E2 Treaty Investor Visa in the USA

Start a business venture in the United States

Why live and work in the USA?

Why live and work in the USA?

The United States is known for its international reputation as a startup hub, thriving economy, and excellent living standards, making it the ideal destination for kindred entrepreneurial spirits. The e2 treaty visa welcomes foreign investment, awarding applicants with legal work permits that can be renewed every two years.

Our team will accompany you every step of the way to ensure your non-immigrant visa application in the United States of America is successful. A dedicated account manager will provide you with the knowledge needed to make a sound investment and ensure you fulfill all the requirements.

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Advantages of living in the USA

The benefits of the E-2 visa program are dual-fold. Live and work freely in the US without having to worry about leaving your family behind. Indeed, you are permitted to bring your spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 along. Permanent residency is possible — albeit indirectly — with an eventual pathway to citizenship a possibility.


Work without any restrictions in the US

No minimum investment requirement

Whole family

Conditional Green Card possible


Who’s Eligible?

To be eligible for the program, the investor must meet several criteria. Primarily, the applicant must be from a country with an established E-2 treaty agreement with the USA. Second, the applicant must make a substantial investment in an enterprise, and intend to be the lead manager or business owner of the bona fide venture. Third, the funds invested must be classified as at-risk.

Additional Considerations

Investment must be considered a real operating enterprise

The investor must have an active role in managing the business

Investment cannot be marginal or idle

Investment Route

To qualify for the E2, you must invest in a profit-driven enterprise that offers a good or service. Usually, investors contribute around $100,000 towards a business venture, but it’s possible to invest a lower sum. Note that alternative investments like placing your contribution toward undeveloped land, real estate, or stocks held by an individual are not considered valid investments.

E2 Application Timeline

E2 Visa Program 2021 The Ultimate Guide by Experts

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