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Immigrate to Cyprus

Why Cyprus?

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is a land lush with history, delicious cuisine, and incredible natural wonders. From ancient tombs and beautiful beaches, to captivating salt lakes and more, there’s something for everyone on the Mediterranean island.

Cypriot residents enjoy a high quality of life with a low cost of living, excellent healthcare systems, outstanding business opportunities, and an incredible tax regime. All of these make the nation an ideal location for non-European nationals looking to truly widen their horizons by pursuing a permanent residency in Cyprus.

Cyprus Residency by Investment

The Cyprus residency by investment scheme – otherwise known as the Cyprus Golden Visa – is an investor immigration program that grants qualifying individuals and their family members residency rights in the Republic in exchange for a financial contribution to its economy.

By placing an investment worth at least €300,000 in the nation, non-EU, non-EEA, and non-Swiss nationals are granted full EU rights and can be on their way to European citizenship by naturalization.

Cyprus residency by investment
Cyprus citizenship by investment suspended

Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Suspended

Cyprus has indefinitely suspended its citizenship by investment program in its current form. However, a new residency scheme has taken place. The Cyprus Golden Visa enables foreign investors to acquire Cypriot residency and leads them to citizenship by naturalization.

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