In order to boost foreign investment, Dominica has adapted its immigration law to help foreign investors acquire Dominica citizenship and residency smoothly. Read on to find out how to navigate the Dominica immigration law and acquire citizenship successfully.

Dominica immigration

Famous for its tranquility, superb nature, tax efficiency and affordability, Dominica is a very low-key Caribbean island which has attracted different immigrant profiles over the years.

Whether it’s foreign retirees seeking a peaceful and affordable lifestyle; entrepreneurs wanting to invest in ecotourism; or international expat families looking to acquire a second citizenship via investment, the country has successfully seized the economic potential of immigration to shape its immigration law accordingly.

Thanks to Dominica’s accommodating immigration requirements, obtaining Dominica citizenship or temporary residency are easy and smooth processes.

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program

Launched in 1993, Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program grants foreign investors and their families the opportunity to acquire Dominica citizenship in exchange for a qualifying investment of at least $100,000. Investors can either choose to invest in Dominica’s Economic Diversification Fund or in pre-approved real estate property

Renowned for its fast process and affordable investment routes, Dominica has been voted the best country for Citizenship by Investment for the fourth time in a row. In just three months, investors can get a Dominica passport which grants visa-free access to over 140 countries, including Europe’s Schengen Area and Hong Kong. Some of the additional key features of the programs involve no stay requirements; no wealth, gift, inheritance or capital gains tax; and the recognition of dual citizenship.

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Alternative immigration routes

If you’d like to migrate to Dominica without applying for the Citizenship by Investment program, several alternative Dominica visa options are available:

  • Tourist visa: a tourist visa is not required for many passport holders provided you stay less than six months in Dominica.
  • Working visa: In order to apply for this visa you will need to have a job offer from a company registered in Dominica. This visa will allow you to stay on the island as long as your work contract is at least six months or longer. You’ll need to renew your permit annually.
  • Temporary residency: You are eligible to apply for Dominica temporary residency if you have a job offer from a Dominica company, are married to a Dominica national, have a child with a resident of Dominica, or have proof that you can sustain yourself during your stay in Dominica. Temporary visas must  be renewed annually and after five years you can become eligible to apply for Dominica permanent residency.

Key Dominica immigration law

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is defined in Section 101 of the Dominica Constitution and Section 8 and 9 of the Citizenship Act. The sections enshrine the right for non-citizens to receive a Certificate of Naturalization, if they meet the legal requirements.

The Commonwealth of Dominica Citizenship by Investment Regulations 2014, and its several amendments, outline various aspects of the scheme such as: the minimum required investment, some of the program’s key terms and impediments to receiving citizenship.

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Frequently asked questions about Dominica immigration law

How can I obtain Dominica citizenship?

Thanks to the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program, you and your family can receive a Dominica passport in exchange for a minimum investment of at least $100,000. A Dominica passport gives you visa-free access to over 140 countries.

How can I get a Dominica passport according to Dominica immigration law?

Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program is defined in Section 101 of the Dominica Constitution and Section 8 and 9 of the Citizenship Act.

What are Dominica Citizenship by Investment Program’s investment options?

You can either invest in Dominica’s Economic Diversification Fund, or in pre-approved real estate.

How can I migrate to Dominica?

You can migrate to Dominica by either applying for Dominica citizenship, permanent residency, temporary residency, a work visa, or a tourist visa.