Malta and Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Closure

Malta and Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Closure

Both Malta and Cyprus have recently announced that they would close their highly sought-after Citizenship by Investment (CBI) Programs.

While Malta has announced that it would resolve its CBI program sometime in the future, Cyprus left the question unanswered. Indeed, Cypriots authorities have yet to confirm whether or not a new CBI program is underway.

The government of Malta stated that the new CBI regulations would ensure a stricter application process. Individuals will only be able to apply for Maltese citizenship after three years of residence or by exception through a higher investment after one year. 

Moreover, individuals will only be allowed to apply for citizenship if they successfully pass a due diligence assessment test. Finally, the new regulations will no longer have a concessionaire, in contrast to the previous program. The official date for the launch of the new program remains to be announced. 

Global Citizen Solutions will continue to monitor the situation and provide timely updates. 

What other citizenship by investment options do you have?

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