Portugal residency for UK citizens

Since the United Kingdom has left the European Union in 2020, certain freedom of movement restrictions now apply for all British nationals looking to either travel around Europe or live, work and study in a European country. The good news is, some countries like Portugal are welcoming British nationals, allowing them to apply to Portugal’s popular Golden Visa Scheme from 1 January 2021. 

If you are a British national, the Portugal Golden Visa is the perfect solution to your EU residency needs, allowing you to travel freely across the Schengen area and live in a European country. This guide walks you through the practical steps to consider to acquire a post-Brexit Portugal Golden Visa.

What is Brexit?

Brexit is the nickname for “British exit” from the European Union (EU), the economic and policy union that the United Kingdom (UK). had been a member of since 1973. Officially, the UK left the EU at the end of 31 January 2020, but the transitional phase of leaving only concluded at the end of December 2020.

How Brexit impacts UK citizens

Now that the UK is no longer in the EU, there are certain restrictions in place for Brits wanting to live, study or work in an EU member state. UK nationals now need a visa if they want to stay in the EU for more than 90 days in a 180 day period.

Exceptions apply, namely some EU member states and the UK have an agreement that protects the residence rights of EU nationals and their family members living in the UK, and vice versa. However, this protection is not automatic in all EU countries or in the UK.

For more information about your residence rights post-Brexit, check out Europa’s useful resource by clicking here.

How to obtain Portugal residency for UK citizens after Brexit?

While Brexit is ‘over’, certain EU member states like Portugal is open to any British expats looking to move to this stunning country in 2021, or simply spend a few months a year here. 

To move to Portugal, Brits will need a visa the same way Americans or Australians need one. A number of visa options are available like the D7 visa, but the best visa by far is Portugal’s Golden Visa.

Portugal Golden Visa for UK citizens

In a post-Brexit climate, the Portugal Golden Visa is an extremely popular option for British nationals. The Golden Visa is basically an investment visa, allowing you to live, work, study, or simply hold an investment in Portugal. After five years of maintaining your Golden Visa, you’re eligible for Portuguese permanent residency and even citizenship.

One of the most popular investment routes is to buy property in Portugal. Options start from €280K, and go up to €500K, depending on your property type and the area you’d like to purchase property in.

Another popular option is to invest in investment funds for the Portugal Golden Visa. Whatever investment route you decide to go for, the Portugal Golden Visa is an excellent solution for Brits looking to reside in a European country, or simply travel visa-free around Europe’s Schengen zone.

Portugal Golden Visa as the ultimate residency solution

There’s a reason why the Portugal Golden Visa is one of the most popular and accessible residency by investment initiatives.

Portugal Golden Visa statistics alone show a huge surge in demand, with over 10,000 investors to date having successfully secured legal residency in Portugal.

This comes as no surprise since there’s already a huge expat community settled in Portugal. British expats are no exception; In fact, the number of registered UK expats in Portugal reached an astonishing 35,000 figure at the end of last year. 

Key Portugal Golden Visa benefits include:

Access to 26 nations in the EU & visa-free travel to 183 nations

Access to 26 nations in the EU & visa-free travel to 183 nations

Affordable investment options starting from €280K

Affordable investment options starting from €280K

Five years until you qualify for a European passport

Five years until you qualify for a European passport

Your investment can lead to real returns

Your investment can lead to real returns

Option to enjoy numerous tax privileges with NHR status

Option to enjoy numerous tax privileges with NHR status

Short stay requirement

Short stay requirement

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Frequently asked questions about Portugal Golden Visa Brexit

How does Brexit impact UK citizens?

If you’re a British citizen that lawfully lives in an EU member state, then you’ll continue enjoying the same rights as you have now. This means you can live, work and travel in the EU. Note that these rights are to be revoked after a leave of absence for more than 5 years.

The same applies to British citizens who moved to the EU during the Brexit transition period, which ended on 31 December 2020. If however, you wanted to move now from the UK to a European country, then you need a legal residency permit.

How can I get Portugal residency as a UK citizen after Brexit?

To acquire Portugal residency as a UK citizen after Brexit, you’ll need to look at Portugal’s immigration programs. Portugal offers a Golden Visa program, which enables non-EU citizens to acquire legal residency in the country in exchange for an investment. Usually when you apply for the Portugal Golden Visa, provided that you meet all the program requirements, you can acquire Portugal residency within months. For more information, contact our specialists today.

What is Portugal Golden Visa Brexit?

Portugal Golden Visa Brexit is basically an investment visa offered to all qualifying investors, including British nationals. Since 1 January 2021, and thanks to Brexit, British citizens can now apply for the Portugal Golden Visa and acquire EU residency within months.