Global Citizen Solutions, a leading firm in Caribbean citizenship by investment for Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, and St Lucia, was welcomed to lead discussions at the Caribbean Investment Migration Summit (CIS24) in Grenada from 22 to 25 May 2024. 

The Caribbean Investment Migration Summit gathers the most senior representatives from the entire investment migration industry including: 

  • Political leaders 
  • Government leadership of CBI jurisdictions 
  • Marketing executives 
  • Service providers 
  • Industry leaders 

Well-known for its focus on encouraging dialogue among key stakeholders, the summit creates an opportunity to debate and examine pioneering models for development and sustainability in investment migration, as well as revolutionary CBI products and processes. 

Global Citizen Solutions at CIS24

Day one saw Senior Immigration Consultant at Global Citizen Solutions, Joe Rice, a leading Caribbean investment migration expert, invited onto a panel discussing the CBI product and processes needed to adapt to the industry’s evolving market, thereby enhancing the experience for both investors and participating nations.

Joe Rice CIS24Joe Rice, Global Citizen Solutions Senior Immigration Consultant speaking at the CIS24 panel

The day one panel addressed the following topics:

  • CBI evolution over the last decade, including shifts in investor demographics, motivations, barriers, preferences, and expectations
  • The necessity of CBI evolution and anticipating market changes
  • Technological innovation in CBI products and processes to determine how to enhance transparency and trust while meeting new market demands

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Day two saw the Head of International Development at Global Citizen Solutions, Adalberto Pucca, invited speak alongside other key stakeholders, including Thomas Anthony, CEO of Investment Migration Agency Grenada (IMA), and McClaude Emmanuel, CEO of St Lucia Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU).

adalberto-pucca-cis24Adalberto Pucca, Head of International Development at Global Citizen Solutions speaking at the CIS24 panel

With a wealth of knowledge in the investment migration industry and expanding into new markets, Adalberto Pucca offered insights to discussions on the development and sustainability of investment migration in the Caribbean.

The day two panel debated the following topics:

  • Establishing post-citizenship relationships between participating nations and new citizens
  • New investment models delivering solutions key development areas
  • Aligning economic progress with sustainability goals, ensuring sustainable economic and social development

Global Citizens Solutions Engagement within Investment Migration

CIS24 was an excellent opportunity for Global Citizen Solutions to connect with existing industry contacts, government representatives, and future investors. Through collaboration and knowledge exchange with fellow conference participants, Global Citizen Solutions enhanced its insights into the challenges and trends that are shaping the global investment migration industry.

These interactions not only reinforced existing partnerships but also paved the way for new collaborations aimed at boosting the appeal and application process of CBI programs.

Global Citizens Solutions Dedication to Excellence

The CIS24 conference further cements Global Citizen Solutions’ reputation as a dedicated and industry-leading investment migration company. Through proactive contributions to discussions regarding development, resilience, and innovation, the company remains at the forefront of shaping the future of CBI programs.

Artur Saraiva CIS24Artur Saraiva, Global Citizen Solutions Partner, with Thomas Anthony, Head of IMA Grenada

Why use Global Citizen Solutions?

Global Citizen Solutions is a multidisciplinary firm offering bespoke residence and citizenship solutions in Europe and the Caribbean. In a world where the economy and politics are unpredictable, having a second citizenship opens up opportunities and creates flexibility for you and your family.

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  • Global approach by local experts: We are corporate members of the Investment Migration Council, with local expertise in all five Caribbean CBI programs.
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