Choosing to relocate to Uruguay can be rather exciting, and obtaining a Uruguay passport comes with a number of benefits: well-developed infrastructure, eco-friendly power generation, and a variety of outdoor spaces, to name but a few. The country’s passport is strong and ranks 57th out of 199 countries on the Global Citizen Solutions Global Passport Index. On our Quality of Life Index, it ranks 33rd, and on our Enhanced Mobility Index, it ranks 54th.

In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of obtaining a Uruguay passport, the application process, and more. Keep reading to learn why Uruguayan citizenship may be the perfect choice for you!

Key facts about Uruguay

beach in uruguay passportUruguay sits on the Atlantic Coast of South America, and most of its borders consist of large bodies of water. It has the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Rio Uruguay to the west, and the Rio de la Plata to the south. The country’s coastal towns, such as Punta del Este, are extremely popular with retirees.  And places like Montevideo (the capital city), Ciudad Vieja, Carrasco, and Pocitos are often visited by expats.

The summers here are hot and sunny, while the winters can become quite cold. The landscape is made up of plains and low hill ranges and is mainly used for agricultural purposes. Over the years, Uruguay has developed a democratic tradition that, along with its European lifestyle, has it to become known as the “Switzerland of South America.” 

While Uruguay is relatively small and offers a laid-back atmosphere, the country has a rich history and culture. Uruguay has won two World Cups and even hosted the inaugural FIFA World Cup in 1930. It is also considered one of the most progressive nations in the world. It ranks high on lists based on its democracy, peace, freedom of the press, prosperity, and tolerance.

And, if you have ever wondered which country boasts the longest national anthem in the world, you will be delighted to learn that it is Uruguay. The country’s anthem is almost five minutes long, written by the poet Francisco Esteban Acuña de Figueroa. Another interesting fact about Uruguay is how eco-friendly it is. Most of its energy is generated using renewable resources, with wind and hydropower being their most used sources for energy production. So not only is Uruguay’s countryside beautiful, but it’s also extremely eco-friendly!

Yes, Uruguay is a truly impressive country for many, having taken massive steps towards becoming a leading country in embracing renewables. In fact, 98 percent of the country’s electricity generation is from renewable sources. So, let’s look at some of the benefits that come with obtaining a Uruguayan passport. 

Benefits of a Uruguay Passport

Being a Uruguay citizen and possessing a valid passport from the country affords you many benefits, some of which are outlined below.

• Travel benefits
You are allowed passport-free access to all of South America and MERCOSUR (the Southern Common Market made up of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and associate member countries). In addition to this, Uruguayan passport holders travel visa-free to the Schengen Zone in Europe.

• Tax holiday
Uruguayan citizens, legal residents, and tax residents of the country can benefit from a number of tax advantages, such as an eleven-year tax holiday on foreign-sourced income.

• Tax reduction
An alternative option to the tax holiday in Uruguay is a tax reduction. You can choose to forgo the tax holiday and instead benefit from a permanent reduction in personal tax income from twelve percent to seven percent.

• Tax incentives
Uruguayan citizens can enjoy several tax incentives that are offered according to industry. This can include an exemption from VAT, a special depreciation for Corporate Income Tax, and a ten-year exemption from net worth tax.

Along with these benefits, there are a number of other advantages to being a Uruguayan citizen. The country is politically and economically stable, has a solid banking system and open economy, and the tax advantages mentioned above are considered some of the best in the Americas. Uruguay is also well-equipped to deal with foreign affairs as part of its efforts to encourage foreign investment in the country.

Global Visa Requirements for Uruguayan Passport Holders

The Uruguayan passport is moderately strong, offering visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 150 countries worldwide. This allows Uruguayan citizens considerable ease of travel, particularly to countries in Latin America, Europe, and parts of Asia. The passport’s strength reflects Uruguay’s stable diplomatic relations and respectable international standing. Here is the list of global visa requirements for Uruguayan passport holders.

Afghanistanvisa required
Albaniavisa free (90 days)
Algeriavisa required
Andorravisa free (90 days)
Angolavisa free (30 days)
Antigua and Barbudae-visa
Argentinavisa free (90 days)
Armeniavisa free (180 days)
Austriavisa free (90 days)
Azerbaijanvisa required
Bahamasvisa free (90 days)
Bahrainvisa on arrival
Bangladeshvisa on arrival
Barbadosvisa free (90 days)
Belarusvisa free (30 days)
Belgiumvisa free (90 days)
Belizevisa free
Bolivia, Plurinational State ofvisa free (90 days)
Bosnia and Herzegovinavisa free (90 days)
Botswanavisa free (90 days)
Brazilvisa free (90 days)
Brunei Darussalamvisa required
Bulgariavisa free (90 days)
Burkina Fasoe-visa
Burundivisa on arrival
Cambodiavisa on arrival
Canadavisa required
Cabo Verdevisa on arrival
Central African Republicvisa required
Chadvisa required
Chilevisa free (90 days)
Chinavisa required
Colombiavisa free (90 days)
Comorosvisa on arrival
Congovisa required
Congo, The Democratic Republic of thee-visa
Costa Ricavisa free (180 days)
Côte d'Ivoiree-visa
Croatiavisa free (90 days)
Cubavisa required
Cyprusvisa free (90 days)
Czechiavisa free
Denmarkvisa free (90 days)
Dominicavisa free (21 days)
Dominican Republicvisa free
Ecuadorvisa free (90 days)
Egyptvisa on arrival
El Salvadorvisa free (90 days)
Equatorial Guineae-visa
Eritreavisa required
Estoniavisa free (90 days)
Eswatinivisa free (30 days)
Fijivisa free (120 days)
Finlandvisa free (90 days)
Francevisa free (90 days)
Gambiavisa required
Georgiavisa free (90 days)
Germanyvisa free (90 days)
Ghanavisa on arrival
Greecevisa free (90 days)
Grenadavisa free (90 days)
Guatemalavisa free (90 days)
Guinea-Bissauvisa on arrival
Guyanavisa free (90 days)
Haitivisa free (90 days)
Hondurasvisa free (90 days)
Hong Kongvisa free (90 days)
Hungaryvisa free (90 days)
Icelandvisa free (90 days)
Indonesiavisa required
Iran, Islamic Republic ofe-visa
Iraqvisa required
Irelandvisa free (90 days)
Israelvisa free (90 days)
Italyvisa free (90 days)
Jamaicavisa free (30 days)
Japanvisa free (90 days)
Jordanvisa on arrival
Kiribativisa free (90 days)
Kuwaitvisa required
Lao People's Democratic Republicvisa on arrival
Latviavisa free (90 days)
Lebanonvisa on arrival
Liberiavisa required
Libyavisa required
Liechtensteinvisa free (90 days)
Lithuaniavisa free (90 days)
Luxembourgvisa free (90 days)
Macaovisa free (90 days)
Madagascarvisa on arrival
Malawivisa on arrival
Malaysiavisa free (90 days)
Maldivesvisa on arrival
Malivisa required
Maltavisa free (90 days)
Marshall Islandsvisa on arrival
Mauritaniavisa on arrival
Mauritiusvisa on arrival
Mexicovisa free (180 days)
Micronesia, Federated States ofvisa free (30 days)
Moldova, Republic ofvisa free (90 days)
Monacovisa free (90 days)
Mongoliavisa free (30 days)
Montenegrovisa free (90 days)
Moroccovisa required
Mozambiquevisa on arrival
Namibiavisa required
Nauruvisa required
Nepalvisa on arrival
Netherlandsvisa free (90 days)
New Zealande-visa
Nicaraguavisa free (90 days)
Nigervisa required
Korea, Democratic People's Republic ofvisa required
North Macedoniavisa free (90 days)
Norwayvisa free (90 days)
Omanvisa on arrival
Palauvisa on arrival
Palestine, State ofvisa free
Panamavisa free (90 days)
Papua New Guineae-visa
Paraguayvisa free (90 days)
Peruvisa free (180 days)
Philippinesvisa free (30 days)
Polandvisa free (90 days)
Portugalvisa free (90 days)
Qatarvisa on arrival
Romaniavisa free (90 days)
Russian Federationvisa free (90 days)
Rwandavisa on arrival
Saint Kitts and Nevisvisa free (90 days)
Saint Luciavisa free (42 days)
Samoavisa on arrival
San Marinovisa free (90 days)
Sao Tome and Principee-visa
Saudi Arabiavisa required
Senegalvisa required
Serbiavisa free (90 days)
Seychellesvisa free (90 days)
Sierra Leonee-visa
Singaporevisa free (30 days)
Slovakiavisa free (90 days)
Sloveniavisa free (90 days)
Solomon Islandsvisa required
Somaliavisa on arrival
South Africavisa free (90 days)
Korea, Republic ofe-visa
South Sudane-visa
Spainvisa free (90 days)
Sri Lankae-visa
Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesvisa free (90 days)
Sudanvisa required
Surinamevisa required
Swedenvisa free (90 days)
Switzerlandvisa free (90 days)
Syrian Arab Republicvisa required
Taiwan, Province of Chinavisa required
Tanzania, United Republic ofvisa on arrival
Thailandvisa required
Timor-Lestevisa on arrival
Togovisa on arrival
Tongavisa required
Trinidad and Tobagovisa free (90 days)
Tunisiavisa required
Turkmenistanvisa required
Tuvaluvisa on arrival
Turkeyvisa free (90 days)
Ukrainevisa free (90 days)
United Arab Emiratesvisa free (90 days)
United Kingdomvisa free (180 days)
United Statesvisa required
Vanuatuvisa free (30 days)
Holy See (Vatican City State)visa free (90 days)
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofvisa free (90 days)
Viet Name-visa
Yemenvisa required
Zambiavisa on arrival
Zimbabwevisa on arrival

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Uruguay Passport Requirements

To obtain a Uruguayan passport, you need to qualify for citizenship. To obtain citizenship, you first need to have residency in Uruguay. 

You can obtain residency through the Independent Means Visa, which requires you to prove a minimum income of $1,500 (for one person), or the equity route, which requires you to invest a minimum amount of $1,700,000 in an enterprise or $390,000 in real estate in the country. The latter option has no physical presence requirement, which is an attractive option for many expats.

If you are married, you can apply for citizenship with Uruguay’s Electoral Court after three years of residency in Uruguay. If you are a single person, you can apply for Uruguayan citizenship after five years of residency. It will generally take between six and twelve months for your citizenship application to be granted and your passport to be issued.

You can learn more by visiting our article: Uruguayan Citizenship: The Ultimate Guide.

Uruguayan Passport Fee

As mentioned, you must apply for citizenship at Uruguay’s Electoral Court. The cost of applying for a Uruguayan passport will depend on the office at which you choose to make your application. 

How to Get a Uruguay Passport

montevideo uruguayThe process of applying for citizenship in Uruguay is not complicated. You must make an appointment to file your application with Uruguay’s Electoral Court. The documents required include the following:

  • Birth certificate
  • Uruguay permanent residence certificate
  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of social integration
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of income
  • Application fee (this will be determined by the office at which you choose to apply)

When you make your application, you will be given a date for your interview. You will need to demonstrate that you are able to speak Spanish at a conversational level during your interview, as well as proof that you have made an effort to integrate into Uruguay’s society. Once you have completed your interview, it can take anywhere between six and twelve months for the Electoral Court to approve your application and issue your passport.

Processing Times for a Uruguay Passport

The time it takes for you to qualify for citizenship will depend on whether you are married or not. In both cases, however, the period of time you need to spend in Uruguay begins from the moment you arrive in Uruguay, not the date you apply for residency.

As a single person, you will need to spend five years as a resident in Uruguay. If you have not chosen the equity route, you will be required to spend the majority of your time in the country. If you have chosen the equity route, there is no minimum period that you are required to stay in Uruguay.

As a married couple or family, you can apply for citizenship after being a resident of Uruguay for three years. This three-year period has no requirement of marriage to a Uruguayan citizen and will apply to couples where both partners are foreign. Again, if you have not opted for the equity route to citizenship, you will need to spend the majority of your time during this period in the country.

Once you have made your application for citizenship, it will take a further six to twelve months for your application to be granted and your passport to be issued.

Dual Citizenship in Uruguay

Regarding dual citizenship, Uruguay is quite open and supportive of it. Individuals can hold citizenship from another country while also being citizens of Uruguay. This policy reflects Uruguay’s inclusive approach to immigration and citizenship. Obtaining Uruguayan citizenship generally involves a residency period, during which applicants must demonstrate ties to the country and comply with legal requirements. Uruguay’s embrace of dual citizenship aligns with its overall welcoming stance towards expatriates and immigrants.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Uruguay Passport

How strong is the Uruguay passport?

The Uruguayan passport is quite strong. It ranks 57th out of 199 countries on the Global Citizen Solutions Global Passport Index. On our Quality of Life Index, it ranks 33rd, and on our Enhanced Mobility Index, it ranks 54th.

Does Uruguay allow dual citizenship?

Yes, Uruguay allows dual citizenship. In fact, Uruguay allows multiple citizenships. This means that you will not have to give up your existing citizenship in order to obtain Uruguayan citizenship.

How do I get a Uruguayan passport?

To obtain a Uruguayan passport, you must obtain citizenship in Uruguay. To do this, you must be a resident of Uruguay. Married couples can apply for citizenship after three years of residency, while single people can apply after five years of residency.

Where can you go with a Uruguayan passport?

Uruguayan passport holders benefit from its strength, particularly when it comes to travel. You can travel to many countries visa-free, with visa on arrival, or with electronic travel authorization (eTA). You can travel visa-free to 156 countries with your Uruguayan passport, including places like Belgium, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

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