European passports are undoubtedly amongst the most powerful and valuable passports in the world. A Spanish passport is no different and comes with many added benefits. Therefore, over the last decade, the Spanish citizenship program through investment has attracted many foreign nationals and global investors to apply for Spanish citizenship and obtain dual nationality. According to Spanish law, Americans with Spanish lineage – citizens of Central and Southern America – are now qualified to apply for Spanish citizenship by descent.

Although the Spanish legal framework for citizenship can be considered restrictive compared to other EU countries, preferential treatment is granted to former Spanish colonies, including Latin Americans, Ibero-Americans, and Filipinos. These citizens can apply for citizenship after two years of Spanish residency and have the additional benefit of not being required to renounce their citizenship before gaining Spanish citizenship.

According to the Spanish Golden Visa, applicants need to fulfill a stay requirement to obtain Spanish citizenship. The applicant needs to have a residence permit and be in Spain for a minimum of nine months in a year for a period of ten years. With this said, individuals from former Spanish colonies and territories can obtain Spanish Citizenship within two years if they follow the minimum stay policy of the Spanish government.

Spanish citizenship – stay requirements


As per the updated guidelines by the Spanish Government, applicants don’t have to continuously stay in Spain in order to obtain Spanish nationality. The new rule has opened up the opportunity of multiple exits from Spain, providing that the stay period outside the country is no longer than three months consecutively. This means that Spanish citizenship for Latin Americans will be granted within a two year period, where applicants from a Latin American country need to travel to Spain every two-three months or eight times in the entire time span of two years.

Spanish citizenship – benefits


Be it access to a great quality of life, world class education and healthcare, the rich history and culture, or investment options, a Spanish Citizenship has many advantages.

-As a part of the European Union, Spanish citizens have the right to reside and work in the European Union

-Spanish citizens can travel visa free to 187 countries across the globe

-Amazing investing opportunities in a thriving economy

-The opportunity to stay in one of the most stable, secure and affluent European countries

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List of countries qualifying for Spanish citizenship within two years


If you are a citizen of any of the below mentioned countries, you will be eligible to opt for the two year Spanish Citizenship program.

  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Argentina
  • Philippines
  • Cuba
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Venezuela
  • Panama
  • Paraguay
  • Puerto Rico

For citizens of other countries, the time taken to obtain Spanish citizenship continues to be ten years. However, according to the new guidelines, applicants don’t need to stay full time in Spain to acquire Spanish nationality. Interested candidates now need to visit Spain twice a year, making sure the gap between both visits is not more than five to six months.

Citizenship by birthright

The usual pathway to naturalization in Spain is through ten years of uninterrupted residency and the relinquishment of other citizenships. However, under the Spanish Citizenship by descent laws, you may be eligible for naturalization after just one or two years of residing in Spain. This stream offers an expedited route to Spanish citizenship based on ancestral ties, allowing for a shorter residency requirement than the standard naturalization process.

Spanish citizenship – eligibility requirements


Below you can see the Spanish citizenship requirements for your reference.

-The applicant must be 18 years old or above

-The applicant should have no criminal records

-The applicant should have a valid health insurance cover and health certificate

-The applicant should be financially stable to sustain themselves in Spain

Ways of Investment

-Applicants need to ensure a real estate investment of minimum €500,000 in Spain

-The applicant can issue a bank deposit of €1,000,000 or invest a similar amount in shares of a Spanish business

-Applicants can buy government bonds worth €2,000,000.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Latin American countries eligible for Spanish citizenship?

Citizens of select Latin American nations can acquire Spanish citizenship after two years of living in Spain. This includes citizens of other former Spanish colonies. These citizens may also be eligible for citizenship by descent through their grandparents. Do note that Sephardic Jews don’t need to be physically present after their two-years residency in Spain to apply for Spanish Citizenship.

Can former Spanish colonies get Spanish citizenship?

Obtaining Spanish citizenship can be challenging, especially for non-Spanish citizens. However, citizens of former colonies of Spain have a unique advantage in the naturalization process. Spain’s citizenship laws offer preferential treatment to nationals of former colonies. One significant benefit is that individuals from former Spanish colonies are eligible for dual citizenship by not having to renounce their original citizenship to acquire Spanish citizenship.

Time required for Spanish citizenship for Mexican citizens?

After ten years of residency in Spain, Mexicans can apply for Spanish Citizenship.

Which countries do Spain allow dual citizenship?

The Spanish civil code permits dual citizenship. Here is a list of countries that Spain allows double citizenship with – Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Ecuador, Philippines, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Uruguay, Venezuela and France.

How to get Spain Citizenship for Filipino?

Filipinos need to fulfill their legal residence in Spain requirement of two years to apply for Spanish Citizenship.

Spanish citizenship for Puerto Rican citizens?

Citizens of Puerto Rico can hold a dual citizenship with Spain

Can Mexican citizens get Spain citizenship?

Mexicans can apply for Spanish citizenship by naturalization after residing in Spain for two years. Spanish citizenship for individuals from Ibero-American countries is facilitated through special provisions aimed at fostering ties with Spanish-speaking nations. The Spanish government grants preferential treatment to citizens of these countries, allowing for a faster and more streamlined naturalization process.

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