Turkey Passport Power & Ranking 2023

What makes a strong passport? Global Citizen Solutions launched a brand new Global Passport Index to measure the true value of a passport, incorporating investment opportunities and quality of life factors, alongside visa-free access and mobility perks. We used exclusive data collected from the likes of the World Bank, World Economic Forum, and the Sustainable Development Report to create a well-rounded and accurate account of the most powerful passports. When it comes to Turkey passport power, the transcontinental country is ranked as the 95th most powerful passport in the world, and the 13th highest ranked passport in Asia, according to our Global Passport Ranking Index.

Turkey Passport Ranking 2023

Whether it is to keep financial assets safe, live in another country, or seek the best investment options, there are many reasons to seek second citizenship. So, how is the Turkish passport positioned in terms of travel, investment, and relocation?

Our Global Passport Ranking is divided into three standalone indexes, with Turkey performing differently in each index.

1. The Enhanced Mobility Index:

Holds the most weight (50%) and is based on the number of countries that the passport holder has access to, alongside the level of “attractiveness” in terms of quality of life standards.

Turkey’s Ranking: 96th

2. The Investment Index:

Holds 25% of the overall calculation and is based on the country’s economic strength, looking at financial prosperity and ease to do business.

Turkey’s Ranking: 78th

3. The Quality of Life Index:

Holds 25% of the overall calculation. Six components related to the quality of life are covered under this index – sustainable development, cost of living, level of happiness, environmental performance, freedom, and migrant acceptance.

Turkey’s Ranking: 126th

For more information, see Turkey’s country profile here.

For more information, see Turkey’s country profile.

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Turkey passport power: Enhanced mobility

Turkey has a rich culture, bordering both Asia and Europe, with influences from each side. As a hot tourist destination, with a myriad of unique sites to visit, the country is regularly in the top ten countries in the world to visit. There are many more perks to having a Turkish passport, however – a Turkish passport holder has visa-free access, including visa-on-arrival, to 126 counties (out of 198 countries), landing Turkey the 78th position in the Enhanced Mobility Index.

Turkish citizens will need a visa to access most European countries and Schengen member states.Alongside this, citizens need a United Kingdom visa, Canada visa, and USA visa  to access the respective countries. However, countries that Turkish citizens have visa-free or easy access to include South Korea, most South American countries, and many African countries, amongst others.

Turkey passport power: Investment opportunities

Turkey attracts all sorts of foreign investors. This is because the country offers a stable economic climate, with good growth rates and numerous investment opportunities.

Turkey’s Gross National Income (GNI) per capita is $27.660 and personal taxation stands at 35%. Although the markets and innovation are not as strong as in some other countries, there are still good options to be found. Some profitable options for foreign investments in Turkey that offer strong rates of return include real estate, IT, and technology.

Turkey passport power: quality of life

The cost of living in Turkey is very low, which is a benefit to living in this Eurasian country. Alongside this, Turkey has a ‘high’ level of sustainable development. Turkey has medium levels of environmental performance and happiness levels, and low levels of freedom and migrant acceptance, reasons as to why Turkey slips down the rankings to 126th.

World’s most powerful passports

The US comes out on top of the pack as having the strongest passport in the world. This is followed by Germany (2nd), Canada (3rd), Netherlands (4th), Denmark (5th), Sweden (6th), UK (7th), Finland (8th), Norway (9th), and New Zealand (10th).

In the Asian continent, the most powerful passports in the world are: 

How to get second citizenship?

Securing citizenship by investment is becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. Many countries now provide such schemes, where you are able to gain citizenship through making a minimum investment into a country’s economy, thus benefiting the host country and creating better financial and personal freedoms for yourself and your family.

Global Citizen Solutions is a boutique global citizenship and residence advisory firm, providing citizenship and residency solutions to international clients. Contact us today to begin your journey to obtain true global citizenship.

Some of the countries that we currently offer citizenship or residency by investment are the following:

About the Global Passport Index

While mobility is evidently a fundamental aspect of a passport, we believe that to rank passports solely based on this is somewhat one-dimensional. We wanted to include investment opportunities and quality of life factors into the mix – two aspects that we feel are crucial to uncovering the true strength of a passport.

To create our Global Passport Index, quantitative data like composite indicators were used to analyze specific criteria that determine the attractiveness of a passport. The ranking is based on data from various institutions and multilateral organizations, such as the World Bank, the World Economic Forum, and The Sustainable Development Report, and was put together in collaboration with senior analysts.

Our full methodology can be found here.


How to get citizenship in Turkey?

Global Citizen Solutions now offers a citizenship-by-investment program for Turkey. For citizenship-by-investment in Turkey, you will need to make an investment in real estate, a bank deposit, a capital investment, investment into government bonds, or in the creation of full-time jobs. Our full guide to citizenship-by-investment in Turkey can be found here.

We offer a service tailored to your specific needs. Our team of experts is ready to help you with your application, working diligently from start to finish to ensure a successful application.

Discover more about the most powerful passports in our Global Passport Index.

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