Citizenship by Investment in Australia

Australia’s Citizenship by Investment program was introduced in December 2014. The Australian
Government has announced it will invest $1 billion over four years to help people who want to
become citizens through this route.
An Aussie golden visa allows wealthy foreigners to immigrate to Australia without having to spend
thousands of dollars on expensive lawyers or agents. This program is designed for people who
want for example to invest in real estate, start businesses, open restaurants, or become doctors in
The program is open to applicants who meet certain criteria, including being able to demonstrate
they can contribute to Australia economically.
Applicants must pay an upfront fee of AU$8,000 ($5,500), which includes an
assessment of their eligibility. They then need to prove they have sufficient
income to support themselves and their dependents.
Applicants must also show they have lived in Australia for five years before
applying for citizenship. This means they must either have been working in
Australia for two years prior to their application or have held permanent residency
for three years.
Applicants must be aged between 18 and 65 when they apply.
There are no restrictions on how much money an investor can put into the scheme. However, there
is a cap on the amount of money they can earn in any one tax year.
For example, if someone earns more than AU$2 million ($1.4 million) in a single year, they cannot
claim any foreign earned income exclusion on their taxes.
If an applicant does not qualify under these rules, they may still be able to get citizenship through
other routes. For example, they could apply for a spouse visa, which would allow them to bring their
partner to Australia.
However, they would not be able to sponsor their children under the same visa.
If you are interested in getting Australian citizenship, whether to work, study or simply travel, please
check our detailed guide template below:
Australia has always been known for its high standard of living and quality of life. The Australian
economy is thriving thanks to its natural resources, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, services,
education, healthcare, technology, tourism, and entertainment industries.
The Australian government provides a wide range of benefits to its residents, such as free public
transport, affordable housing, free university tuition, and generous welfare payments.
Australian Citizenship by Investment Program offers foreigners the opportunity to invest in property
and receive permanent residency status. This allows them to live and work in Australia permanently,
through an investor visa.
Benefits of Australian citizenship acquisition
Australian Citizenship is a privilege that has been bestowed on people who have made an effort to
become citizens. It is not something that can be taken away from you and there are many benefits
associated with the process of becoming an Australian citizen.
Australia is a country with a high standard of living.
An Australian passport allows you to visa-free travel around the globe
Citizenship grants access to quality health care, education, and other benefits.
Family members of an immigrant can apply for citizenship if they meet certain

How to Get Australian Citizenship through Investment?


Citizenship by Investment Program in Australia is open to foreign investors who wish to purchase
residential properties in Australia. Eligible applicants can apply for permanent residency after
investing a certain amount of money into the Australian economy.
Investment amounts vary depending on the state where you reside. For example, if you decide to
invest in Queensland, you will need to make a minimum investment of AUD$2 million. If you want to
invest in New South Wales, you will need to put up a minimum of AUD$8 million.
Once your application is approved, you will receive a Permanent Resident Card (PRC) and a
Certificate of Identity. You will also be able to apply for Australian citizenship once your permanent
residency expires.


Application processing time varies based on the state where you choose to invest. However, most
states require about 6 months to complete the entire application process. Once your application is
submitted, you will have to wait for the results from the local authorities before you know whether
your application was successful or not.


You do not need any special skills or qualifications to apply for Australian citizenship by investment
program. All you need is a good credit history and sufficient funds to meet the required investment
If you plan to invest in real estate, then you should be aware that there are some additional
requirements that you need to fulfill. These include obtaining a PRC, meeting all immigration
requirements, and having enough money to cover the costs associated with purchasing a property.
How much does it cost to get Australian citizenship?
The cost of getting Australian citizenship depends on which state you choose to invest in. Generally
speaking, the price ranges from AUD$1,500 to AUD$3,000.
However, if you want to obtain citizenship through marriage, then the price may go up to


Getting Australian citizenship requires lots of paperwork. Therefore, you will need to hire a lawyer to
help you prepare all the necessary documents. Your lawyer will also help you find an appropriate
bank account so you can deposit the required funds.
Your lawyer will also assist you in filling out the forms needed to apply for citizenship. He or she will
advise you on how to answer the questions asked during the interview.


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