Embarking on an international educational journey can be a life-changing experience, and the Golden Visa for Students offers a unique pathway to make this dream a reality. This visa program allows students to immerse themselves in diverse cultures, gain global perspectives, and enhance their academic credentials by studying abroad.

Unlike traditional student visas, the Golden Visa often provides additional benefits, such as the ability to travel freely within participating countries, work part-time during studies, and potentially settle in the host country after graduation. In this article, we’ll explore the options for getting an international education, what you need to qualify for the respective Golden Visa programs, and how they compare with each other.

What is the Golden Visa program for international students?

The Golden Visa program for international students is an innovative initiative designed to facilitate long-term residency for students pursuing higher education abroad.

cost of living in spain for students

Golden Visas offer extended residency benefits to students, allowing them to live, study, and sometimes work in the host country with more flexibility compared to standard student visas.

These visa programs are typically provided by countries looking to attract international talent and investment. Some of the benefits include multi-year residency permits, the ability to travel freely within the country or region, and the potential for permanent residency or citizenship after a certain period.

Students may also have part-time work rights to support their living expenses and gain work experience.

To be eligible, students generally need to be admitted to a recognized educational institution, demonstrate sufficient financial resources, and sometimes make an investment in local real estate or businesses.

The main goal of these programs is to enrich the host country’s educational, cultural, and economic landscape by welcoming international students who contribute to its diversity and innovation.

The Golden Visa for students is a comprehensive package that not only provides high-quality education but also enriches students’ global experiences and career prospects by offering them a secure and supportive environment to thrive.

Several countries offer Golden Visa programs that international students can benefit from, often as part of a broader initiative to attract foreign investment and talent. A few examples are Portugal, Spain, Greece and Malta.

5 Best Golden Visa for Students

Many outstanding students of this generation strive to do something to change their lifestyle and what could be a better option than making their career in a foreign nation with excellent education opportunities? However, when it comes to getting a student visa, things can get tricky.

There are always a lot of requirements that one has to fulfill in order to attain a temporary visa for students. Things become relatively easier if a parent owns a golden visa as this gives a chance for their children to pursue their high school or university education in a foreign country. A golden visa includes a lot of benefits, including a residency permit.

Below is a list of the countries which offer golden visa programs.

Republic of Ireland

Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Because of its strong economy, Ireland has become a hotspot for immigrants. They have designed an immigrant-friendly system that makes it easy for investors who want to invest in the country to get golden visa citizenship.

Investment Options

Those who are planning to invest in Ireland for a golden residency visa can put a minimum capital of €1,000,000 into an approved fund. The amount is refundable in 5 years. With this investment golden visa program, once they get the golden visa, they will become eligible for many benefits in the country.

If the investor has children who are university students and plan to go to a University in Ireland, the investor can get a discount of €50,000 from the investment fund.

Top Colleges

Ireland hosts two of the best-rated universities in Europe:

  • Trinity College
  • University College Dublin

United Arab Emirates

For aspiring students looking to pursue higher education in the UAE, the Golden Residence Permit Program is an essential avenue to explore. Administered by the UAE Ministry and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) Dubai, this initiative offers talented students the opportunity for long-term residency in the UAE, providing a conducive environment for academic growth and personal development.

Student residence permit

dubai golden residence visa golden visa programs uae government bachelor's degree residency visa requirements high school public schools visa for students port security five years start service tax benefits student visa golden visa application comparing golden visa programs country's golden visa program many golden visa programs golden visa valid service fee minimum capital investment abu dhabi department visa free travel local healthcare benefits residency visas retirement visa local education systems real estate 10 years port security investment decisions potential risks few months following criteria top students golden residence permit international classification work visas specific country vary depending unique requirements real estate high school student visa graduation certificate golden visa international universities visa free travel top students abu dhabi department student's cumulative gpaTo embark on this transformative journey, applicants must carefully review the eligibility criteria and gather the required documents. One of the essential prerequisites is being a high school graduate with a valid high school diploma or its equivalent, recognized by the UAE federal authority. Additionally, applicants must have a cumulative grade point average (GPA) that meets the standards set forth by the UAE Ministry.

Once these qualifications are met, applicants can begin the application process through the GDRFA Dubai website. It’s important to remember that while the program is open to students from both public and private schools, it is essential for private school applicants to ensure that their institution is licensed by the UAE federal authority.

The application process involves several steps, including the submission of transcripts and recommendation letters from teachers or academic advisors. Additionally, a recommendation letter from the general directorate of the private school, if applicable, is an important document to include. For those pursuing higher education at international universities, it is imperative to provide proof of acceptance into the desired institution.

As part of the process, applicants will be required to pay a service fee, along with any applicable residency fees. It is essential to carefully review the fee structure provided by the GDRFA Dubai to ensure that all costs are understood and accounted for. The fees are an investment in a future filled with academic excellence and professional growth.

Family members

dubai golden visaFor students applying with their families, the ability to sponsor dependents is an added benefit of the golden visa program. This means that siblings and parents can also qualify for long-term residency, creating an environment of support and unity for the entire family.

One of the key advantages of the golden visa program is the opportunity for students to work while studying. This allows them to gain valuable experience in their field of study, enhancing their skills and increasing their employability upon graduation. The program opens doors for students to not only excel academically but also to gain real-world experience that can be invaluable in their future careers.

It is a groundbreaking initiative that provides an exceptional platform for aspiring scholars. With carefully gathered paperwork, an understanding of the requirements, and a patient approach to the application process, students can embark on a transformative educational journey in one of the most dynamic and forward-thinking nations in the world. The golden visa program represents an investment not only in education but also in a future filled with endless possibilities and achievements.


The Portugal Golden Visa program—formerly the Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program—is a five-year residency by investment initiative for non-EU nationals. With it, qualifying investors and their family members are granted the right to live, work, and study in Portugal. The scheme was introduced by the government in 2012 as part of Portugal’s immigration move to boost foreign capital and benefit the Portuguese economy.

The Golden Visa investment program is among the most popular, with investors worldwide making contributions. Since its inception, over 20,000 Golden Passports have been awarded to families worldwide, and over €4 billion in funds have been raised.

One of the top benefits of the Golden Visa Program is having the right to live, study, and work in Portugal. As a Golden Visa holder, you can enjoy visa-free within the Schengen Area. In addition, after holding the Golden Visa for a certain period, you can apply for permanent residency in Portugal. Not to mention that Golden Visa holders are not required to spend a specific amount of time in Portugal each year, making it flexible for those who want to maintain residency without extensive physical presence.

On the contrary, one of the biggest drawbacks of the program is the cost. The visa has minimum investment requirements, which can be substantial.

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United States

The US doesn’t even need an introduction. Across the globe, there are people who dream to live in the USA for the quality of life the country offers. Millions around the world try to get US citizenship every year making it one of the top immigrant-friendly countries in the world.

Citizenship with investment

Anyone who is interested in Investment Visa In the USA can apply for their EB-5 program. It is one of the most popular investor visa programs in the world. Since its inception, the EB-5 program has approved around fifty thousand applications. You can invest a minimum of $800,000 in any government-approved projects in taking part in the Citizenship program.


Applicants who have invested in the USA will receive a green card which makes them eligible to live, work and get global education through citizenship in public or private schools in the USA.

The USA is the dream country for any university students who want to pursue their education in the world’s top universities. The USA is home to the world’s top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, and many more private schools.


A minimum grade donation of $150,000 as a national sponsor for a family of four or above can grant you the residency permit of Antigua, which enables the investor to travel freely to 100 countries around the world.


Antigua recently introduced the CBI option, which provides a one-year free scholarship which means those who are eligible can go to the college for free for a whole year. This makes it one of the best options for those outstanding students who are looking for a more affordable, and very good, education in a foreign country.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Student Golden Visa

How can a student get gold visa in UAE?

To study in the UAE, outstanding students with promising scientific capabilities can try to apply for the UAE golden visa.

Also, if you are planning to invest in order to get a golden visa then you can reach out to the federal authority for identity UAE and invest a minimum of AED 10 million.

Federal authority for identity and citizenship will review your golden visa application and grant you a golden visa if you are eligible by the UAE implemented laws.

Check out our article, How to Get UAE Citizenship? Expert Guide, for more information.

Who qualifies for the golden visa in Dubai?

To study in the Dubai, UAE, exceptional students with promising marks who rank top in the country are eligible to apply for UAE golden visas as per the UAE government.

UAE ministry of education and foreigners affairs will review your eligibility in order to grant you a golden visa.

How much is a student visa in UAE?

Bright students and distinguished and talented people who are looking for long-term residence visas on the UAE’s Mainland will have to pay AED100 fee for the first time issuing and renewal of golden services.

Can you get a visa without a sponsor?

If you have attained national-level distinction in high school, with a minimum grade of 95% in a public or private secondary school, you may be eligible for a Golden visa that is valid for 5 years without the need for a sponsor. However, to apply for this visa, you will need to submit a recommendation letter from the Ministry of Education (Emirates Schools Establishment).

Are family members allowed to join students who have a Golden Visa?

It is usually permissible for family members to accompany the primary applicant who has acquired residency through a Golden Visa program. One of the appealing aspects of these programs is that they are tailored to individuals who want to relocate with their families or guarantee that their families can take advantage of their investments and new residency status.

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