Portugal’s Golden Visa Program —  also known as the Residence Permit Program —  is a five-year residency-by-investment scheme for non-EU nationals. The scheme grants qualifying investors and their family members the right to live, work and study in Portugal and permits free movement in Europe’s Schengen Area. To date, Portugal Golden Visa statistics show the program to be extremely popular among investors.

This article provides a comprehensive overview of Portugal Golden Visa data and statistics, showcasing just how international and renowned the scheme is among non-EU citizens.

Important Note: The Portugal Golden Visa is Coming to an End

The Portugal Golden Visa is coming to an end. The announcement by the Portuguese government came at a ministerial meeting on 16 February, where they presented a package of measures to respond to the various concerns within the scope of housing policy in Portugal. Under this content, the measure to apparently end the Portugal Golden was presented. 

You can learn more about this in the following article: Portugal Golden Visa Ending: Everything We Know So Far.

The Portugal Golden Visa 2022 Changes

The Portugal Golden Visa Program underwent significant changes in January 2022. Specifically, several investment routes to residency changed, namely the popular real estate investment option in Portugal’s popular urban locations, as well as the minimum amounts required to invest in investment funds and capital transfer.

Portugal’s Golden Visa changes are considered to change the investment landscape in the country, diversifying investments to Portugal’s low-density locations and to its autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira islands. For more information on what’s changed concerning real estate options, consult our guide on Portugal Golden Visa Low-Density Investment areas.

Check out the latest changes to the Portugal Golden Visa Program here.

Portugal Golden Visa Numbers for March 2023

  • In March 2023, 163 residence permits were authorized by SEF. 119 authorized golden visas were for the real estate investment category, 44 permits were issued for the capital transfer investment option, and 0 permits were issued for the job creation category.
  • In March 2023, 28 permits were issued to people of American nationality, 23 permits were issued to people of Chinese nationality, and 16 permits were issued to people of British nationality.
  • A total of 262 family members were rewarded with residence permits.
  • Portugal’s Golden Visa Program saw a whopping €78 495 820,24 in March 2023 with investments.

portugal-golden-visa-statistics-new_Golden Visa Portugal march 2023

The Portugal Golden Visa €350,000 renovations option has become more and more popular in recent years. Meanwhile, the venture capital/investment fund option is also proving popular, particularly in the face of Portugal Golden Visa changes, which has blocked investors from buying a property in urban cities like Lisbon and Porto from January 2022, along with other investment route changes.

Interested to know more about the investment routes the Portugal Golden Visa offers? Check out our guide on how to invest in Portugal for citizenship.

Portugal Golden Visa All-Time Facts and Statistics

  • Since October 2012, over €6 931 293 816,38 in funds was invested for the Portugal Golden Visa.
  • Since October 2012, €6 175 356 742,55 was attributed to a real estate investment.
  • 11,921 investors and 19,433 family members have benefited from the Portugal Golden Visa.
  • 10,874, 92 percent of Golden Visa Portugal applications, were done through a real estate investment.
  • 1,025 A Golden Visas were granted for Capital Transfer investors.
  • A Portuguese passport grants you visa-free travel to 174 countries.
  • In 2022, in terms of top residency-by-investment programs, Portugal was recognized for offering the best program in the world.
  • While the Chinese remain the largest single-applicant cohort, their share of the program is decreasing as other nationalities are applying for the program too.

portugal-golden-visa-statistics-new_Portugal Golden Visa All Time Facts and Statistics march 2023

Portugal Golden Visa data related to the program

  • The minimum age to apply for the Golden Visa is 18 years old
  • To apply for Portuguese citizenship via the Golden Visa, the person must hold their investment for five years at least
  • Seven days on average is the minimum stay that the applicant must spend in Portugal to maintain the Golden Visa in the first year, followed by 14 days in the subsequent years (consecutively or non-consecutively) in Portugal.
  • 20 percent is the value of the reduced tax rate for those who participate in the Non-Habitual Resident Tax Regime.
  • 26 is the number of European countries belonging to the Schengen Zone to which the Golden Visa holder receives free access
  • 90 days is the maximum processing time for the Portugal Golden Visa


Portugal Golden Visa data related to cost

Investment requirements for the Portugal Golden Visa:

  • Applicants can only buy residential real estate in designated interior areas of Portugal worth at least €500,000 or €350,000 if investing in a rehabilitation project. If the residential property is located in a designated ‘low-density’ area, then a 20 percent discount applies.
  • Investors can purchase commercial real estate anywhere in the country worth at least €500,000 or €350,000 if investing in a commercial rehabilitation project. If the commercial property is located in a designated ‘low-density’ area, then a 20 percent discount applies.
  • Investors can buy residential and commercial real estate anywhere in Portugal’s autonomous islands of Madeira and Azores, worth at least €500,000 or €350,000 if investing in a rehabilitation project. 
  • The capital transfer requirement amount is €1.5 million.
  • The investment fund minimum subscription requirement is €500,000
  • An investment in scientific research of €500,000
  • An investment into an existing Portugal-registered business of €500,000
  • An investment of €250,000 in cultural production.
  • Arts donation of €250,000. 


Portugal ranking statistics

  • Portugal is ranked first as the best country in Europe for expats
  • 6th safest country in the world, according to the 2022 Global Peace Index
  • Ranked number one in the world for its best master’s degree in information management
  • Ranked number one as the best travel destination in Europe
  • Ranked 5th as the safest country in Europe
  • Portugal ranks 4th in terms of its passport benefits for nomads and global citizens
  • Portugal is in fifth place as the world’s most powerful passport, alongside Austria and the Netherlands
  • Portugal is ranked 6th in terms of being one of the cheapest countries in Europe
  • Portugal is ranked 9th in terms of the country with the lowest organized crimes
  • Portugal comes in 10th place in the ranking of the world’s best democracies
  • Portugal is ranked as 11th in terms of being one of the largest exclusive economic zones in the world
  • Ranked as 12th for having the best healthcare system in the world
  • Ranked 17th in terms of the quality of life it provides to its residents
  • Ranked 21st in terms of its infrastructure quality
  • Portugal ranks in 21st place for its life expectancy standards
  • Portugal comes in 27th place for its quality of education
  • Portugal comes in 28th place for its institutional transparency

Portugal socio-economic facts

  • Population of 10.31 million people as of 2021
  • Active population of 5.2 million based in Portugal
  • There are 1.4 million youths in Portugal (under 15 years old)
  • There are 6.6 million people in Portugal between the ages of 15 and 64 years old
  • Over 2.2 million  people in Portugal are elderly (over 64 years)
  • The number of companies that opened in Portugal in 2021 was more than 34,466, an 8.2 percent increase from the previous year
  • In 2021, Portugal’s GDP per capita stands at USD 249.9
  • Portugal has an unemployment rate of 6.6 percent as of August 2022
  • €822.50 is the minimum wage in Portugal
  • The demographic density of Portugal is 115.4 inhabitants/km²

Portugal geographical facts

  • 92212 km² is the total extension of Portugal
  • 6.3 million kilometers is the length of the coast of Portugal
  • +3 hours is the time zone in relation to Brasília
  • 276 is the number of sunny days in Portugal, considered one of the sunniest countries in the world
  • 7 is the number of regions in Portugal
  • 18 is the number of districts in Portugal, in addition to 2 autonomous regions
  • 308 is the number of municipalities in Portugal
  • 3092 is the number of parishes in Portugal.

Portugal structure statistics

  • 3100 kilometers is the length of the highways in Portugal
  • 2600 kilometers is the length of the railways in Portugal
  • 10 is the number of airports in Portugal
  • 14 is the number of ports in Portugal
  • 5735 is the number of educational establishments in Portugal
  • 225 is the number of hospitals in Portugal.
  • 3 percent is the mortality rate in Portugal during the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, it was the first country to receive a safe travel status, a seal that guarantees security for tourists visiting the country.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Portugal Golden Visa Statistics

How many people have applied for the Portugal Golden Visa since the program started?

Since 2012, over 11,758 residence permits have been awarded to foreign investors, with 19,171 family members enjoying Golden Visa family benefits.

What country has invested the most in the Portugal Golden Visa?

According to Portugal Golden Visa statistics obtained from Portugal SEF, China remains the main country in which residence permits are granted.  As of June 2021, China is the leading force behind Portugal’s Golden Visa investments, with 44 percent being attributed to contributions already. This is supported by data published by Investment Migration Insider.

According to Portugal Golden Visa data, what's the most popular investment option?

Buying a €500,000 property continues to be the main investment route applicants take for the Portugal Golden Visa, with roughly 90 percent of all investments originating from the real estate investment option. However, this changed in January 2022, when investors were no longer able to buy residential properties in urban centers of Portugal, like Lisbon or Porto, for example. Other investment routes will also be altered or revoked.