IMPORTANT UPDATE: As of 1 November 2020, Cyprus cancelled its popular citizenship by investment program. This means that investors will no longer be able to acquire Cypriot citizenship and a passport by investment directly. However, the Cyprus Golden Visa provides an alternative path to permanent residency through investment. Those still looking for European citizenship can apply to the Malta citizenship program, which offers a direct investment route to a Maltese passport.

Citizenship by investment in the perfect sunny winter getaway...

Global Citizen Solutions and ATS Cyprus Consultants invite you to join them and learn about Cyprus’ attractive golden visa programme and its investment opportunities.

To attend the Cyprus showcase event, register your interest on [email protected]

A global lifestyle in the financial centre of the Mediterranean with an attractive tax system, the island of Cyprus is an oasis of opportunity for those interested in investing in the country and acquire EU citizenship.

On 29th November, the UK’s specialists in global citizenship, Cypriot lifestyle, law and real estate will gather at the Hyatt Churchill (30 Portman Sq, W1H 7BH) to share all the benefits this island offers the right investor.

This event is an unmissable opportunity to learn how the restructuring of its key economic sectors provides investors with confidence that investing in Cyprus will yield profitable returns.

Speakers include:

  • ATS consultants to explain the programme and all legal requirements to invest in the country
  • A representative from APS Holding, partly owned by Hellenic Bank, discussing tax and property investment
  • The governmental agency: Invest in Cyprus

Why invest in Cyprus?

The 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean with impeccable lifestyle credentials provides potential residents with a reputable abundance of sun, a rich history, highly skilled population and strategic geographical location. The economic outlook for the country remains positive, and new market stability has emerged in the real estate sector with the rise of designer luxury villas boasting their own private yacht docking.

Cyprus has also positioned itself as the financial centre of the Mediterranean and offers the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU, among several unique lifestyle benefits. The result? A desirable locale to conduct business and set up home.

Invest in Cyprus - Showcase Event


Hyatt Churchill, 30 Portman Square, W1H 7BH


1st session at 9:30am 2nd session at 6:30pm

Register interest on [email protected]

Why Cyprus?

  • Cyprus has the lowest corporate tax rate in the entire European Union – currently standing at 12.5%.
  • No inheritance tax.
  • Ideal for families and students, it has a world-class education system, to which 7% of the country’s GDP is directed every year.
  • Low cost of living, coupled with a high standard of living.
  • Fastest and least complicated route to European citizenship.
  • No language requirement or medical exam.
  • 90% of the population speaks English
  • Ranked #32 in Forbes Best Countries for Business Index out of 139 nations (2016)