The United States is known as the land of opportunity, where anyone, no matter who they are, can achieve anything they set their minds to. This country offers its citizens countless opportunities, such as cost of living, infrastructure, environmental sustainability, and personal and political freedoms. These factors have each helped cement the US position as having one of the most desirable passports in the world. According to the Global Citizen Solutions Global Passport Index, the US passport ranks in second position for its travel, investor, and relocation advantages.

Many people want to move to the US because they believe they will be able to achieve their goals and take advantage of the many career opportunities on offer. Indeed, with a US passport, you have all that is needed to fully experience the “American Dream”.

One of the most frequently asked questions when applying for a 2023 passport is the cost of a US passport and whether or not passport fees will change. We advise you to keep an eye on this page as we’ll keep you up to speed on the cost of the US passport and any updates.

What is the cost of a US passport?

What is the cost of a passport? It is determined by the type of passport service you wish to apply for and the speed with which your passport will be processed. 

Before diving into the passport costs, please keep in mind that passport fees are subject to change. The prices listed below are current as of 2023. Also, note that passport fees will vary depending on how quickly you need your passport and the type of passport required. Expedited passports delivered by third-party couriers can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to 9 weeks or more.

Passport Fees and Prices

The US passport is one of the most powerful passports in the world, and therefore applying for it may not be the easiest procedure. The fees listed on this page apply to passport applicants and passport renewals in the United States, as well as to Canadians renewing by mail. If you want to apply for or renew your United States passport in another country, please go to the website of the nearest US Embassy or US Consulate.

Below, there is a table with the types of passport and their fees to make your research easier:

Type of passportStandard 10-12 weeks feeAcceptance agent feeTotal fees
New passport (adult)$130$35$165
Passport renewal$130NA$130
Passport replacement (if it was damaged, stolen, or lost)$130$35$165
Adult passport card$30$35$65
Minor (child) passport$100$35$135
Child passport card$15$35$50
Second duplicate passport$130NA$130

All fees to pay

For adults older than 16 years of age who apply for the first time

How much is a US passport for adults? Take a look at the table below. You will have to pay two times: one fee for an application and another one for acceptance.

Apply forFormFee for ApplicationFee for Acceptance
Passport cardDS-11$30$35
Passport bookDS-11$130$35
Both the passport book and cardDS-11$160$35

For adults older than 16 years of age who want to renew their passport

Adult renewal applicants who are 16 y.o and older must apply by mail. Because their previous passport was issued before they turned 16, most applicants aged 16-17 must apply in person using Form DS-11. 

Apply forFormFee for the application
Passport cardDS-82$30
Passport bookDS-82$130
Both passport card and bookDS-82$160

Applying for a child’s passport if the child is under 16 y.o

Your child needs to have a passport if he or she is traveling abroad. Note that US passports are visa-free to 173 countries. Also, children must apply in person. There are two child’s passport fees to pay: An application fee and an acceptance fee. 

Apply forFormFee for the applicationFee for acceptance
Passport cardDS-11$15$35
Passport bookDS-11$100$35
Both passport card and bookDS-11$115$35

For correcting or changing your passport

If you need a name change, you can use the special passport fee calculator to understand how much you should pay. The calculator is presented on the secure travel government’s official website. 

You should also submit a special form, and the type of form to submit may change as it depends on your circumstances. You may complete either Form DS-504, DS-82, or DS-11. To know which form you need to fulfill, you should also visit the official, secure travel government website of the US.

If you need to correct a data error, the fee is $0, and the form to submit is DS-5504.

When you need your passport quickly or use the special service

Expedited service. It costs $60. This service is available for US applicants and for eligible US citizens residing in Canada who renew their passports by mail and using the DS-82 Form. 

A fee is not charged to make appointments. Consider the request to be false if you are asked to pay for the appointment. 

1-2 day delivery. You will receive your passport within 1-2 days and it requires an additional fee of $19.53. Include the fee along with your passport fee in a check or money order to pay to the United States Department of State for the quickest return shipping. This service is not offered to customers applying for a passport card only. Cards are sent via First Class Mail.

File search. It costs $150. Visit the official travel government website for more information and request a file search.

Different payment forms are accepted depending on the place you are applying from

If you apply at a passport acceptance facility, it can be either a government office, post office, or library. You need to contact the facility to check if it is open. Those who need to apply at the post office have to do it directly on the US Postal Service website.

To cover the cost of the application and any additional services, such as expediting your application:

  • Submit your money order payable to the US Department of State, or submit your check (it can be either certified, personal, cashier’s, or traveler’s).
  • No credit or debit cards are accepted.
  • After you have applied, do not cancel your money order and check.

A separate $35 fee will be charged by the acceptance facility:

  • Money orders are accepted at all locations, payable as directed by the facility.
  • Credit cards are accepted at some US postal facilities and other locations. Please keep in mind that the facility may charge a surcharge to pay the expenses of a card payment.
  • Some locations accept personal checks and cash (exact change).

Before you apply, find out what kind of payment your acceptance facility will accept.

Renew passport by mail

Do you know whether you are eligible to renew your passport by mail or not? There are four statements about your passport allowing you to renew it by mail. 

  1. You have your passport in possession to submit it with the application.
  2. The passport looks new, or at least undamaged. 
  3. You received it when you were 16 y.o. and older, within the last 15 years. 
  4. The passport is issued in your current name. Or you have a document with your name change.

If any of the statements do not match your situation, you can’t apply by mail, and you need to apply in person. 

To apply by mail:

  1.     Use the Form DS-82

Remember that there is a Form Filler that selects the suitable form which is based on the data you input. Also, present your Social Security number if you have one. If you do not have this number, submit a signed and dated statement including the following phrase “I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the following is true and correct: I have never been issued a Social Security Number by the Social Security Administration.”

It is possible to request a 52-page passport book with no extra fee. For this, check the ‘large book’ box at the top of the DS-82. You can also renew the passport card and book, or both of them.

Complete all pages of the DS-82 Form, sign it, and put the date. Print it single-sided as the double-sized will not be accepted.

Tips for renewing if you stay in Canada: you can skip including the Canadian Social Insurance Number when fulfilling the form in place of the US Social Security number.

  1.     Submit your earliest passport

It is mandatory to submit your most recent passport with the application. Keep in mind that for this, your passport card or book must follow all requirements listed above.

You will receive back your old passport card or book. However, it normally will arrive back to you separately.

  1.     If it applies to you, include name change documents

Provide a copy (it must be certified) of your legal name change document if your name is different from the name on your recent passport at the moment of applying. The document can be either a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court-ordered proof of a name change.

You will receive back your name change document in the new passport`s mailing.       

Tips for renewing if you are in Canada:

If you hold a divorce decree from Canada and it does not require a spouse to return to go back to their previous name, it is necessary to present proof of your birth or that previous name. For instance, this can be the original or certified copy of your birth document.

Present a photo

Add a photo to your application. Ensure your photo meets all needed requirements to avoid delays in processing:

  • The photo must be stapled to the application with four staples put vertically in the corners. It should be as close to the outer edges as it is possible.
  •  No need to bend the photo.
  • Do not wear eyeglasses on your passport photo. The only exception is when you have a note signed by your doctor allowing you to include it in the application.

Calculate the fee

The fees are recommended to be included in the money order or a personal check.

Passport card$30DS-82
Passport book$130DS-82
Both passport book and card$160DS-82

Send by mail

When your application is completed, mail it and include your recent passport, photo, and fees. If applicable, add the name change document. There are a few addresses to where you need to send your application. The choice of each of them depends on your city of residence and the desirable terms of receiving the passport.

Use the United States Postal Service (USPS) for mailing if you live in the US. Those living in Canada can use the Post of Canada. FedEx, UPS, and DHL shipping services are not recommended to be used, because your application can be returned. Only USPS and Post of Canada can ship the addresses listed on the DS-82 Form to the PO Box. 

Routine Service

For people living in Florida, New York, California, Illinois, Texas, or Minnesota.

  • National Passport Processing Center
  • Post Office Box 640155
  • Irving, TX 75064-0155 

For people living in any other state or Canada.

  • National Passport Processing Center
  • Post Office Box 90155
  • Philadelphia, PA 19190-0155 

Expedited Service

There will be an extra fee for any state or Canada. Outside of the envelope write “EXPEDITE”.

  • National Passport Processing Center
  • Post Office Box 90955
  • Philadelphia, PA 19190-0955

Track the status of your application

It is possible to track the application status online. Keep in mind that it can take two weeks until you get the “in process” status. The application is delivered to the mail office during these two weeks, processed, scanned, and sent to the final destination. Don`t worry if you see the “not available” status! It means that your application and additional identity documents are safe and on the way to the final point. 

Payment for the renewal application and other services:

  • Send the money order or check (can be certified, personal, traveler’s, or cashier’s) to the US Department of State.
  • After finishing the application, do not cancel the money order or check. You may need to pay extra.
  • If you are staying in Canada and renewing your passport by mail, pay by money order or check in US dollars and through the bank from the US.
  • Online payments are not available at the moment. However, some companies may charge you to fill out your US passport application form. A good way to ensure this is by reading the company`s disclaimers on their website, as they are not allied with the Department of State.

Apply or renew your passport at the passport agency

Passport agencies and centers provide two sorts of appointments: emergency assistance and rapid travel services. You must make a phone call to book one of them. Follow the application instructions on each department and center’s website.

What is the appointment procedure? The online booking mechanism for the emergency travel service has been deactivated to ensure a very restricted number of appointments for applicants in need of emergency travel. You must call if you want to make a new appointment or alter an existing one. This modification solely applies to appointments at the United States Department of State’s 26 passport offices and centers. This modification does not affect the procedure of scheduling a passport pick-up appointment in post offices, libraries, and other local government institutions.

Why are they making this change? This adjustment was implemented to address third-party difficulties with online appointment booking utilizing automated programs or bots. Then, sell those appointments to people that require immediate travel. There are no booking costs, regardless of third-party reservation services.

All available appointments are booked within minutes of being posted online by third parties. Many of you will be unable to attend urgent appointments as a result of this. It also makes determining whether your appointment is authentic or false challenging.

When you phone the department directly, you will have a better chance of getting an appointment because:

  • A call center agent will offer you relevant verification information. The personnel will check on the day of your appointment, and if you are not the true appointee, you will be refused on your appointment day.
  • Personalized confirmation information will assist in legally validating your appointment. You will not be fooled, rest assured.
  • This new procedure will prevent third-party services from making appointments.
  • If you cancel or alter your appointment, it will be given to a new client who phones to arrange an appointment. Your appointment cannot be transferred to another client.
  • If you cannot wait, arrange an appointment with a customer care agent. There is more personnel to manage the increasing call load, and the phone menu has been modified to assist in improving the experience and cutting waiting times.

How to cancel an appointment?

If you need to cancel the appointment, transmit the National Passport Information Center’s appointment confirmation email to [email protected] with the subject line “Cancel My Appointment.” Do not include any queries or requests for status updates. Or send an email to change or book your appointment because these inquiries will not be addressed.

You can pay using:

  • Credit Cards. Their list includes Mastercard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.
  • Debit Cards. They include the cards displaying the MasterCard and Visa.
  • Money orders. International. US Postal, and currency exchanges, payable to the US Department of State.
  •  Checks. Personal, cashiers, certified, travelers, payable to the US State Department.
  •  Cash. Only the exact amount and no change transactions.
  •  Pre-paid credit card or a gift card displaying the MasterCard and Visa.

After registering, do not cancel checks or money orders because you may have to pay more.

Apply outside the United States

If you apply for a passport outside of the United States, the process will not be like applying inside the country. When it is possible to apply for a passport by mail in the US, people in other countries should visit the US embassy or consulate. Each of them has its own set of rules when it comes to submitting and processing documents. In some countries, you may be able to use the mail service. If you need more information, visit the website of the U.S. embassy or consulate.

When living outside the United States and having to get a US passport, getting in touch with the US embassy or consulate is the first thing to do. Choose the nearest one and get all the information and forms to request your adult passport. Below are the application steps explained.

Fill out the form. Select the form, fill it out, and print. In case of having the most recent passport, use Form DS-82. For this, your adult passport should be submitted with your application, issued when you were at the age of 16 and older, within the last 15 years; there is your current name (alternatively, you can use the original or copy of your marriage license, divorce order, or court order to record your name change).

Use Form DS-11 if none applies to you.

Show evidence of your US citizenship and provide its photocopy. There are two ways for this: submitting via the DS-82 and DS-11 Forms. 

Form DS-82

  •  US passport: undamaged, valid, and maybe expired;
  • US birth certificate (issued by the place of birth; with your full name, date, and place of birth, parent(s)` full names; with the date and signature filed by the registrar’s office within one year of birth; with the issuing authority`s seal);
  • Certificates of Naturalization and Citizenship;
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth.

Present original or certified copy. Note that notarized copies and photocopies will not be accepted.

Form DS-11

Submit your most recent passport along with your application. Your old passport and/or card will be returned to you.

Submit a copy of your US citizenship certificate. Preferably the front and back, if the information is printed this way.

  • 8.5″ x 11″ on regular white paper;
  • Readable;
  • Single-sided;
  • In black and white colors.

If you do not want to provide a copy of the evidence of your citizenship, do a certified copy. The authority will keep a second copy of your proof of citizenship if you submit it. Your passport application may be set back if you do not submit a second copy or a photocopy of the citizenship evidence.

Provide your ID with its photocopy (only DS-11). Present to the acceptance agent one of the identity documents (IDs). Their primary function is to identify you.

  • Valid or expired, undamaged US passport card or book (expired or valid, must be undamaged); Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship;
  • Military dependent or US military ID;
  • The ID of a government employee (city, county, state, or federal);
  • Green Card, or US Permanent Resident Card, is mainly used by a parent of a U.S. citizen child applicant;
  • Driver’s license or enhanced driver’s license with photo, fully valid and in-state;
  • The valid foreign passport you currently have;
  • Mexican Consular ID, mainly used by a parent of a U.S. citizen child applicant;
  • Trusted Traveler IDs, including NEXUS cards, valid Global Entry, SENTRI, FAST.
  • Native American tribal photo IDs and Enhanced Tribal Cards.

There are also valid in-state non-driver IDs, valid in-state learner’s permits, or temporary driver’s licenses. All of them must have a photo. When presenting one of these three documents you might need to present an additional ID. 

You can also submit a DS-11 photocopy. It should be on the front and back of each ID presented when applying. The photocopy must be on white paper, the 8 1/2 x 11 inches size. Decreasing the image size and double-sided photocopies is not allowed.

Inform about the special circumstances. There might be more requirements if some of the next categories apply to your situation:

  • You are a child under 16 or 16-17 y.o;
  • You owe a child support;
  • Limited-validity passport replacement;
  • You hold the diplomatic, official, or another issuance passport;
  • Gender marker selection;
  • Name change;
  • Theft or loss of a previous passport.

Present your photo. There must be a photo attached to your application. You should meet all the requirements for this photo. The US passport photo requirements may differ from other countries.

Pay the passport fees, and submit the application. To see the payment fees and methods, visit the website of your consulate or embassy, complete the application and submit it.

Explanation of US passport fees 2023

Acceptance Agent Fee – acceptance agents, who are generally post or court clerks, are permitted to “rule” on the passport application. They will authenticate the applicant’s identification, analyze the documents submitted, and witness signatures, which is necessary for new adult and minor passports and passport replacements. The price is $35, which you must pay when you meet with a clerk or postal worker. Fees are normally payable in cash, check, money order, or credit card.

Lost, stolen, or damaged passport replacement – the application price is $130, the execution charge is $35, and the total fee is $165.00. 

New passport for adults older than 16 y.o. – the overall price for a new adult passport is $165, which includes a $130 application charge and a $35 processing fee. 

Passport Cards for adults older than 16 y.o. – there is a $30 application fee and a $35 execution charge. The total cost is $65. This is only applicable if you require a passport card and you have never possessed a passport before. If you already have a passport, you can apply for a passport card by mail using Form DS-82 and avoid paying processing costs. 

Passport Cards for children less than 16 y.o. – application fees are $15, and execution fees are $35. The entire price is $50.

Passports for children less than 16 y.o. – for a total of $135, the application price is $100, and the execution charge is $35.

Passport renewal by mail – the US passport renewal fee remains $130 if you renew via mail. There is a passport renewal fee for 10 years and it is only acceptable for adult passports, which are less than five years old, and in good condition.

Passport card by mail – because no execution charge is required, the cost remains identical at $30.

Expedited passport service – if you need to travel in less than 8-11 weeks, the post office’s standard processing period for expedited passports can take only 5-7 weeks. Other possibilities apply if you want a passport even more quickly. Such an option will require an extra fee. In addition, overnight transportation to and from the passport office will be provided as well.

What are the prices to get a US passport faster?

The price of a passport varies based on the service you desire, the speed of processing your application, and other services that you may require. People may have to pay an additional fee to obtain a passport, which is sometimes overlooked.

There are three additional charges. First, applicants can pay an extra $60 to have their passport application expedited. This will shorten the processing time by several weeks. When applying in person at a local authority, you might request urgent assistance, renewal through mail, or at a regional passport office.

Another special service is only offered to new passport applicants who lack evidence of citizenship but have previously received a passport. Document searches for these candidates are available for $150. Passport Services will examine their records for US citizenship information for this candidate.

The last approach to speed up the receipt of a new passport is to dispatch it within 1-2 days. This service currently costs $19.53. Please keep in mind that this applies exclusively to passport books. Visa First Class Mail is used to send passport cards. If you want travel documents quickly, you may have to pay for this service.

Would you request these extras? If this is the case, you must add these amounts to the needed fees.

For example, an adult goes to the application site to get a new passport. Those who wish to speed up the procedure and receive a new passport as soon as possible will be charged four separate costs:

  • Application Fee – $110
  • Expedited Service Fee – $60
  • Execution Fee – $35
  • 1-2 Day Delivery – $17.13
  • Total is $222.13

All processing costs will be paid to the agency that accepts the application, while all other payments will be paid to the United States Department of State. However, these are not the only expenses that candidates will face.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current cost of a US passport?

A first-time adult applicant (using a DS-11) will pay a total of $165. The passport renewal fee for adults is $130. The total charge for minor passport book applications will be $135.

How much does it cost to get a US passport for the first time?

A first-time adult applicant will pay a total of $165. In addition, you must submit your completed application in person at a passport acceptance center, together with citizenship proof, a photocopy of your ID, a photo, and costs.