Big decisions like relocation require thorough research. That’s why Global Citizen Solutions recently launched the Global Intelligence Unit (GIU), a free, online information hub that provides data-driven insights to help people plan their move to Portugal.

Thanks to collaborative partnerships and an in-house team of experts, GIU produces valuable, and empowering content – in one place.

“U.S. Citizens Retirement Trends Study” is the first report published by GIU. Drawing on public data, academic research, expert opinions, and industry insights, the study ranks the 16 best destinations for Americans to retire and explores the key factors motivating US retirees to live abroad.

Below is a first-hand preview of the report’s most valuable insights.

GIU Case Study Report | U.S. Retirement Trend

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Planning for retirement is incredibly important for ensuring financial stability and an enjoyable, fulfilling life post-employment. Recognizing the significance of this life stage, the Global Intelligence Unit completed a thorough study on retirement trends among US citizens.

Report findings

The company evaluated eight key indicators across three of the main categories, namely:

  • Quality of life – healthcare, climate and flight accessibility
  • Security and integration – English proficiency, security and migrant acceptance
  • Economics – overall cost of living and taxation

This comprehensive study ranks the 16 best international destinations for American retirees and highlights emerging trends in international retirement migration (IRM). The top five destinations from this study.



Quality of Life Score

Security and Integration Score

Economics Score

Total Score














Costa Rica

















Key findings from the U.S. Citizens Retirement Trends Study

  • Spain and Portugal are the leading destinations according to the categories
  • Portugal offers more favorable tax arrangements
  • Costa Rica offers a better overall cost of living, but Portugal and Spain provide a higher quality of life
  • Overall, there is a growing interest for U.S. citizens to obtain a second citizenship

“As we put our focus on the American diaspora, according to the Association of Americans Resident Overseas (AARO), it is estimated that there are about 5.4 million American citizens living outside of the U.S., indicating a robust and continuing trend of American presence worldwide,” said Dr. Laura Madrid, leader of Global Citizen Solutions’ research team within the Global Intelligence Unit.

“Unlike traditional diasporas, which often begin as a result of economic hardships, conflicts, or forced migration, the American diaspora is largely a phenomenon of expatriation where individuals choose to live abroad for a variety of reasons including employment, retirement, education, or personal preference.”

The study covers the top countries across the three main categories. Read the full report here

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