Why Work with Global Citizen Solutions for Your Golden Visa Portugal Application?

Why Work with Us

1. We are headquartered in Portugal with offices in Lisbon, Porto, and the Algarve. Our Portuguese-centric locations allow us to work on the ground and assist you in person when you are in Portugal.

2. We have a large team of local case executives, immigration lawyers, and investment specialists with more than five decades of combined experience who can help you throughout your journey to secure a Portugal Golden Visa.

3. We are members of the US-Portugal and UK-Portugal Chambers of Commerce and a corporate member of the Investment Migration Council (IMC). This allows us to collaborate with international stakeholders, establish high ethical standards, and enhance our client's experiences.

4. We have helped clients from more than 35 countries secure residency in Portugal. Our global approach and multi-lingual team allow us to assist investors from across the globe. In 2021 alone, we assisted with more than 28 percent of all Golden Visa applications nationally, highlighting our strong presence in the market and ability to achieve our client's goals.

5. Our immigration team has the unique distinction of never having had a Golden Visa case rejected. Our 100 percent approval rate sets us apart from our competitors and provides reassurance that you can expect a successful application.

6. You will have complete access to all the routes of investment eligible for the Golden Visa, including investment funds, business set-up, and cultural visa options. We walk you through all the options on the table so you can decide on the best route for your personal situation.

7. We are not a marketing agency for any projects. We don't represent any development or companies, and we provide a completely unbiased service, allowing you to secure the perfect investment at the best possible price.

8. If you opt for the investment funds option, you will have access to more than 40 vetted qualifying investment funds with a wide range of strategies and risk profiles. This helps us to match you with your ideal fund investment.

9. We provide an independent service tailored toward our clients with fiduciary duties exclusive to you. This is a valuable service that will provide you with peace of mind and help you avoid costly mistakes.

10. Our systematic and 360-degree solution approach provides a holistic overview for our clients, ensuring that no stone is left unturned and that you have all the information at your fingertips. The BeGlobal Onboarding System® allows you to access the status of your application every step of the way, something that sets us apart from our competitors.

11.  A dedicated Case Executive can assist at any time and will keep you informed about updates you should be aware of. With a single channel of communication, our hand-holding approach ensures that you have complete clarity on your investment and Golden Visa application.

12. Our onboarding and immigration teams will assist you throughout your journey. From choosing the right investment option to being issued with your Golden Visa and beyond, we can provide you with assistance every step of the way.

13. Your privacy is fundamental to everything that we do. All data is stored within a GDPR-compliant database on a secure SSL-encrypted server. You can be safe in the knowledge that your personal data is completely protected.

14. Our pricing is clear and detailed, covering all the processes from opening a bank account to legal immigration and so on. As there is one fee for the entire process, you can be confident that you will not face any hidden costs at a later date.

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