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Effective tax planning is crucial for a smooth transition to Portugal, whether you’re moving, retiring, investing, or establishing a business in the country.

However, everyone’s situation is unique, and with different rules and regulations, Portugal’s tax landscape can be complex to navigate.

That’s why seeking professional advice can help you better understand the country’s tax system, comply with the local laws, and be as tax efficient as possible.


Get access to strategic tax planning and expert advice

At Global Citizen Solutions, we recognize the complexities of Portuguese tax regulations.

We’re here to provide you with personalized assistance and peace of mind in managing your tax matters.

To help you understand your tax obligations, and maximize your tax benefits, we’re offering you a 1-hour paid consultation service with an experienced tax specialist.

During this personalized consultation, we’ll identify potential paths and solutions to optimize your tax efficiency, ensuring your objectives are met.

The 1-hour consultation fee is €250, and this amount will be deducted from your legal fees should you decide to proceed with the tax services.

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Here's what you’ll get:

Answers to all your questions

Expert Analysis

Personalized Solutions

Actionable strategies

Answers to all your questions

We’ll address all your questions about the Portuguese tax framework, providing comprehensive answers to ensure clarity and understanding and discussing what a tax relocation to Portugal would be.

Expert Analysis

Identify the tax frameworks that may apply to you in Portugal, according to your sources of income, along with their impacts and how they interact across different double taxation agreements and jurisdictions.

Personalized Solutions

Whether you’re looking to minimize your tax liabilities or ensure compliance with local regulations, we’ll identify solutions that align perfectly with your objectives. We will discuss solutions for the short, medium, and long term, depending on how you want to achieve your goals.

Actionable strategies

When applicable, we will craft a personalized service proposal outlining actionable steps and strategies that you can implement right away. Planning your tax impacts in a timely manner means helping you prevent surprises and placing you in the most favorable position to optimize your tax burden.

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