Brazil has joined the ranks of popular expat destinations offering digital nomad visas.

The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa (VITEM XIV) provides a unique opportunity for remote workers seeking to live and work legally in the country for an extended period.

This temporary visa was introduced to attract remote workers and freelancers seeking a flexible and vibrant work environment.

Keep reading for insights on obtaining a digital nomad visa in Brazil.

The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa

The digital nomad visa in Brazil, introduced in January 2022, has seen a growing number of remote workers leveraging this opportunity to secure a temporary residence permit in Brazil. The immigration initiative enables various individuals, such as freelancers, remote employees, and those engaged in digital pursuits, to apply for the digital nomad visa. Successful applicants can legally live in Brazilian territory for up to one year with the option of renewal for a second year.

Benefits of Life as a Digital Nomad in Brazil

While many countries offer appealing options for digital nomads and foreign workers, the benefits of obtaining Brazil’s nomad visa and life in Brazil for those with remote employment status have become more apparent.

Diverse culture

Brazil is known for its cultural diversity, with a mix of indigenous, African, European, and Japanese influences, providing Brazil’s digital nomads with an inclusive and unique cultural experience. The country offers an enriching environment for digital nomads, from Rio’s vibrant carnival and pagode events to diverse culinary traditions like feijoada and capoeira’s dynamic martial arts performances.

Low income requirement

The low financial income threshold to apply for the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa makes the visa program more accessible to a broader range of digital nomads than most countries, from self-employed individuals to entrepreneurs. Its affordability encourages diversity and inclusivity within the digital nomad community, attracting many who may not have substantial financial resources, and more closely aligns with the flexible and nomadic nature of digital work, which also provides more networking opportunities.

Below is a comparison of Brazil’s minimum required monthly income to obtain a digital nomad visa compared to other popular destinations for digital nomads.


Monthly Income Requirement




€2,700 ($2,930)


€2,540 ($2,760)



Natural beauty

With its stunning landscapes, ranging from the vibrant Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro to the lush rainforests of the Amazon bordering Manaus, digital nomads can work against the backdrop of some of the world’s most breathtaking natural beauty. The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa provides a gateway for individuals working remotely to immerse themselves in Brazil’s diverse ecosystems, exploring picturesque towns, lush rainforests, and pristine coastlines.

Digital nomad infrastructure

The network of digital nomads in Brazil is growing, and several cities, including Rio de Janeiro and Florianopolis, have numerous co-working spaces and collaborative hubs that cater to the needs of Brazilians and foreign nationals who work remotely.

These spaces provide not only essential amenities like high-speed internet and comfortable workstations but also a community among like-minded professionals, allowing for collaborative projects, knowledge-sharing, and networking opportunities.

Low cost of living

The cost of living in Brazil is cheap for most digital nomads from Western countries. The average monthly cost for a one-bedroom apartment and living expenses for a single person is under $1,000. There’s also the opportunity to combine accommodation with an optimal work environment in low-cost co-living properties for as little as $400 per month in popular destinations within the country.

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Who can apply for the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa?

Remote professionals span various occupations and personal situations, and most are eligible for the digital nomad visa in Brazil, provided they meet the specific criteria set by the visa program. Common occupations digital nomads engage in include:

  • Software developer
  • Digital marketer
  • Content writer
  • Data analyst
  • Web developer
  • Translator
  • Project manager
  • Accountant
  • Online tutor
  • UX designer

There are no specific job limitations to work in Brazil as a digital nomad; applicants are only required to submit evidence of a foreign employment contract, a foreign contract for providing services if they’re self-employed, or any document indicating income associated with a foreign employer.

What do you need to qualify for a Brazil Digital Nomad Visa?

Qualifying for a Brazilian digital nomad visa requires satisfying the following requirements:

  • Proof of foreign employment: Provide evidence of a foreign work contract, a foreign contract for the provision of services, or any other document indicating income associated with an employer outside Brazil.
  • Proof of minimum income: Provide three months of bank statements proving a monthly income of at least $1,500 or a bank balance of $18,000.
  • Health insurance: Provide proof of medical insurance eligible for medical treatment in Brazil.

Documents Required for a Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa Application

e2 visa document checklistThe Brazil Digital Nomad Visa requirements include submitting a visa application form and additional documents:

  • Digital nomad visa application form
  • Valid passport with two blank pages
  • Declaration confirming the ability to perform work remotely
  • Passport-size photo with white background
  • Criminal record certificate, including criminal records in all countries of residency
  • Birth certificate
  • Work contract or proof of self-employment
  • Health insurance
  • Bank statements

Official documents must be original documents authenticated by your nearest Brazilian Consulate or Embassy in your home country and accompanied by a sworn translation.

Applying for a Brazil Digital Nomad Visa: Step-by-Step

Most foreign nationals can complete their application online to obtain a digital nomad in Brazil.

  1. Submit visa application:  Applicants submit their digital nomad application through an online form provided by the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  2. Submit the required documents: The required documents, including an employment contract, bank statement, and travel insurance, must be submitted by post to the nearest Brazilian Consulate or Embassy.
  3. Await preliminary evaluation: Once the documents have been received, they’re processed by a Brazilian Embassy or Consulate official to ensure they meet the requirements for the nomad visa.
  4. Pay the visa fee: Once your documents fulfill the validation checks, you’ll be emailed instructions on paying the required consular fee.
  5. Await processing: After you’ve paid the necessary visa fee, an Embassy official will process your application and stamp your passport with the relevant visa stamp.
  6. Receive your visa and travel to Brazil: After receiving your stamped passport, you can enter Brazil and apply for your temporary permit.
  7. Apply for your residence permit: Once you enter Brazil, you can register your intention to stay in the country by requesting a temporary residency permit from the Policia Federal (Federal Police of Brazil). The Federal Police also issue a CRNM (National Migratory Registry Card), which you will need to open a Brazilian bank account and rent an apartment.

Brazil Digital Nomad Visa processing time

The processing time for a Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa will vary depending on the country you’re applying from and the workload at the Brazilian Consulate. Applicants can expect to have their application processed and receive a visa within five to 30 days.

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Cost to Obtain a Brazil Digital Nomad Visa

The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa cost varies depending on the country. In the United States, the application fee for a Brazil Digital Nomad Visa is $290. The cost to obtain a Brazil Digital Nomad Visa in the UK is £261. Other costs to consider when applying for a digital nomad visa include the necessary fees to have official documents validated, fees for sworn translations, and medical insurance.

How long is a Brazil Digital Nomad Visa valid?

The Brazil Digital Nomad Visa length is one year and is renewable for a second year. Following the renewal of a nomad visa and residing in Brazil for two years, digital nomad visa holders must secure a new visa, such as a standard work visa or the Brazil Investor Visa, to extend their stay in the country.

Best Brazil Cities for Digital Nomads

Rio de Janeiro

Carnival, samba, and beautiful beaches symbolize Rio de Janeiro, but the city offers much more for digital nomads. Trendy and bohemian neighborhoods such as Botafogo and Santa Teresa have robust infrastructures, including a growing number of co-working spaces like WeWork and tech-friendly cafes.

São Paulo

São Paulo, known as New York of the south, is an economic hub, offering the optimal environment for individuals working remotely. There are numerous co-working hubs and office-sharing facilities across the city in neighborhoods like Vila Madalena, Bela Visa, and Pinheiros, and São Paulo hosts various tech-centric events covering fields such as innovation, cryptocurrency, and cybersecurity.


The ‘Magic Island’ offers a harmonious blend of work and leisure. There are numerous well-equipped Airbnb apartments and co-living options to work comfortably amidst lush landscapes and rich vegetation. Neighborhoods like Lagoa da Conceição and Campeche have large, growing digital nomad communities.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa

Do digital nomads pay tax in Brazil?

Obtaining a Brazilian Digital Nomad Visa doesn’t come with tax exemptions for remote workers; they must adhere to Brazilian tax regulations. Brazil imposes a territory-based taxation system on worldwide income, meaning remote workers may have to pay taxes in Brazil if they spend most of the year in Brazilian territory.

Can I work remotely in Brazil for a US company?

Americans and foreign nationals with remote jobs working for US companies can legally move to Brazil and conduct remote work if they meet the minimum required monthly income to obtain the Brazil Digital Nomad Visa and hold a health insurance policy valid for medical treatment in Brazil.

What is the remote work policy in Brazil?

There is no specific remote work policy in Brazil. Individuals visiting Brazil on a tourist visa are not permitted to work remotely; however, the Brazilian government has launched a digital nomad visa, enabling foreign nationals to enter Brazil and work remotely for a foreign company, provided their salary meets the minimum income threshold.

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