An island country in the West Indies, Grenada is known as the “Island of Spice” owing to its mass production of nutmeg and mace crops. Set against the picturesque backdrop of the Caribbean, Grenada also boasts a booming real estate market and an advanced healthcare system. In fact, the health care services provided in Grenada are considered of the best in the Caribbean. The country has over 30 healthcare facilities across private and public healthcare systems. In this article, we will take you through healthcare in Grenada – the support services available for individuals in the country and more.

The Healthcare System in Grenada

grenada healthcareOwing to the beneficial Citizenship by Investment Program in Grenada, foreign investors across the world obtain Grenadian citizenship and flock to the country to access its quality infrastructure. To maintain this standard, it is therefore essential to provide state-of-the-art health centers across the country.

The healthcare services in Grenada are categorized into public healthcare and private healthcare facilities. Both healthcare systems are governed by the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Religious Affairs and provide primary and preventative healthcare services.

According to the World Health Organization, Grenada is making steady progress in terms of healthcare in the Caribbean. The country has been able to prevent tuberculosis cases and maintain a low WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene) mortality rate over the years.

Availability of medical services in Grenada

As per the World Bank, the availability of medical services per 1000 people in Grenada is as follows:

Facility Number

  • Hospital beds – 3.6
  • Nurses and midwives – 3.1
  • Physicians – 1.4
  • Surgical workforce – 0.13

There are seven important hospitals in the country and thirty healthcare providers. You will find a medical facility within a five-kilometer radius of every household in Grenada. The pharmacies in the country are also well-equipped with medicines and English-speaking employees, making it easier for foreigners to communicate with each other.

Preventative healthcare, as well as acute disease treatment options, are both readily available in the country. For example, Grenada has a 100 percent success rate regarding tuberculosis treatment. In addition, 73 percent of male patients aged between 30-70 undergoing treatments for cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases tend to survive.

Over the years, Grenada’s infant mortality rate has been steadily decreasing. As per World Bank data (2021), it is currently 14 per 1000 births in the country. Every delivery in Grenada is assisted by trained medical staff. According to the World Bank, Grenada recorded no maternal deaths from the year 2013 to 2017.

Public and Private Healthcare in Grenada

Public healthcare sector in Grenada

Grenada’s public healthcare system mainly depends on taxation and international grants from countries like the EU. Grenada provides free primary healthcare, and the government incurs a healthcare expenditure of around $535 per individual, which amounts to five percent of the country’s GDP.

Although citizens of the country cannot benefit from a national insurance scheme currently, the government is working on it. But you must also note that there is a National Insurance Scheme of Grenada that is already active in the country, which covers work-related injuries for Grenadian citizens.

Under the public healthcare system in Grenada, seven healthcare districts are in place. The country also has a referral system through which general practitioners can give referrals to pre-approved specialists. The country is also equipped with three government-run critical care hospitals.

The public healthcare provider might charge a small amount of money from patients for support services like lab work, physiotherapies, medicines, etc. Children, senior citizens, and financially disadvantaged people don’t have to pay anything to avail of these services.

Public hospitals in Grenada – Contact details

granada healthcare hospitalsSt George’s General Hospital
Contact – +1 473-440-2051
Address – Grand Etang Road, St George Parish, Grenada

Princess Alice Hospital
Contact – +1 473-442-7251
Address – 48MW+2XG, Clabony, St Andrew Parish, Grenada

Mt Gay Psychiatric Hospital
Contact – 1 473-440-1228
Address – Mt Gay, St George Parish, Grenada

Private healthcare sector in Grenada

Grenada provides advanced private healthcare infrastructure to people. Private clinics have cutting-edge facilities that public clinics lack in the country. Therefore, opting for a private health insurance scheme is a great choice in Grenada.

Grenada has four private hospitals and various private medical facilities, labs, and independent practitioners. In addition to this, emergency services in the country are also pretty top-notch. But in some cases, patients can be airlifted to other Caribbean islands or the United States for better treatment.

If you are opting for a private health insurance plan in Grenada, make sure it gives international coverage and takes into account the following factors:

  • Healthcare expenses like hospital stays and visits to doctors
  • Medical evaluation and airlifting, if needed
  • Medicines as per pharmacy prescriptions
  • Pre-existing health conditions

Quality of life and healthcare in Grenada

According to the World Bank, the average life expectancy at birth is 75 years, making it three years higher than the average life expectancy globally. The country also has clean air and drinking water. Moreover, Grenada aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40 percent before the end of this year. Renowned for its spices all over the world, Grenada also ensures safe food for consumption by its nationals.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

Under Grenada’s Citizenship by Investment Program, the country offers citizenship to foreign investors in exchange for a minimum real estate investment of $270,000 or through a government donation of a minimum value of $235,000.

Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program – Benefits

  • You can include your entire family in your application.
  • Grenada is a tax-friendly nation.
  • There are no specific residency requirements.
  • You can obtain Grenadian citizenship in just three to four months.
  • With Grenadian citizenship, you can apply for a USA E-2 visa.
  • With a Grenada passport, you can travel visa-free to over 140 countries.

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Grenada Passport Visa-Free Countries

With a Grenada passport, you can travel visa-free to the following countries:

  • Andorra – visa-free/90 days
  • Angola – pre-visa on arrival
  • Antigua and Barbuda – visa-free
  • Argentina – visa-free/90 days
  • Armenia – eVisa/120 days
  • Austria – visa-free/90 days
  • Bahamas – visa-free/90 days
  • Bangladesh – visa-free/90 days
  • Barbados – visa-free
  • Belgium – visa-free/90 days
  • Belize – visa-free
  • Bolivia – visa on arrival/eVisa/90 days
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – visa-free/90 days
  • Botswana – visa-free/90 days
  • Brazil – visa-free/90 days
  • Bulgaria – visa-free/90 days
  • Burundi – visa on arrival/30 days
  • Cambodia – visa on arrival/eVisa/30 days
  • Cape Verde – visa on arrival
  • Chile – visa-free/90 days
  • China – visa-free/30 days
  • Colombia – visa-free/90 days
  • Comoros – visa on arrival/45 days
  • Congo (Dem. Rep.) – eVisa/90 days
  • Costa Rica – visa-free/90 days
  • Croatia – visa-free/90 days
  • Cuba – visa-free/60 days
  • Cyprus – visa-free/90 days
  • Czech Republic – visa-free/90 days
  • Denmark – visa-free/90 days
  • Djibouti –  eVisa
  • Dominica – visa-free
  • Dominican Republic – visa-free
  • Ecuador – visa-free/90 days
  • Egypt – visa on arrival/30 days
  • Equatorial Guinea – eVisa
  • Estonia – visa-free/90 days
  • Eswatini – visa-free/30 days
  • Ethiopia – eVisa/90 days
  • Fiji – visa-free/120 days
  • Finland – visa-free/90 days
  • France – visa-free/90 days
  • Gabon – eVisa/90 days
  • Gambia –  visa-free/90 days
  • Germany – visa-free/90 days
  • Greece – visa-free/90 days
  • Guinea – eVisa/90 days
  • Guinea-Bissau – visa on arrival/90 days
  • Guyana – visa-free/90 days
  • Haiti – visa-free/90 days
  • Hong Kong – visa-free/90 days
  • Hungary – visa-free/90 days
  • Iceland – visa-free/90 days
  • India – eVisa/30 days
  • Iran – eVisa/30 days
  • Ireland – visa-free/90 days
  • Israel – visa-free/90 days
  • Italy – visa-free/90 days
  • Jamaica – visa-free
  • Jordan – visa on arrival/eVisa
  • Kenya – visa-free/90 days
  • Kiribati – visa-free/120 days
  • Kosovo – visa-free/90 days
  • Laos – visa on arrival/eVisa/30days
  • Latvia – visa-free/90 days
  • Lesotho – visa-free/90 days
  • Liechtenstein – visa-free/90 days
  • Lithuania – visa-free/90 days
  • Luxembourg – visa-free/90 days
  • Macau – visa-free/90 days
  • Madagascar – visa on arrival / eVisa/90 days
  • Malawi – visa-free/90 days
  • Malaysia – visa-free/30 days
  • Maldives – visa on arrival/30 days
  • Malta – visa-free/90 days
  • Mauritania – visa on arrival
  • Mauritius – visa-free/90 days
  • Micronesia – visa-free/30 days
  • Moldova – visa-free/90 days
  • Monaco – visa-free/90 days
  • Montenegro – visa-free/90 days
  • Mozambique – visa on arrival/eVisa/30 days
  • Nepal – visa on arrival/150 days
  • Netherlands – visa-free/90 days
  • Nicaragua – visa on arrival/30 days
  • Nigeria – eVisa
  • Norway – visa-free/90 days
  • Palau – visa on arrival/30 days
  • Palestinian Territories – visa-free
  • Panama – visa-free/90 days
  • Papua New Guinea – eVisa/30 days
  • Peru – visa-free/180 days
  • Philippines – visa-free/30 days
  • Poland – visa-free/90 days
  • Portugal – visa-free/90 days
  • Romania – visa-free/90 days
  • Russian Federation – visa-free/90 days
  • Rwanda – visa on arrival/eVisa/30days
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis – visa-free
  • Saint Lucia – visa-free
  • Samoa – visa on arrival/90 days
  • San Marino – visa-free/90 days
  • Senegal – visa on arrival/30 days
  • Serbia – visa-free/90 days
  • Sierra Leone – visa on arrival/30 days
  • Singapore – visa-free/30 days
  • Slovakia – visa-free/90 days
  • Slovenia – visa-free/90 days
  • Solomon Islands – visa on arrival/90 days
  • Somalia – visa on arrival/30 days
  • South Sudan – eVisa
  • Spain – visa-free/90 days
  • St Vincent and the Grenadines – visa-free
  • Suriname – visa-free/180 days
  • Sweden – visa-free/90 days
  • Switzerland – visa-free/90 days
  • Tanzania – visa-free/90 days
  • Timor-Leste – visa on arrival/30 days
  • Togo – visa on arrival/15 days
  • Trinidad and Tobago – visa-free
  • Tuvalu – visa on arrival/30 days
  • Türkiye – visa on arrival/eVisa/90 days
  • Uganda – visa-free/90 days
  • Ukraine – visa-free/90 days
  • United Kingdom – visa-free/180 days
  • Uruguay – visa-free/90 days
  • Uzbekistan – visa-free/30 days
  • Vanuatu – visa-free/30 days
  • Vatican City – visa-free/90 days
  • Venezuela – visa-free/90 days
  • Zambia – visa-free/90 days
  • Zimbabwe – visa-free/90 days

Grenada Citizenship - Eligibility

  • The primary applicant should be over the age of 18.
  • The applicant should possess excellent character.
  • The applicant must be in good health.
  • The applicant must not hold any criminal record.
  • The applicant must pass a detailed background check.

In addition to the primary applicant, the following family members can be included in the passport application:

  • Spouse
  • Children below the age of 18
  • Dependent children of the primary applicant or the spouse between the age of 18-29
  • Mentally and physically challenged children who are 18 years or above
  • Dependent parents or grandparents of the primary applicant or spouse
  • Siblings of the principal applicant or spouse, biological or adopted, aged 18 and unmarried with no children

Grenada Citizenship - Investment Options

National Transformation Fund

You can obtain Grenada citizenship by investing a minimum of $235,000 (non-refundable) through the National Transformation Fund (NTF) in Grenada. You can find the details below.

National Transformation Fund

Single Applicant

Family Up to 4

Additional Dependent (Child and Parent/Grandparent Over 55)

Additional Dependent (Parent/Grandparent Under 55)

Additional Dependent (Sibling)

Minimum Donation


+$25,000 each

+$50,000 each

+$75,000 each

Application Fee

$1,500 per person

Due Diligence Fee

$5,000 for each family member aged 17 or over

Processing Fee

$1,500 per person aged 18 or over
$500 per person under 18

Interview Fee

$1,000 per applicant aged 17 or over

Real Estate

Under the Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program, you can obtain citizenship through real estate investment. Either you can purchase a property worth $350,000 or buy shares worth $270,000 in shares of real estate projects like resorts, villas, or hotels. You can refer to the table below for pricing:

Real Estate Investment

Single Applicant and Up to Four Family Members

Additional Dependent (Child and Parent/Grandparent Over 55

Additional Dependent

(Parent/Grandparent Under 55)

Additional Dependent (Sibling)

Minimum Investment

OPTION 1: $270,000 in shares
OPTION 2: $350,000 as sole owner

Government Fee


+$25,000 each

+$50,000 each

+$75,000 each

Application Fee

$1,500 per person

Due Diligence Fee

$7,500 for each family member aged 17 or over

Processing Fee

$1,500 per person aged 18 or over
$500 per person under 18

Interview Fee

$1,000 per applicant aged 17 or over

To learn more about Grenada, you can refer to the following articles:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Grenada Healthcare

Does Grenada have good healthcare?

The healthcare infrastructure in Grenada is one of the best in the Caribbean. There are 30+ medical facilities in the country, including critical care units. Both public and private healthcare systems are well equipped to provide quality healthcare in the country.

Does Grenada have universal healthcare?

Grenada does not have any universal healthcare scheme currently. However, the country provides free primary healthcare to all.

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