Greece, a land where ancient myths echo against a backdrop of sun-drenched islands and historic ruins, captivates with its rich history, vibrant culture, and breathtaking landscapes. From the majestic Acropolis to the azure waters of the Aegean, having a Greek passport offers a mesmerizing blend of the past and present. In this article, we’ll explore its features, benefits, and the cultural significance that sets it apart globally.

Key Facts About the Greek Passport

Schengen privileges

As a member of the European Union, Greece offers its citizens not just a travel facilitator but a key to the vast opportunities within the EU. Greece is also one of the 27 members of the Schengen Zone, giving passport holders the right to move around visa free through other countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Global ranking

In terms of the Greek passport’s global ranking, it is on par with much of Europe. It ranks 46th on our Global Passport Index, scoring 25th on the Enhanced Mobility Index, 16th on the Investment Index and 45th on the Quality of Living Index. The Enhanced Mobility Index carries the most weight (50%) and is based on the travel benefits that each passport gives the holder while also taking into account the level of “attractiveness” of the destination country based on its quality of life.

Passport types

Greece started to issue biometric passports in 2006, and since 2009, the Greek passport has included an RFID chip with contains two index fingerprints and a high-resolution image of the holder. There are currently three kinds of Greek passports:

Ordinary passport: Issued to adults and minors who are regular citizens. Adult passports are valid for 10 years, while minor passports are valid for three years.

Diplomatic passport: These passports are issued exclusively to government diplomats and their family members.

Service/Special/Official passport: As the name implies, these unique passports are issued to members of the military and government officials and those who have a special designation within the government.

Greek Passport Benefits

european union previous passport greek passport holders valid passport national passport centre athens international airport Carrying a Greek passport affords you the right to freely move around the Schengen Zone without having to apply for a visa. But that’s not the only benefit you get from having it, as it represents a key to numerous social, economic, and political privileges.

European citizenship: As a member of the European Union, Greece offers its citizens the opportunity to visit and do business in all of the EU nations.

Visa Free Travel: Greek citizens benefit from visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to numerous countries, making international travel easier and more accessible.

Educational Opportunities: Access to educational institutions across the EU, often with the possibility of lower tuition fees compared to non-EU residents.

Healthcare Access: Entitlement to healthcare services in Greece and throughout the EU.

Dual Citizenship: Greece allows dual citizenship, enabling individuals to retain their original nationality while enjoying the benefits of Greek citizenship.

Cultural and Historical Richness: Being a citizen of a country with a profound historical and cultural legacy.

Business Opportunities: Access to a broad market and business opportunities within the EU and beyond.

Political Rights: The right to vote and participate in political processes both in Greece and in EU parliamentary elections.

Global Visa Requirements for Greek Passport Holders

Greece is one of the 27 members of the Schengen Zone and a member of the European Union, giving passport holders the right to move around visa free through other countries such as Germany, Finland, France and The Netherlands. But for countries on other continents, Greek citizens may need to get a visa on arrival, an electronic visa, or apply for a regular tourist visa.

Afghanistanvisa required
Albaniavisa free (90 days)
Algeriavisa required
Andorravisa free
Angolavisa free (30 days)
Antigua and Barbudavisa free (180 days)
Argentinavisa free (90 days)
Armeniavisa free (180 days)
Austriavisa free
Bahamasvisa free (240 days)
Bahrainvisa on arrival
Bangladeshvisa on arrival
Barbadosvisa free (90 days)
Belarusvisa free (30 days)
Belgiumvisa free
Belizevisa free
Bolivia, Plurinational State ofvisa free (90 days)
Bosnia and Herzegovinavisa free (90 days)
Botswanavisa free (90 days)
Brazilvisa free (90 days)
Brunei Darussalamvisa free (90 days)
Bulgariavisa free
Burkina Fasovisa on arrival
Burundivisa on arrival
Cambodiavisa on arrival
Cabo Verdevisa free (30 days)
Central African Republicvisa required
Chadvisa required
Chilevisa free (90 days)
Chinavisa required
Colombiavisa free (90 days)
Comorosvisa on arrival
Congovisa required
Congo, The Democratic Republic of thee-visa
Costa Ricavisa free (180 days)
Côte d'Ivoiree-visa
Croatiavisa free
Cubavisa required
Cyprusvisa free
Czechiavisa free
Denmarkvisa free
Dominicavisa free (180 days)
Dominican Republicvisa free
Ecuadorvisa free (90 days)
Egyptvisa on arrival
El Salvadorvisa free (90 days)
Equatorial Guineae-visa
Eritreavisa required
Estoniavisa free
Eswatinivisa free (30 days)
Ethiopiavisa on arrival
Fijivisa free (120 days)
Finlandvisa free
Francevisa free
Gabonvisa free (30 days)
Gambiavisa free (90 days)
Georgiavisa free (360 days)
Germanyvisa free
Ghanavisa on arrival
Grenadavisa free (90 days)
Guatemalavisa free (90 days)
Guinea-Bissauvisa on arrival
Guyanavisa free (90 days)
Haitivisa free (90 days)
Hondurasvisa free (90 days)
Hong Kongvisa free (90 days)
Hungaryvisa free
Icelandvisa free
Indonesiavisa on arrival
Iran, Islamic Republic ofe-visa
Iraqvisa on arrival
Irelandvisa free
Israelvisa free (90 days)
Italyvisa free
Jamaicavisa free (30 days)
Japanvisa free (90 days)
Jordanvisa on arrival
Kazakhstanvisa free (30 days)
Kiribativisa free (90 days)
Kuwaitvisa on arrival
Kyrgyzstanvisa free (60 days)
Lao People's Democratic Republicvisa on arrival
Latviavisa free
Lebanonvisa on arrival
Liberiavisa required
Libyavisa required
Liechtensteinvisa free
Lithuaniavisa free
Luxembourgvisa free
Macaovisa free (90 days)
Madagascarvisa on arrival
Malawivisa on arrival
Malaysiavisa free (90 days)
Maldivesvisa on arrival
Malivisa required
Maltavisa free
Marshall Islandsvisa free (90 days)
Mauritaniavisa on arrival
Mauritiusvisa free (90 days)
Mexicovisa free (180 days)
Micronesia, Federated States ofvisa free (90 days)
Moldova, Republic ofvisa free (90 days)
Monacovisa free
Mongoliavisa free (30 days)
Montenegrovisa free (90 days)
Moroccovisa free (90 days)
Mozambiquevisa on arrival
Namibiavisa required
Nauruvisa required
Nepalvisa on arrival
Netherlandsvisa free
New Zealande-visa
Nicaraguavisa free (90 days)
Nigervisa required
Korea, Democratic People's Republic ofvisa required
North Macedoniavisa free (90 days)
Norwayvisa free
Omanvisa on arrival
Palauvisa free (90 days)
Palestine, State ofvisa free
Panamavisa free (90 days)
Papua New Guineae-visa
Paraguayvisa free (90 days)
Peruvisa free (180 days)
Philippinesvisa free (30 days)
Polandvisa free
Portugalvisa free
Qatarvisa on arrival
Romaniavisa free
Russian Federatione-visa
Rwandavisa on arrival
Saint Kitts and Nevisvisa free (90 days)
Saint Luciavisa free (90 days)
Samoavisa free (90 days)
San Marinovisa free
Sao Tome and Principevisa free (15 days)
Saudi Arabiavisa on arrival
Senegalvisa free (90 days)
Serbiavisa free (90 days)
Seychellesvisa free (90 days)
Sierra Leonevisa on arrival
Singaporevisa free (90 days)
Slovakiavisa free
Sloveniavisa free
Solomon Islandsvisa free (90 days)
Somaliavisa on arrival
South Africavisa free (90 days)
Korea, Republic ofe-visa
South Sudane-visa
Spainvisa free
Sri Lankae-visa
Saint Vincent and the Grenadinesvisa free (90 days)
Sudanvisa required
Surinamevisa required
Swedenvisa free
Switzerlandvisa free
Syrian Arab Republicvisa required
Taiwan, Province of Chinavisa free (90 days)
Tajikistanvisa free (30 days)
Tanzania, United Republic ofvisa on arrival
Thailandvisa free (30 days)
Timor-Lestevisa free (90 days)
Togovisa on arrival
Tongavisa free (90 days)
Trinidad and Tobagovisa free (90 days)
Tunisiavisa free (30 days)
Turkmenistanvisa required
Tuvaluvisa free (90 days)
Turkeyvisa free (90 days)
Ukrainevisa free (90 days)
United Arab Emiratesvisa free (90 days)
United Kingdomvisa free (180 days)
United Statese-visa
Uruguayvisa free (90 days)
Uzbekistanvisa free (30 days)
Vanuatuvisa free (90 days)
Holy See (Vatican City State)visa free
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic ofvisa free (90 days)
Viet Name-visa
Yemenvisa required
Zambiavisa free (90 days)
Zimbabwevisa on arrival

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How to Get a Greek Passport

Greek Passport Through Investment

european union previous passport greek passport holders valid passport national passport centre athens international airport passport application current exchange rate 10 years foreign language legal guardian american citizens new passportThe Greece Investment Visa, also known as the Greek Golden Visa, is a perfect option for those who seek to obtain EU residency and access the world at large, as the program provides incredible advantages, from access to a thriving real estate market and high returns on investment to visa-free travel within the Schengen Area and incredible tax benefits.

Introduced by the Greek government in 2014 to boost the Greek economy, the Greece Golden Visa program is a residency-by-investment scheme that enables non-EU/EEA nationals and their family members to acquire permanent residence permits in Greece. It is one of the most successful investment programs in Europe.

To qualify for the Greek Golden Visa program, applicants must first have a clean criminal history and place an investment in Greece with a current minimum value of €250,000 – if placed in real estate.

The Greece Golden Visa €500,000 qualifying real estate investment applies to purchases in northern and central provinces, the South Athens Attica region, and the municipalities of Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and Santorini.

A Greece Golden Visa holder can become a Greek citizen by naturalization after seven years of continuous residence in Greece with at least 183 days of physical residency for each of the seven years. Greece’s naturalization process also requires applicants to demonstrate fluency in the Greek language.

Greek citizenship by birth

The Greek government confers citizenship to every child born to a Greek father or mother. However, citizenship is only granted if the child doesn’t acquire a foreign nationality at birth. That won’t be the case for a child born in Greece, as they automatically become a national.

It’s important to note that the Greek government explains that “a Greek citizen is a person who is duly registered in the Records of a Municipality of the Hellenic Republic.”

However, this becomes tricky when children are born to Greek parents in a foreign country. Depending on the country’s law, a child will receive the citizenship of the territory they are born in, which invalidates the “doesn’t acquire a foreign nationality at birth” portion.

Greek citizenship by descent

Greek citizenship by descent is a principle that citizenship is passed down through generations, maintaining a connection to one’s Greek heritage and cultural roots. It also ensures that individuals born to a Greek parent, whether within or outside Greece, have a legal claim to Greek citizenship.

Eligibility criteria

Greek citizenship by birth and descent are closely related regarding eligibility criteria and requirements, but it can become complex depending on your circumstances. Greek nationality law states that citizenship is granted even if the parent hasn’t exercised their right to citizenship. However, it is still up to the applicant to prove to the Greek authorities their right to become a Greek national.

For example, if your grandfather was born in Greece, but your father was born abroad and never applied for Greek citizenship, you can claim nationality based on the fact that your father is Greek by birth.

As long as you can prove the Greek origin of your claim and gather all the necessary documents, you could possibly obtain a Greek passport.

Greek citizenship by naturalization

You can obtain Greek citizenship through naturalization, which means you have lived in the country long enough to be considered a national. However, naturalization doesn’t happen automatically, and you must apply for the status.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for Greek citizenship by naturalization, you must be:

  • Over the age of 18
  • Been a resident in Greece for seven years
  • Demonstrate your integration into Greek society
  • Be a character of good standing


The required documents include the following:

  • Declaration for naturalization
  • Receipt of payment to the Public Revenues collectors
  • Copy of your passport
  • Residence permit or other document proving you live in Greece
  • Birth certificate
  • Copy of your income tax statement
  • Document proving you have no criminal records

Greek citizenship by marriage

Similarly to many other EU countries, obtaining Greek citizenship through marriage is legally stipulated in the law. It’s not as simple as walking to the nearest Greek consulate and declaring your intentions. There are several conditions that must be met, and the process can take some time.

Eligibility criteria

To get Greek citizenship through marriage:

  • You must be legally married to someone who is a Greek national. This means that their birth is registered in Greece.
  • You can only apply after you have been married for three years.
  • You can only apply if you have lived in Greece for at least three years.


As with all government processes, there is a stack of documentation that you must hand in with your application. The required documents include the following:

  • Your marriage certificate and any other marriage certificates you might have had.
  • Proof of your residency in the country.
  • An acceptable level of Greek language proficiency.
  • A document from the Greek government stating that you have a clean criminal record.

Process of Getting a Greek Passport by Investment

The steps to qualifying for the Greece Golden Visa are few and simple. All applicants must make a substantial investment in the country, whether in real estate, Greek government bonds, or other capital funds. Regardless of their choice, the process will look the same for everyone.

Obtain a Greek Tax Identification Number

First, the applicant needs to obtain a Greek tax identification number (Arithmos Forologikou Mitroou), also known as AFM. This process can be managed remotely without needing to visit Greece, in case you have a representative to take care of it on your behalf or through the Consulate.

Open a bank account in Greece

After obtaining the AFM, a bank account in Greece can be opened. This can also be done remotely. It will be through this account that all movement for the payment of your investment must be made to apply for the Golden Visa. Opening a bank account in Greece is not mandatory for Real Estate investments.

Gather all documentation for the main applicant and dependents

You’ll need to collect the correct documentation for yourself and any dependents you’ll include on the application.

Make the Greek Golden Visa investment

After completing the process of opening your bank account in Greece, you can begin the process of investing.

Request the Greek Golden Visa

Once you have completed the investment, the application process for the Golden Visa for the main applicant and dependents can be made. Please note that applicants don’t need a visa to enter Greece if they choose to invest in real estate. In that case, the residency permit can be requested directly in Greece. For all other investment types, the applicant will need a special visa (D Category) to enter the country. After the submission of your residence application, you will need to visit Greece in order to submit your biometrics (photograph and fingerprints) to the relevant authorities.

Receive your Greek Golden Visa

After applying for the temporary Greek residence permit and collecting your biometrics, you will receive the approval of the Golden Visa application and get your Golden Visa Residence Card/s (initially, you will receive a blue certificate, which is a temporary residence card until the final issuance of the Golden Visa card). The residence permit will be valid for five years.

Application processing timeline and renewal

After you’ve submitted your documentation for your Golden Visa application, you should have an answer in about six to seven weeks. After that, you need to renew your residency card every five years and apply for Greek citizenship and a Greek passport after seven years.

Is it worth having a Greek passport?

greek citizen military office years old certified copy diplomatic passport tourism industry passport application Greece Golden Visa passport renewal passport offices current exchange rate 10 years international civil aviation organizationHolding a Greek passport can be beneficial in various ways. As a member of the European Union, Greece offers its citizens the freedom to live, work, and travel across all EU countries without the need for special visas. This presents a wide array of opportunities for employment, education, and residence in diverse cultural and economic environments within Europe. 

Additionally, Greece is part of the Schengen Area, allowing for easy travel between 26 European countries without border checks. The Greek passport ranks high in terms of travel freedom, providing visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to numerous countries worldwide. Moreover, Greece’s rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes, and favorable climate add to the appeal of being a Greek citizen. 

However, it’s essential to consider personal circumstances, like connections to the country, lifestyle preferences, and legal obligations (such as military service for males) when evaluating the worth of a Greek passport.

How Can Global Citizen Solutions Help You?

Global Citizen Solutions is a boutique migration consultancy firm with years of experience delivering bespoke residence and citizenship by investment solutions for international families. With offices worldwide and an experienced, hands-on team, we have helped hundreds of clients worldwide acquire citizenship, residence visas, or homes while diversifying their portfolios with robust investments. 

We guide you from start to finish, taking you beyond your citizenship or residency by investment application. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the Greek Passport

Does Greece allow dual and multiple citizenships?

Yes, Greece allows its nationals to have dual citizenship. However, you must check whether your home country’s laws allow citizens to obtain citizenship from another country. With Greek dual citizenship, you are able to explore the world more broadly than before.

Is the Greek language difficult?

The Greek alphabet is vastly different from Latin characters, and it’s difficult for Westerners to get a handle on it. The spoken language is easier to pick up, but if you practice every day, surround yourself with ethnic Greeks, and possibly go for lessons, it should be less of a struggle.

How long does it take to get Greek citizenship?

You can qualify for Greek nationality after living in Greece for a period of time. EU citizens need to live in Greece for at least three years, while non-EU citizens, like Americans and Australians, must spend at least seven years living in the country. First, you can live in the country for 7 years and pass the exam. EU nationals, refugees, spouses, and parents of Greek citizens need only 3 years. The second way is residency through investment. It requires you to invest at least €250,000 in the Greek economy.

Are there any restrictions in place for purchasing real estate in Greece?

At present, there are no restrictions in place for purchasing real estate. Unlike some Golden Visa countries, Golden Visa Greece property hotspots and all types of properties are available to foreigners in all regions of Greece. Investing in Greek property for residency requires a qualifying real estate investment of €250,000.

The minimum investment sum is €500,000 for real estate investments in northern and central provinces, the South Athens Attica region, and the municipalities of Thessaloniki, Mykonos, and Santorini. The Greek Golden Visa real estate options include an outright purchase or a ten-year lease of hospitality accommodation.

What family members can I include when applying for a Golden Visa?

Third-country nationals seeking family eligibility for the Greece Golden Visa applications can include their spouse, unmarried dependent children under age 21, unmarried dependent children of the spouse under age 21, and the primary applicant/spouse’s parents and grandparents. Essentially, the visa program extends to the entire family.

Can I work in Greece with a Golden Visa?

The Greece Golden Visa does not include automatic work rights. Golden Visa holders must obtain a separate work permit to be eligible for employment in Greece.

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