Passports hold the key to global exploration and mobility, offering individuals the freedom to travel and explore the world. An aspect of the world’s most powerful passports outside of travel freedom that often goes unhighlighted is their ability to provide improved investment opportunities, ease of doing business, and a high quality of life to their holders.

The Global Passport Index

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In the present era of globalization, individuals are seeking opportunities to diversify their investments and acquire second citizenship or residency in foreign countries.

To assist in addressing this inquiry, numerous global passport rankings have emerged over time, providing individuals with valuable insights into the ease of international travel facilitated by a passport, often accompanied by minimal visa constraints.

Global Citizen Solutions developed its own version of the Global Passport Index, establishing a novel approach to assess the overall desirability of each country for relocation, investment, or acquiring dual citizenship. Three key categories contribute to the ranking in the index:

  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Investment
  • Quality of Life

Through this approach, we can decipher the world’s top passports regarding the number of destinations passport holders have visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to, investment opportunities and economic mobility, and the overall quality of living.

In this article, we will embark on a journey through Asia, uncovering the region’s strongest passports that grant their holders unparalleled access to destinations across the globe. From the bustling metropolises of East Asia to the idyllic island nations of Southeast Asia, we will delve into the benefits and privileges granted to the fortunate individuals who possess these highly sought-after travel documents.

5. Hong Kong

Enhanced Mobility Index: 46th

Investment Index: 2nd

Quality of Life Index: 124th

Overall ranking: 38th

In fifth place in the Global Passport Index, Hong Kong, a thriving financial center and part of SAR China (Special Administrative Region of China), offers passport holders remarkable travel privileges. With its strategic location and international prominence, Hong Kong’s mark in the financial world is well-established.

With decades of financial stability and meticulous financial services delivered, the country has managed to gain substantial passport power.

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A Hong Kong passport unlocks doors to numerous countries worldwide. Hong Kong citizens can travel to almost 159 destinations visa-free, which includes Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Schengen countries like Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, and Portugal. From glittering skyscrapers to serene natural landscapes, Hong Kong is amongst the most developed Asian countries, and citizens not only enjoy privileged visa-free travel but an abundance of economic opportunities, a high average salary, and good quality of life.

4. South Korea

Enhanced Mobility Index: 2nd

Investment Index: 31st

Quality of Life Index: 44th

Overall ranking: 25th

data from the international air transport association

South Korea’s remarkable rise as an economic powerhouse has been clearly evident on a global scale. Home to many of the world’s largest tech companies, such as Samsung and LG, South Korea has solidified its position as a global leader in technological innovation and advancement.

This is reflected in the strength of its passport in the Global Passport Index compared to other countries in Asia, especially concerning visa-free access.

South Korean passport holders can easily access and traverse the globe, enjoying visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to 173 countries worldwide. Its ranking of second among all the world’s passports on the Enhanced Mobility Index puts it ahead of the US, Japan, Canada, and European countries like France, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, and Spain.

3. United Arab Emirates

Enhanced Mobility Index: 7th

Investment Index: 66th

Quality of Life Index: 126th

Overall ranking: 24th

The UAE passport has sharply risen in passport power rankings in the Global Passport Index, and it’s easy to see why. From a state of relative underdevelopment not too long ago, the country has undergone a stunning transformation over the past decade, with major cities like Abu Dhabi and Dubai evolving into modern metropolises characterized by state-of-the-art infrastructure.

With vast oil wealth and blank-check investments in infrastructure, the education system, healthcare, and the financial sector, the country ranks highly in global GDP rankings, beating countries like the UK, the US, Germany, and France.

It’s no surprise that its global GDP ranking and a high percentage of global economic output for its size and population have led to a rank of sixth on the Investment Index, making it the most powerful passport in Asia for doing business.

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Consequently, the country’s visa-free score has also increased significantly. UAE’s passport holders have visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to 179 countries, putting them ahead of Portugal, Australia, and US passport holders for travel freedom.

2. Japan

Enhanced Mobility Index: 27th

Investment Index: 29th

Quality of Life Index: 22nd

Overall ranking: 20th

passport ranking in second place

As the world’s third-largest economy by GDP, along with the third highest contribution of global GBP, Japan is an obvious selection in the list of the strongest Asian passports. Japan holds the most consistently strong passport in the Global Passport Index.

Renowned for its economic prowess and technological achievements, Japan offers its citizens abundant economic possibilities.

Japanese passport holders have unprecedented global mobility, with visa-on-arrival and visa-free access to an extensive array of countries, including the United States, the UK, and EU nations like France, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, and Spain. From the historic streets of Europe to the exotic landscapes of Latin America, a Japanese passport opens doors to diverse cultures and enriching experiences.

1. Singapore

Enhanced Mobility Index: 1st

Investment Index: 1st

Quality of Life Index: 108th

Overall ranking: 13th

Singapore, a microstate and thriving financial hub in Southeast Asia, boasts a passport that is not only highly regarded worldwide but officially ranks as the number one passport in Asia. The Lion City’s passport enables seamless travel to numerous countries, with Singapore passport holders’ visa-free access topping that of any other country worldwide, according to exclusive and official data from IATA (International Air Transport Association).

The country’s eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) and visa-on-arrival score also rank among the best. Singapore is one of four Asian countries (Japan, ROC Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea) that can travel to the US without a prior visa under the US Visa Waiver Program, making its passport a valuable asset to consider for global citizenship.

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Singapore’s investment landscape demands recognition, ranking number one worldwide on the Investment Index. Whether for business ventures or leisurely escapes, the Singaporean passport is a gateway to a world of opportunities. The country has a supportive business ecosystem, providing various incentives, grants, and support schemes to encourage investment and innovation.

Streamlined bureaucratic processes, efficient regulations, and strong intellectual property protection provide unmatched ease of doing business for both Singaporean nationals and foreign residents. Singapore boasts world-class infrastructure, including state-of-the-art ports, airports, and transportation networks. The country’s advanced telecommunications and digital connectivity create a conducive business environment and facilitate seamless operations.


According to the rankings in the Global Passport Index, Asia is home to several of the world’s most powerful passports, providing some of the highest numbers of destinations passport holders can access without a visa. From South Korea and Japan’s technological marvels to Singapore and Hong Kong’s financial prowess, these passports symbolize the influence and success of their respective nations.

As international travel slowly returns to pre-pandemic levels, with these high-ranking travel documents, individuals gain the freedom to explore new destinations, forge global connections, and embrace the richness of diverse cultures in a stable economic and political environment. Whether for leisure, business, or personal growth, the most powerful passports in Asia serve as indispensable tools for those seeking to navigate the world with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Most the Power Passports in Asia

Which is the strongest passport, Japan or Singapore?

Japan and Singapore tied until recently for Asia’s two strongest passports in the Global Passport Index. As of 2023, Singapore is ranked as having a stronger passport than Japan, with 13th position to Japan’s 20th in the Global Passport Index.

How strong is a Chinese passport?

With a relatively low visa-free score compared to other developed nations, based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA), Chinese passport holders have visa-free access to 99 countries. This positions a Chinese passport amongst the Global Passport Index’s lower-ranking passports.

Which countries can Singaporean citizens travel to without a visa?

Countries Singaporean passport holders can access without a visa include the US, the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and Germany.

Which countries have the least powerful passports?

Some of the least powerful passports include the Yemen, Pakistan, and Afghanistan passport, and passports of Palestinian territory.