Golden Visa Portugal sees record-breaking growth in 2019

The Portugal Golden Visa had its best month ever in 2019, with over €90,000,000 invested in July alone.

Recent statistics released by the Portuguese border agency SEF (Serviço de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras) show a marked change in the demographics of Golden Visa applicants.

More Brazilians apply for Portugal Golden Visa

Investments from Chinese nationals, who have so far made up the bulk of applications, have fallen this year, in line with a general decrease in Chinese investment in Europe.

Investors from China were down 11% in comparison with the same period last year. By contrast, applications from Brazilian investors have increased by almost 50%.

There has also been increased interest from Russian nationals, and an overall decrease from South African and Turkish investors.

Though there was an overall decrease in Golden Visa applications in the first half of the year, an increase during the summer months means that Portugal Golden Visa 2019 is on course to become the most successful year ever for applications.

Just under €5 bn worth of investment made in Portugal Golden Visa program

The total investment in the Golden Visa program has now reached an impressive €4.8 bn. The vast majority of this (€4.3 bn) has been in the Portuguese real estate market. The second most popular method for obtaining the Portugal Golden Visa is capital transfer, for which investment totals €465 million.

So far 7,885 residence permits have been issued to Portugal Golden Visa investors, and a further 13,364 to family members.

One of the most successful citizenship by investment programs in Europe

The statistics go a long way towards cementing the Portugal Golden Visa program as one of the most successful citizenship by investment programs in Europe.

One of the main reasons for its popularity in comparison to other programs is its flexibility and the benefits it brings.

The low “stay requirement” (number of days required to maintain residency in Portugal) of just 7 days per year means that investors do not have to relocate from their home country in order to obtain residency.

Portugal also offers a wide variety of investment opportunities and a dynamic real estate market with the possibility of high returns on investment. This together with the strength of the country’s economy and political stability make it an excellent choice for citizenship by investment.

To find out more about applying for citizenship by investment, take a look at our guide to the Portugal Golden Visa.

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