Argentina is a country rich in culture, history, and natural beauty. Known for its vibrant cities, breathtaking landscapes like Iguazu Falls, and world-class cuisine, it is no surprise that many people from around the world are drawn to make Argentina their home. Whether you are seeking a new adventure, looking for business opportunities, or simply want to immerse yourself in the Argentine way of life, obtaining citizenship in Argentina can be a life-changing experience. This article will explore the different ways to obtain citizenship in Argentina, including descent, naturalization, and investment. We will also delve into the benefits of being Argentine citizens. So, whether you are a foreign national looking to make Argentina your permanent home or are simply curious about the process of obtaining citizenship, read on to learn everything you need to know about how to become an Argentine citizen.

How to get Argentina citizenship in 2023?

Obtaining citizenship in Argentina can be a complex process, but there are several ways to do so. The most common ways to become Argentine citizens are through descent, naturalization, and investment.

Citizenship by descent

Citizenship by descent is among the most common ways to obtain Argentinian citizenship. You may be eligible for citizenship by descent if you have an Argentine-born parent or grandparent. To qualify for this type of citizenship, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Birth certificates for yourself, your Argentine-born parents, and/ or grandparents
  • Marriage certificates for your parents and grandparents (if applicable)
  • Argentine National Identity Document (Documento Nacional de Identidad, or DNI) or proof of registration with the Argentine authorities of your Argentine parent or grandparent

You can submit your application for citizenship by descent at an Argentine Embassy or Consulate in your country of residence. The processing time for citizenship by descent can take several months.

Citizenship by naturalization

Citizenship by naturalization is another way to obtain Argentinian citizenship. To qualify for citizenship by naturalization, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Have lived in Argentina for at least two years as a temporary resident
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Be proficient in Spanish
  • Pass a civics exam
Argentine citizenship

To begin the process of obtaining citizenship by naturalization, you must first obtain temporary residency in Argentina. This temporary residence can be done through various means, such as obtaining a work visa or investing in the country.

Once you have lived in Argentina for the required period of time, you can apply for permanent residency. After you have obtained permanent residency, you can apply for citizenship after two years.

It is important to note that the naturalization process can be complex, and it is recommended that you work with an immigration attorney or consultant to guide you through the temporary and permanent residency process to ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements.

Argentine citizenship by investment

Citizenship by investment

As of 2023, Argentina does not have a specific program for citizenship by investment. However, foreign nationals who invest in the country, such as in real estate or a local business here, can obtain a residence permit. It is possible that a citizenship-by-investment program may be introduced in the future.

Real estate, commercial, and financial assets are among the investment choices available for the Argentina Investor Visa. Purchases of residential or commercial properties can be made with a minimum investment of roughly $150,000 in real estate. With a minimum investment of roughly $15,000, a business investment might involve investing in an existing firm or launching a new one.

Argentine government bonds can be purchased with a minimum investment of roughly 1.5 million Argentine pesos, or $7000. The following factors may help these nations’ applications:

  • High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) with assets in excess of $1,000,000 may be prioritized
  • Being a leader in your profession and having a successful track record
  • Taking a profitable business and expanding it into Argentina

Before the residence by investment permit may be awarded, your investment proposal or business strategy must be approved. 

In general, the requirements for obtaining residency in Argentina through investment vary depending on the type and amount of investment. For example, to obtain a real estate visa, you must invest a minimum of $150,000 in real estate in Argentina.

Special cases

In some instances, individuals may be eligible for citizenship through special provisions. For example, refugees or stateless persons may be eligible for citizenship if they meet specific criteria. Argentina also allows for citizenship through marriage or adoption.

Overall, the process of obtaining citizenship in Argentina can be complex and may require the assistance of an immigration attorney, immigration agency, or consultant. It is essential to stay up-to-date on any changes to the citizenship requirements or processes.

Benefits of Argentine Citizenship

Obtaining citizenship in Argentina can provide a range of benefits beyond just the ability to live and work in the country. Here are some additional details about the benefits of Argentine nationality:

Benefits of Argentina Citizenship

The powerful Argentina passport

As mentioned, the Argentine passport is considered one of the most powerful in South America, with visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to over 164 countries and territories, including many developed nations. Argentina’s passport ranks 50th in the world as per Global Passport Index. This can make travel more convenient and affordable for citizens, as they only need to obtain visas for some countries.

Additionally, the Argentine passport is a biometric passport, which means that it includes a microchip containing the holder’s personal information and photo, making it more secure and less prone to fraud.

Argentina allows dual nationality

Argentina recognizes and allows dual nationality, which means you can simultaneously hold citizenship in Argentina and another country. This can be particularly beneficial for individuals who wish to maintain ties with their home country while enjoying the benefits of being an Argentinian national. Also, double citizenship can provide access to more opportunities, such as working or studying in both countries.

Your Argentine passports come with a MERCOSUR membership

MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market) is a regional trading bloc that includes Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela. As an Argentine citizen, you will automatically become a member of MERCOSUR, which can provide several benefits. 

For example, MERCOSUR members enjoy free trade and reduced tariffs on goods between the member states and countries, which can make it easier and more affordable to do business in the region. Additionally, MERCOSUR citizens can travel and work more easily within the member countries.

MERCOSUR was established in 1991 with the aim of promoting economic cooperation and integration between the member countries. MERCOSUR facilitates the free flow of goods, services, and investments between the member countries and promotes standard policies on trade, agriculture, industry, and other economic areas.

The MERCOSUR area includes:

  • Brazil
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay
  • Venezuela (currently under suspension)
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Ecuador
  • Guyana
  • Peru
  • Surinam

You can pass Argentina nationality to your child born abroad

If you are an Argentine citizen, you can pass your nationality down to your children, regardless of where they are born. This means that your children born overseas will also be eligible for an Argentine nationality passport and the benefits that come with it, such as visa-free travel and access to MERCOSUR membership.

Access to high-quality healthcare and education

You will have access to high-quality healthcare and education systems as Argentinian nationals. Argentina has a free public healthcare system and private healthcare options for all citizens. The country also has a strong public education system, which is free for all students, including non-citizens. This means that as an Argentine citizen, you and your family can access high-quality healthcare and education without having to pay exorbitant fees.

Overall, obtaining citizenship in Argentina can provide many benefits beyond just living and working in the country. From easy travel access to membership in a regional trading bloc and access to high-quality healthcare and education, there are many reasons why becoming an Argentine citizen may be a smart choice for those looking to improve their quality of life. 

How to obtain an Argentine passport?

The steps for obtaining a passport from Argentina are as follows:

  • Obtain Argentine nationality: To apply for a passport in Argentina, you must first be an Argentine citizen by descent, naturalization, or investment.
  • Schedule an appointment: Once you have obtained citizenship, you need to schedule an appointment with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to begin the passport application process.
  • Gather required documents: You will need to gather several documents, including your national ID card, proof of address, birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), and proof of payment for the passport fee.
  • Complete the application form: You will need to fill out the Argentine passport application form, which is available online or at the National Registry of Persons (Registro Nacional de las Personas or Renaper).
  • Submit the application: After completing the application form and gathering all required documents, you must submit your application to the Renaper office.
  • Wait for processing: The processing time for an Argentine passport can take up to 15 business days, so you should plan accordingly.
  • Pick up your passport: Once your passport is ready, Renaper will notify you. You can pick it up at the office or request that it be sent to you by mail.

It is important to note that the specific requirements and procedures for obtaining an Argentine passport may vary depending on your individual circumstances, so it is always best to check with the Argentine government or a legal professional for the most up-to-date information.


In conclusion, obtaining citizenship in Argentina can be a long and sometimes complicated process, but the benefits are certainly worth it. With an Argentine passport, you can enjoy the freedom to travel, work, and live in one of South America’s most vibrant and diverse countries.

Living in Argentina

As we have seen, there are several ways to obtain Argentina citizenship, including by descent, naturalization, and even through investment. Additionally, the benefits of Argentine nationality are numerous, including visa-free travel to many countries, the ability to hold double citizenship with other countries, and access to MERCOSUR membership.

Whether you are considering obtaining Argentina citizenship for personal or professional reasons, it is essential to remember that the process can be complex and requires careful planning and preparation. By following the steps outlined in this article and seeking guidance from experienced professionals, you can increase your chances of success and enjoy all the benefits that come with being an Argentine citizen.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Citizenship in Argentina

How to get citizenship in Argentina?

You can obtain citizenship in Argentina through birth in the country, marriage to an Argentine citizen, descent from an Argentine parent or grandparent, or through naturalization. The specific requirements and procedures for obtaining citizenship can vary based on individual circumstances.

Does Argentina offer dual citizenship?

Yes, Argentina allows dual citizenship. This means that individuals can simultaneously hold citizenship in Argentina and a second citizenship in another country without giving up either one.

How to get dual citizenship in Argentina?

To obtain dual citizenship in Argentina, you will need to meet the eligibility requirements for direct citizenship in both countries and follow the specific procedures for obtaining citizenship in each country. This may include submitting documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other supporting documents.

How long does it take to become a citizen in Argentina?

The processing time for citizenship applications in Argentina can vary, but you can typically apply for citizenship after two years of permanent residency in Argentina. The application timeline for citizenship takes several months, depending on the type of citizenship sought and the individual’s circumstances.

How does citizenship work in Argentina?

Citizenship in Argentina grants individuals the right to live, work, and vote in the country. It also provides access to social benefits and protection under the law. Citizenship can be obtained through various means, including birth, marriage, descent, and naturalization.

How strong is the Argentine passport?

The Argentine passport is considered influential, providing visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 164 countries and territories worldwide as of 2023.