The complete guide to Dominica real estate

Also known as the Nature Island, Dominica is a country in the Eastern Caribbean, situated between the french islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique. This Caribbean island offers great opportunities for those who want to invest in property.

Ten reasons to buy property in Dominica:

  • Property prices are lower than many other Caribbean islands
  • Get the Dominica passport for you and your family 
  • Beautiful untouched island in the Caribbean
  • Proximity with the US
  • Sustainable island 
  • Low cost of living
  • Incredible weather
  • Relaxed pace of life
  • Get the Dominica passport in 3 to 4 months 
  • No wealth, gift, inheritance, property or capital gains taxes

Where to buy?

If you are thinking about buying land or buildings in Dominica, you can buy it independently or through Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program. To qualify for Dominica citizenship by investment via the real estate route, you must purchase pre approved property worth at least $200,000. The investment must be held for three years from the date your citizenship is granted, and can only be resold under the Citizenship by Investment program after five years.

There are many real estate properties approved by the government, offering you options such as villas, hotels, luxury resorts, eco-lodges and condos. Some of the most popular real estate locations are Portsmouth, Soufriere, Salisbury and around the capital Roseau.

Real estate market history and overview

Two bungalows overseeing blue waters

Dominica has been preserved from mass-tourism which is why the real estate market is mostly composed of family villas and beautiful hotels amongst the lush rain forests. Dominica’s beachfront is not massively developed which is why you will be able to buy land at lower prices than the rest of the Caribbean islands. 

If you are interested in acquiring property in Dominica, you can do it through Dominica’s Citizenship Program – which is a popular option if you are looking to get a second passport.

Government authorized property projects offer different options such as buying shares in hotels and luxury resorts. These sorts of commercial properties provide and incredible opportunity to own great rental return schemes, without having to bother with property management. You can also explore by yourself the real estate listings, and choose the best property type for you.

Property prices

A quick glance at Dominica real estate listings will show that prices in Dominica vary according to the location, but are surprisingly affordable in general. In order to qualify for the Dominica passport under the real estate option of its Citizenship by Investment program, you must make and investment of at least $200,000. Remember that prices in Dominica are significantly lower than in most of the other Caribbean islands due to the island preservation from mass tourism.

Property specialists

Finding the perfect investment in Dominica can be a complicated process, and it is important to be aware of all the processes that may apply to your specific circumstances.

Our team of specialists at Global Citizen Solutions have almost a decade of experience when it comes to Citizenship by Investment in Dominica. Click here to get in touch and start building your personalized investment plan.

Step-by-step guide


In order to buy property in Dominica you will have to follow specific steps. Here is what you will need to do:

  • Look for properties through an authorized real estate agent, or by yourself and find the one that interest you.
  • When the choice comes to hire a lawyer and have them draft a Purchase and Sale contract,  you’ll normally have to pay a 10% deposit for the property to be secured under your name.
  • Get a surveyor to conduct the valuation and prepare documents for the title transfer – if titles can’t be transferred your deposit will be refunded.
  • Once approved, documents will be submitted by the lawyer to the Land Registry to register you as a new owner.

Transaction costs

Here are the fees that you will need to pay for real estate transactions:

  • Legal fees: 3% (15% VAT might apply)
  • Judicial fees: 4%
  • Assurance Fund Fee: 1%
  • Stamp Duty: 4%
  • Valuation fees

Is it worth getting property in Dominica?

A hill by the sea with houses in Dominica

Famous for its beauty, relaxed lifestyle and low cost of living, Dominica is certainly a place to consider if you are looking to invest in the Caribbean. Dominica island real estate is relatively cheaper than the rest of the Caribbean islands due to its preservation from mass tourism. 

Purchasing property for sale in Dominica is a very good investment. Not only will you be able to provide for a viable and long-term investment for you and your family, but if you choose to make the real estate investment under the Citizenship by Investment scheme, you and your family will be granted Dominica passports. Increase your global mobility and travel to more than 140 visa-free countries while enjoying a tropical paradise. 

How Global Citizen Solutions can help?

If you are looking for expert advice on buying real estate in Dominica, talk to one of our specialists here at Global Citizen Solutions.

We offer a service tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Our team of experts will work diligently from start to finish, ensuring a successful application. 

Professionalism and integrity are at the core of all we do.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Can foreigners buy property in Dominica?

Yes, thanks to Dominica’s citizenship by Investment Program foreign citizens can buy property for sale in Dominica, be it for residence or commercial property.

How can I get Dominica citizenship?

You can get the Dominica passport through the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program. Investments can be made through a donation to the Economic Diversity Fund (EDF) or by purchasing real estate in the country.

What are the property options?

You can find villas, apartments, hotels, luxury resorts for sale at diverse prices.

Do I need a lawyer when buying Caribbean land and property in Dominica?

Yes, you will need to hire a lawyer to purchase property in the country.

What are the best places to buy property for sale in Dominica?

Some of the best places are Portsmouth, Soufriere, Salisbury and around the capital Roseau.

Is Dominica Citizenship by Investment’s real estate expensive?

In order to obtain the Dominica passport through the Dominica Citizenship by Investment scheme you will need to purchase authorized property worth at least $200,000. Due to its preservation from mass tourism, Dominica real estate is one of the cheapest of the Caribbean.

How is life in Dominica?

As you can imagine, life in Dominica has a relaxed pace, compared to the UK or US. The weather is sunny all year round, and you can enjoy the beaches and the beautiful nature.