Online Consultation and Onboarding Fees

Terms and Conditions

This payment is non-refundable.
Once your payment has been confirmed, you must complete our client registration questionnaire form online.
The link to our questionnaire is will also be sent to you by email.
A member of our team will contact you between 9 am and 6 pm (GMT + 0) to confirm your booking and schedule a suitable time for you to speak with the tax specialist between normal working hours (9 am – 6 pm GMT +0).
You will be given the option to speak via phone, video conferencing, or meet at our offices in Lisbon.
Should you require to re-schedule your 1-hour consultation, you should give us notice by email in no less than 48 hours.
We will subsequently rebook your appointment according to the next available time slots.
Failure to communicate your absence or unavailability in less than 48 hours may result in your appointment being canceled.

Confirm that all the information provided by me is correct and up-to-date;

Undertake to immediately inform you, as the service provider, of any material changes in writing;
Agree to provide all the documentation about me, the person I represent, and the transactions, as might be requested;

Understand and consent that the information provided in this form and the questionnaire, and any documentation provided may be disclosed to third parties that are engaged to carry out due diligence, and specifically authorize such third parties to process and record such data to ensure compliance with all legal service provider is subject; and

Consent to the disclosure of the information provided in this form and any documentation provided to judicial, law enforcement, and regulatory authorities, where the service provider is legally required to do so.


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