processes and what it takes to call this gorgeous nation home, then this guide is for you.

New Electronic Entry Form

The St Lucia government has introduced a new electronic immigration form requiring all air passengers to register their impending arrival on a digital platform.

A benefit of the electronic form is there are no time restraints for submission; travelers arriving in St Lucia can submit the online form prior to departure, on board flights that offer internet services, or after arriving in Saint Lucia using the airport’s internet services.

After the electronic form is completed, visitors receive a receipt with a QR code by email, which they must present to St Lucia Immigration and Customs at the airport along with their travel documents.

St Lucia Residency Options

There are three types of residency in St Lucia: citizenship, permanent residence, and the right to reside.

St Lucia citizenship by investment

Expats can obtain a St Lucia passport through St Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Program (CBI). The program requires investing in the country. Investment options include:

  • A non-refundable contribution of $100,000 to the Saint Lucia National Economic Fund.
  • A $200,000 purchase of pre-approved St Lucia real estate.
  • Investing in enterprise projects.

Family members, including spouses, dependent children, parents, and grandparents, also qualify for St Lucia’s CBI program. Citizenship grants the right to permanently migrate to St Lucia without restrictions.

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St Lucia permanent residence

Permanent residence is granted after five years of continuous residence in St Lucia. St Lucia permanent residents receive a permanent residence stamp, waiving the requirement to fill out a St Lucia electronic immigration form online prior to travel or at the airport.

St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Process

resort saint luciaApplying for the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program is relatively straightforward.

  1. Choose an Authorized Agent to process your application: Your Licensed Authorized Agent will provide a personal service, walking you through all the necessary paperwork and visa requirements for a successful citizenship application.
  2. Complete all the application forms as provided by your Authorized Agent: Ensure all the documents are legalized according to the St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit’s (CIU) standards.
  • The Government of St Lucia Immigration Department assesses the application and conducts background checks on each applicant.
  1. The CIU approves your application: A letter of approval will be issued, with detailed instructions on making the required investment.
  2. Choose your preferred investment within 60 days of receiving notice from the CIU: Submit proof of purchase of your qualifying investment, as well as the government application fees.
  3. Become a citizen: Upon receiving proof of payment, the CIU issues the certificate of citizenship registration. Applicants must then submit the passport documents and passport application. You are then granted citizenship of St Lucia and can get a St Lucian passport.

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Saint Lucia Immigration for OECS Citizens

Thanks to regional agreements and protocols of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), OECS citizens enjoy freedom of movement between member states, including Saint Lucia. Additionally, OECS citizens can visit Saint Lucia without a valid passport using their national photo ID card.

Frequently Asked Questions about Immigrating to St Lucia

Can I Immigrate to St Lucia?

Yes, immigration to St Lucia is possible. St Lucia acknowledges three types of residency: Citizenship, permanent residence, and the right to reside.

How do you become a citizen of St Lucia?

There are several paths to Saint Lucia citizenship. You can obtain it by birth if you were born in St Lucia or if one of your parents is a St Lucia. Spouses of Saint Lucia citizens are eligible for citizenship by marriage. Alternatively, a person can obtain St Lucia citizenship by investment.

How can I move to St Lucia?

To move to St Lucia as a non-national, you can either apply for St Lucia’s citizenship by investment program by making a qualifying investment starting from $100,000 or obtain a St Lucian work permit.

Can St Lucia buy citizenship?

You cannot buy citizenship. The St Lucia immigration requirements to obtain citizenship by investment require a qualifying investment in St Lucia in the country’s economy, and in return, you receive a St Lucian passport.

Do you need an immigration form for St Lucia?

All travelers arriving by air must complete a St Lucia electronic immigration form and present the receipt with the QR code to Saint Lucia customs upon arrival. The online form should ideally be completed three days prior to arrival; however, travelers can also complete the on board flights that offer internet services or at an airport in St Lucia.

What is the pre-arrival registration form for St Lucia?

The St Lucia pre-arrival registration form is an electronic form that must be submitted by travelers from visa free countries when visiting the country. Travelers must complete the online immigration form online prior to entering Saint Lucia. Travelers must enter details of their trip, their age, and contact number, as well as answer personal questions, such as their health status.