Why Retire in Cyprus?

IMPORTANT UPDATE: It’s official, Cyprus has closed its popular citizenship by investment program on 1 November 2020. What this means is, investors will no longer be able to acquire a Cypriot passport by investment.

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Why retire in Cyprus? The island boasts year-round warm weather, an enviable lifestyle, and an attractive tax system. With all this and more, the country is a desirable locale for your retirement and investment.

A sunny climate virtually year-round

Residents of Cyprus can enjoy one of the warmest climates in the European Union, meaning abundant opportunities for outdoor fun. Revel in all manner of ocean activities, from relaxing on the sun-soaked beaches to exploring the azure coves. Mild and sunny winters and warm summers that cool off at night with the sea breeze let you dine al fresco to your heart’s content.

Want to learn exactly how you can spend your golden years in this golden climate? Download our guide to citizenship-by-investment in Cyprus.

Mouth-watering food that’s both good and good for you

The Mediterranean diet is touted as one of the healthiest in the world, and it’s also one of the most delicious. Cyprus’ cuisine is no exception. The country’s culinary feast is best sampled through meze, a smorgasbord of small dishes ranging from creamy hummus to kebabs, and all manner of salads, olives and flatbreads. Star of the culinary show is halloumi, a firm, salty cheese best served grilled or flambéed with a squeeze of lemon. Save room for dessert – pistachio and rose water flavour sticky and sweet concoctions that provide the perfect foil to your end-of-meal coffee.

A high standard of living that won’t burn through your investments

Cyprus is one of the few countries that offers a high standard of living at a much more affordable price than other Mediterranean locales. Market stability has also emerged in the real estate sector with the rise of design luxury villas featuring their own private yacht docking. Additionally, the island boasts an attractive tax regime, meaning you’ll see more from your investments.

A rich history to explore

Windswept beaches and stunning marinas are only part of what makes Cyprus a wonderful place to retire. The country’s multi-layered history is full of ancient riches. From Phoenician tombs to Byzantine churches, you’ll spot reminders of conquerors past at every turn. Windswept ancient ruins and carefully curated museums give you (and all the guests who will want to visit you) a sense of your place in time.