last year quality of life new york cityIn today’s increasingly interconnected world, the decision of where to live and work has become more important than ever. As globalization continues to eliminate physical barriers in the workplace, individuals are presented with the exciting opportunity to combine their professional and personal aspirations.

This search for the perfect balance between career advancement, quality of life, and cultural enrichment leads us to explore different parts of the world in search of the best places to live and work.

From bustling cities filled with innovation and opportunity to peaceful towns offering a serene backdrop for a balanced lifestyle, there are numerous destinations worldwide catering to a wide spectrum of desires and needs.

These places offer more than just employment opportunities; they promise an experience a chance to immerse oneself in a culture that nurtures growth, creativity, and happiness.

Whether it’s the cutting-edge technology hubs that attract the brightest minds, the cities known for their work-life balance that appeal to those seeking harmony, or the vibrant communities that embrace diversity and inclusivity, our journey is guided by the pursuit of fulfillment in both our professional and personal lives.

As we examine the characteristics that make a location truly desirable for living and working, we encourage you to consider what matters most to you in this complex decision-making process. Join us in exploring the best places around the world that offer more than just a job—they offer a place to thrive.

1. Lisbon, Portugal

With its Mediterranean climate, beautiful beaches, and one of the safest and most tolerant cities in Europe, Lisbon is not only a cultural and historical hotspot, but is also fast becoming a favorite on the list of best places to live and work right now.

What’s more, it’s perfect for business owners or budding entrepreneurs, as well as job seekers, whether you’re in an office or working remotely. If you’re worried about your language skills, you’ll be pleased to know that most people speak English. And, best of all, through the Portugal Golden Visa or Portugal Digital Nomad Visa, you’re guaranteed to find a way to make this place your home.

2. Porto, Portugal

Portugal's Golden Visa program

Portugal is becoming one of the most popular places to relocate to, and it’s easy to see why, with an abundance of fabulous cities in favorable conditions. Nicknamed the trendy city of the North, Porto is fast becoming a new favorite for expatriates and job seekers to work, live, and settle.

Porto’s buzzing cultural scene, historic roots, and exciting nightlife attract not only locals but people from all over the world. Its labor market is growing at a fast rate, making it one of the best cities for employment opportunities in Europe. If you are looking for job prospects in Portugal, you can check out our articles on working or finding a job in Portugal.

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3. Madrid, Spain

plaza madrid best cities in spainRanked as one of the safest cities to live in, Madrid not only offers housing affordability and a less populated living experience than other cities but is also one of the best places for digital nomads or professionals alike. The Spanish way of life is deeply entrenched, so you can expect to find a bustling nightlife, importance placed on family friendliness, employment growth and enjoying Madrid’s history and culture, all at the same time.

Its transport system is reliable and affordable, and its healthcare system is one of the best in the country. So if you’re looking to live in a city with a slower pace of life, then Madrid may just be the place for you.

4. Geneva, Switzerland

Frequently ranked as one of the best places to live and work, and close to the French border surrounded by mountains, Geneva may not be the most populated of cities in Europe, but it certainly boasts a strong job market and excellent income.  Ranking as one of the top ten cities to live in, Geneva has a huge financial services sector and offers an above-average salary for expats in comparison to other countries.

Geneva is also the host of many international organizations and institutions, so expats will quickly find their feet. If being outdoors is high on your list of priorities for relocation and if you enjoy skiing in the mountains during winter or hiking in the summer, as well as enjoying the stunning Lake Geneva, then this beautiful Swiss city offers plenty to do for single people or the whole family.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the center of Europe, the capital of the Czech Republic is ranking high on job market strength, favorable income and employment growth. Prague may be famous for its architecture and beer, but the city offers much more than that.

Low unemployment, rising pay, and housing affordability are just a few of the benefits of relocating to Prague. The Czech Republic’s quality of life is ranking above that of the UK and the US, which makes it ideal for families and nature lovers alike. With Prague’s central location, it’s the perfect starting point for regular European travel – taking advantage of freedom of movement to explore its many neighboring countries.

6. Dublin, Ireland

Ireland (Personalizado)Located on Ireland’s east coast, Dublin is not your average city. It’s relatively small but ideal for those who don’t want the rush of other capitals, those who want to find new or better jobs and for those who prefer to make their way on foot or by bike and enjoy the sea and countryside nearby.

The city has plenty of job opportunities, and Ireland’s economy growth is persistently strong.   What’s more, Dublin is a welcoming hub for international businesses as well as tech companies, having recognized the value of attracting foreign business. Regarded as a diverse city, Dublin is also the proud location of many international people, making it one of the places for expats to relocate to and live.

7. New York, USA

Without a doubt one of the best and most populated cities to work in the USA, there are countless reasons why New York is one of the best places to work in. The city that never sleeps doesn’t just offer a social life, job opportunities and a booming job market like no other, there is truly something for everyone, no matter your interests.

The city isn’t just rich in culture, art, fashion, and food, but also has one of the USA’s best education systems with plenty of top colleges and universities, adding family friendliness to its tick-boxes. It’s a hotspot for knowledgeable investors, tech companies, and those who want to kickstart their careers. In addition, New York City is also close to lots of beautiful nature spots: think Niagara Falls, Buck Mountain, and Cold Spring, to name a few.

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8. Calgary, Canada

canadaUnsurprisingly, as with most of Canada, this North American city is right up there with the best places to work in 2022. Its limitless opportunities in the tech sector and huge employment opportunities make Calgary an attractive place with favorable conditions to live. With an inclusive and diverse community, buzzing art and cultural events, and a vibrant coffee shop scene, this Canadian city is ideal for expats and job seekers of all backgrounds.

Canada’s outstanding health system and inclusive and welcoming society are unique, making Calgary an excellent place with many benefits to settle. What’s more, its proximity to the Rocky Mountains means that you’re never too far away from an outdoor adventure.

Key Takeaways and Other Options

In the quest for the optimal fusion of work and lifestyle, certain global cities emerge as beacons for those seeking to blend professional ambition with a desirable living environment. Among these, Singapore shines for its unparalleled business-friendly ecosystem, marked by strong governmental support for startups and a thriving economic landscape.

It’s a city that not only welcomes entrepreneurs with open arms but also offers a quality of life that’s hard to match, thanks to its efficient public transportation, low crime rate, and vibrant cultural scene.

best places to work large part other metro areas cities based affordable places paid time national recognition san jose ranks mental health Close on its heels, Copenhagen presents an enticing proposition for those valuing work-life balance. The Danish capital is celebrated for its happiness index, cycling culture, and environmental sustainability, making it a haven for professionals seeking a harmonious life.

Not to be overlooked, Toronto’s diversity and inclusivity, coupled with Canada’s friendly immigration policies, create a nurturing ground for talent from all over the world. Its booming tech market, coupled with a high standard of living, positions it as a leading choice for those looking to innovate and thrive.

Across the pond, Berlin offers a dynamic startup scene amidst a rich historical backdrop, providing a unique blend of the old and new. Its affordability, compared to other major tech hubs, and a strong creative pulse make it a magnet for young professionals and artists alike.

Finally, the Silicon Valley region remains the ultimate pilgrimage site for tech entrepreneurs despite its high cost of living. The concentration of talent, venture capital, and innovative spirit is unrivaled, offering unparalleled opportunities for those looking to make a significant impact in the tech world.

In summary, while the ideal locale varies by individual priorities—be it innovation, balance, diversity, or creative freedom—these cities offer compelling environments that do not force one to choose between a fulfilling career and a rewarding personal life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Places to Live and Work

What is the best city to get a job?

Depending on your professional requirements, NYC and Dublin are perfect for anyone.

Calgary is looking for people in the tech sector and Geneva has a buzzing financial sector.  Lisbon and Porto welcome business owners, budding entrepreneurs, and professionals from all backgrounds

Which city has the best work-life balance?

All of the cities in this list guarantee abundant activities outside of work.

Depending on your preferences, Lisbon, Porto, New York City, and Madrid each offer plenty of activities for lovers of art, culture, and diverse cuisines.

If you’re looking to spend time in nature, cities like Dublin, Geneva, and Calgary have you covered.  

Which city has the highest employment rate?

Lisbon, Porto, Prague, and Dublin have attractive employment rates. Depending on the job sector, each of the above-mentioned cities offers plenty of opportunities for professionals, business owners, and remote workers. 

Are there good places to live in central Europe?

Prague, in the Czech Republic, may be famous for its architecture and beer, but the city offers much more than that. Low unemployment, rising pay, and housing affordability are just a few of the benefits of relocating to Prague.

Is Hong Kong a good place to live and work?

Hong Kong is often celebrated for its vibrant culture, impressive skyline, bustling markets, and lush green spaces, making it a unique place to live and work.

Its reputation as a global financial hub and gateway to China offers immense career opportunities, particularly in finance, trade, and commerce.

The city is known for its efficient public transportation system, world-class healthcare, and diverse culinary scene, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences.

Which city is the best for entrepreneurs?

Singapore stands out as the best city for entrepreneurs due to its robust economy, favorable business regulations, strategic location in Asia, and a highly skilled workforce.

Its government offers strong support for startups, including financial incentives, making it an attractive hub for innovation and business growth.