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The Serbia citizenship by investment program is an attractive option for foreign investors looking for a route to citizenship in this enchanting Balkan country. A cheap cost of living, political stability, and a versatile banking system have made Serbia a valid choice for foreign citizenship.

Furthermore, with the country currently in the process of applying for EU membership, new Serbian citizens can expect to acquire EU citizenship in the not-too-distant future. This will grant access to the EU’s visa-free regime and unlock numerous benefits of free movement, employment opportunities, and enhanced diplomatic privileges within the European Union.

Serbian residency provides stunning scenery, including the mountains of the Dinaric Alps or the lush forests of the Carpathians. The country is also known for its friendly people, rich cultural heritage, fascinating architecture (which includes medieval monasteries and fortresses), and underrated local cuisine.

One thing is certain: Serbia has attractions for individuals of all preferences and interests. Additionally, the option to acquire permanent residency and citizenship through investment makes it easy to understand the appeal of citizenship in the Republic of Serbia.

Citizenship by Investment in Serbia

It should be emphasized that the Serbian government doesn’t provide a direct route to citizenship through investing in the Serbian economy. However, the country offers one of the most accessible investment programs, allowing foreign nationals to make affordable investments, including purchasing real estate, to gain Serbian residency.

After three years of continuous residence, foreigners can obtain permanent residence status. While naturalization in many EU countries requires minimum residence periods of up to ten years, the naturalization process to acquire Serbian citizenship takes a total of six years.

The minimum residency period for citizenship necessitates three years with a temporary residence permit and three years with a permanent residence permit, in addition to a minimum stay in the country before being eligible for citizenship.

Serbia Investor Visa Program

The Serbian investment program is a legitimate option to obtain permanent residence status after three years and eventually acquire citizenship in Serbia. The Serbian immigration program was introduced to attract foreign investors by providing two investment options to qualify for a temporary residence permit in Serbia.

Investment requirements

  1. Real estate acquisition: Purchase real estate anywhere in Serbia.
  2. Business investment: Invest in a Serbian business.

A big benefit of the program is there is no minimum investment requirement to qualify for a residence permit in Serbia. After making the required investment, a foreign national can gain legal residency in less than one month.

Requirements to Obtain Serbian Citizenship

serbian government required documents tax rate foreign direct investment internal affairs eu citizen serbian government obtaining serbia citizenship obtain serbia citizenship serbian dinar serbian residence permit serbian residency permits internal affairs serbian bank account citizenship certificates republic of serbia alien citizenship No matter the investment route chosen, a foreign national who obtained temporary permanent residence status by investment must fulfill a set of criteria to obtain citizenship through Serbia’s naturalization process. The eligibility criteria include:

  • Being over 18
  • Holding a clean criminal record
  • Obtaining a permanent residence permit after three years
  • At least three years of residency with permanent residence status and a minimum of six months stay in the country each year

Unlike most other countries in Europe, the Republic of Serbia has no language requirement to become a permanent resident or Serbian citizen.

Serbian Citizenship for Family Members

The Serbian residency by investment program includes eligibility for family members. This means that, like the main applicant, family members can receive temporary residence permits, permanent residency, and permanent citizenship after six years.

Eligible family members include a spouse, dependent children up to 25, and parents over 65. It is important to note that certain fees are required for the residency program and to access Serbia citizenship for each family member.

Serbian Real Estate Visa

The Serbian real estate market presents a lucrative opportunity for foreign nationals seeking residence in Serbia. Serbia’s investor visa programs allow foreigners to gain a Serbian temporary residence permit through real estate investment.

An advantage to this option is that there is no minimum investment requirement, and real estate prices in the Serbian property market are low.

To be eligible for residency in Serbia through real estate investment, you must comply with specific requirements, including registering your property, drafting a purchase agreement, paying taxes, and opening a personal bank account in Serbia.

real estate pricesThe following documents are required in Serbia’s investment program

  • Official copies of a passport
  • 5×5 cm passport photos
  • Legalized birth certificates
  • Legalized marriage certificates (if applicable)
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of employment and salary
  • Proof of address
  • Evidence of fees paid

Serbian real estate investment is an attractive option for foreigners, not only because of the affordable property prices and growing economy but also because it offers a route to obtaining Serbian citizenship.

Do I also obtain a Serbian passport after having citizenship by investment?

You may wonder whether you can obtain a Serbian passport through Serbian citizenship by investment. You can obtain a Serbian passport by investing in Serbia, provided you meet all the requirements. These include:

Step 1: Obtain temporary residency by investing in real estate, a business, or contributing to the country's government fund. 

Step 2: Reside in Serbia for three years and fulfill the minimum stay of six months each year to qualify for permanent residency 

Step 3: Reside in Serbia for three years with permanent residence status and fulfill the minimum stay of six months each year to qualify for citizenship 

Step 4: Apply for citizenship and obtain a Serbia citizenship certificate for yourself and any family members in the application 

Step 5: Receive your Republic of Serbia citizenship certificate and apply for a Serbian passport. 

Serbian passports allow holders to enjoy the benefits of being a Serbian citizen. Such benefits include the right to live and work in the country, visa-free travel within the European Union, and access to the country’s excellent education system and public services.

Other Ways to Obtain Serbian Citizenship

Besides the Serbian investor visa, the following persons are eligible to apply for Serbian citizenship by naturalization:

Citizenship by birth

Serbia grants citizenship by jus soli (right of soil) and jus sanguinis (right of blood). A person born in the Republic of Serbia who has resided in the country for at least two years can request citizenship.

Citizenship by descent

There are three specific circumstances where a child can claim citizenship by descent:

  • A person whose parents were Serbian citizens at the time of their birth.
  • A person born in the Republic of Serbia had at least one Serbian parent at the time of their birth.
  • A person born abroad with at least one Serbian parent at the time of their birth and the other parent was unknown, or the other parent was a foreign citizen, and the person chose to claim citizenship at 23 years old.

Citizenship by marriage

A foreign national married to a Serbian spouse for at least three years and who has received Serbian permanent residency is eligible for the Republic of Serbia citizenship.

Citizenship by exception

The Republic of Serbia has a discretionary program that may grant Serbian citizenship by exception to individuals deemed to have contributed significantly to Serbian society. Considerations can include contributions to education, business, as well as the possession of substantial assets in the Republic.

The Benefits of Serbian Citizenship by Investment


A stable economy

It may come as no surprise that the country has long been in the eye of foreign investors looking to develop their business interests in Europe. The Serbian dinar has maintained full price stability against the US dollar despite economic downturns and global uncertainties, reflecting the resilience of the country’s financial system and its adept management in navigating challenging economic conditions.

Favorable tax regime

Foreigners relocating to Serbia can reduce their tax burden through Serbia’s favorable tax regime. Serbia imposes a flat tax rate of 10 to 20 percent, depending on the source of income, making the country an ideal destination to become a tax resident.

Low cost of living

Serbia residents enjoy a very low cost of living. Living costs can be lower than one-third of the cost in the United States. For example, the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the United States is $1,680, whereas the same apartment costs $410 on average in Serbia. Living expenses in Serbia are also much lower than in most other European countries.

A strong passport

According to our Global Passport Index, a Serbian passport provides numerous travel benefits, including visa-free and visa-on-arrival access to 148 countries worldwide. Desirable visa-free travel options include EU countries, Japan, and China.

Potential EU citizenship

Serbia is an official future candidate for EU membership, implying that both existing permanent residents and new citizens of Serbia are poised to acquire EU citizenship in the near future.

Overall, Serbia citizenship is a simple process. Serbia is on our list of the easiest countries to get citizenship. Programs like the Serbia citizenship by investment scheme offer expats relatively affordable routes to obtaining Serbian citizenship, along with a host of benefits.

Serbian Dual Citizenship

The government of Serbia previously required foreign nationals to renounce their original citizenship before they could get Serbian citizenship. However, Serbia’s new citizenship law now permits Serbian citizens by birthright and naturalizing Serbian citizens to acquire a second citizenship without losing their Serbian citizenship rights.

How Can Global Citizen Solutions Help You?

Global Citizen Solutions is a boutique migration consultancy firm with years of experience delivering bespoke residence and citizenship by investment solutions for international families. With offices worldwide and an experienced, hands-on team, we have helped hundreds of clients worldwide acquire citizenship, residence visas, or homes while diversifying their portfolios with robust investments. 

We guide you from start to finish, taking you beyond your citizenship or residency by investment application. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Serbia Citizenship by Investment

How to get Serbian citizenship by investment?

To obtain citizenship by investment in Serbia, you must invest in real estate or establish a business in the country. This investment must be maintained for three years until you’re eligible to apply for permanent residence and citizenship after an additional three years of residency.

How much does it cost to get Serbian citizenship?

There is no minimum investment requirement for Serbia’s citizenship by investment program. Foreign nationals must either invest in property or establish a Serbian business to qualify for temporary residency before eligibility for permanent residency in three years and citizenship in a total of six years.

Can an American have dual citizenship with Serbia?

The United States is among the countries that allow dual citizenship. Serbian law also allows dual nationality, so an American can legally hold US and Serbian dual citizenship.

How do you get citizenship in Serbia?

To acquire Serbian citizenship, the process involves several conditions that must be met, which include:

  • Length of Residence: You must have been a resident of Serbia for a continuous period, usually for at least eight years. This residence requirement might vary depending on your circumstances, such as if you are married to a Serbian citizen, in which case the required period of residence might be shorter.
  • Legal Residence: The residence during this period must be legal, meaning you need to have had lawful and continuous residence status.
  • Integration into Serbian Society: Applicants for citizenship typically must demonstrate that they are integrated into Serbian society. This could involve showing proficiency in the Serbian language, and understanding of the country’s legal and social order, and having a legitimate means of support.

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