Everything You Need to Know About the Dominica Passport

A second passport provides stability, security, more freedom of opportunities, and global mobility. And dual citizenship from a small, peaceful nation provides an extra piece of mind during times of instability. Does the Dominica passport rank highly? What are the benefits of obtaining Dominica citizenship? 

Obtaining a second passport might seem like a daunting process, but it’s actually super easy. This guide takes you through the most important information with regards on how to acquire Dominican citizenship.

Visa-Free for Dominica Passport: Travel to More Than 140 countries

Are you wondering how to make the most from visa-free for Dominica passport travel? A Dominica country passport offers you global mobility and visa-free travel to more than 140 countries in the world for you and your family. The cost of the Caribbean passport is one of the cheapest in the world and can be efficiently obtained through a payment to the government fund or a real estate investment starting from $100,000. 

Dominica Passport Application

To apply for Dominica citizenship, the main applicant must:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have an outstanding character
  • Be in excellent health
  • Have no criminal record
  • Pass a due diligence background check
  • Have a basic knowledge of English

Do I need to stay in Dominica?

You do not need to live in Dominica to obtain a passport. You just need to pay the application fee and make your investment. Whether you decide to stay permanently on the island or not is your own decision. 

Dominican Passport by Investment

The Dominican passport by investment program is the second cheapest way to obtain a second passport. There are two options available to apply for Dominican citizenship: Donation to the Economic Diversification Fund or an investment in real estate. Get the passport within 3 to 4 months with investments starting from $100,000 for a single individual. The Dominica passport costs for a family of four include a donation of $175,000 plus fees.  

How to get Dominica citizenship by investment?

The Dominica citizenship by investment program also referred to as passport by investment, has a relatively straightforward and simple application process. After choosing your investment option, choose an authorized agent to take care of your application. Following the time of the application submission, your documentation will usually be assessed within three months by the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU). A detailed background check will be conducted and if the CIU is satisfied that you’ve fulfilled the requirements, your application will be approved. You will then be issued a Certificate of Registration and you will be able to apply for a passport.

For more information about the Dominica second citizenship requirements, take a look at our ultimate guide on Dominica Citizenship by Investment.

Take a look at our Dominica Ultimate Guide by local experts

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Commonwealth of Dominica Passport Rank

Dominica has an excellent passport ranking. Having signed a treaty with the Schengen area in 2015, its citizens are allowed to travel around Europe with no visa restrictions. The passport is ranked 78th according to the Global Passport Index and provides access to 140 visa-free destinations including the EU countries, Singapore, Hong-Kong, and South Korea.

Dominica Citizenship Benefits

All family members can obtain citizenship within 3-4 months All family members can obtain citizenship within 3-4 months
No requirement to reside in the country No requirement to reside in the country
Visa-free or visa on arrival access to 140 countries Visa-free or visa on arrival access to 140 countries
No global income, wealth and inheritance tax No global income, wealth and inheritance tax
Dual nationality permitted Dual nationality permitted

Is it Worth Owning a Dominica Passport?

If you are seeking global mobility for yourself and your family, tax exemptions, a beautiful place to live or retire, the Dominica passport is surely a fantastic asset to have. Considering the fact that it is a reliable and cost-effective way to obtain a second passport, the Dominica country passport is highly recommended to individuals seeking to obtain a passport in a fast and secure manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Dominica Passport

Which are the visa-free countries for Dominica passport holders?

Dominica citizens have access to 140 visa-free destinations, such as the Schengen area countries, Singapore, Hong-Kong, and South-Korea. Check our full list of Dominica visa free countries.

How to get a Dominica passport?

To get a Dominica passport you will need to make an investment – either through real estate or a donation to the Economic Diversification Fund. You then need to choose an authorized agent to take care of your application. From the time of application submission, your documentation is usually assessed within 3 months by the Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU). Once a detailed background check has been conducted and the CIU is satisfied you’ve met all the requirements, your application is approved. You are then issued a Certificate of Registration and can apply for a passport.

How strong is a Dominica passport?

Ranked 78th by the Global Passport Index, Dominica has a strong passport allowing for global mobility and tax exemptions.

How much does the Dominica citizenship by investment cost?

A Dominica citizenship can be purchased starting from $100,000 for a single applicant, and it racks up to $175,000 for a family of four. This excludes processing fees, due diligence fees, passport application costs and legal fees.

Can my family also apply for Dominica citizenship by investment?

Yes, you can include your family in your application: spouse, children under 18, children between 18 and 30 if in education, mentally and physically challenged dependent children, plus dependent parents and/or grandparents above 65.

Does Dominica allow dual citizenship?

Yes, Dominica law allows dual citizenship.