Famous for its high quality of life and tranquility, Braga has been elected the best European destination to visit in 2021. Braga Portugal tourism news.

Braga Portugal Tourism

Once again Portugal has made it to the top, snagging an award for its incredible beauty. This time it’s the charming city of Braga that has won first prize as the Best European destination to visit in 2021 by the European Best Destination’s survey. Out of the 600,000 participants coming from 192 countries who answered the question: “Where would you like to go on holiday in Europe as soon as it is safe to travel?”, 109,902 answered Braga.

Located in the hills, between the fantastic Peneda-Gerês National Park and the coast, Braga is an hour’s drive away from Porto. Considered Portugal’s third-largest city, it is also one of the happiest cities in Europe. Why? It offers a high quality of life to its residents and visitors. 

Filled with amazing churches, enchanting gardens, and gastronomic restaurants, Braga has something for everyone. Far less busy than Lisbon and Porto, it is an ideal place to settle in Portugal, particularly if you are looking to live a rich and quiet life. 

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